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greek myths google maps annotation project
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Greek Myths Autobiographical Map Project

Make an annotated Google map. Elements will be told from a first person perspective of someone we have learned about in our text so far (I did x; my grandmother did y). Include:

  • 3 annotations (pins, shapes, or lines)
  • 3 or more images
  • 3 sets of text in which your character tells stories about past events or describes his or her present situation. These should be paragraphs of the 5-6 sentence range.
  • Credit in the form of links for information and images you use
  • Annotations placed in meaningful locations in Greece and the Mediterranean.

Suggested course: pick a character you are interested in. Skim over our Greek Myths text and a couple of websites. Decide on three brief stories to tell through your map annotations. Write the text from your character’s perspective. Find images. Create the 3 annotations. Save your work. Share it with me as a link.

Help sheet for annotating maps