9/1/2020 through 12/31/2020

9/23/20 6:30PM CDT

Presentation to Joseph Sears School Board and others in Kenilworth, IL, followed by discussion. They are discussing whether to rename the school, since Sears established Kenilworth as a suburb that excluded African Americans and Jews. Contact Kate Donegan, kdonegan -at- Kenilworth38.org.


Mid-South Sociological Assn, Nashville (virtual), Keynote and workshop. Contact Tina Deshotels, tdeshotels -at- jsu.edu.


Connecticut Council for the Social Studies, annual meeting. Loewen will keynote and give workshops on how and why to confirm sundown towns and on what to do about bad monuments, names, and other forms of public history. Contact Anthony Roy, mrroyct -at- gmail.com.


Rock County (WI), Racial Justice Conference. Loewen will keynote on "Lies My Teacher Told Me and What To Do About Them" and also give a workshop, "Sundown Towns: All-White on Purpose -- Like Janesville?" Contact Vicki Brown, VBrown -at- ywcarockco.com.

Look for more virtual events coming up!