Marvel's Evolutionary War Shotcast!

Sunday March 16, 2014


This episode takes a trip in the Back in the Day Machine to look at the Granddaddy of the Summer Annual Crossover Event: The Evolutionary War!

From the Jungles of Colombia to the Savage Land to an undersea base, The Evolutionary War tells the tale of the one man’s quest to improve the human race… and exterminate anyone that gets in his way. As a master geneticist, who evolved himself into near god-hood, the Evolutionary crosses paths with many of the Marvel Universes heroes in his semi-altruistic endeavor. From the Punisher (seriously, who did you think the High E was fighting in Colombia, the Silver Surfer??) to the X-Men, to the Avengers; Evolutionary War was the first of its kind and great way to make Summer Annuals interesting for years to come.

Check out your local comic shop for these Nifty 90s issues!

Part 1: X-Factor Annual #3

Part 2: The Punisher Annual #1

Part 3: Silver Surfer Annual #1

Part 4: New Mutants Annual #4

Part 5: Fantastic Four Annual #21

Part 6: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22

Part 7: X-Men Annual vol 1, #12

Part 8: Web of Spider-Man Annual #4

Part 9: West Coast Avengers Annual #3

Part 10: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8

Part 11: Avengers Annual #17


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