Fraction Checkpoint Term 2 2016

Name : Qwade

Dvision Knowledge from fractions/ decimals and percentages

Fractions of irregular shapes

e.g. Label the parts when non congruent.

Solve the non-unit of a set.


Solve problems with fractions by…
- finding equivalent ratios

Solve problems with fractions by…
- Expressing division answers and remainders as mixed numbers and fractions


Solve ratio problems.

What is ⅖ of 120mm?

Name the fraction represented by each colour.

12cm is 2/3 of ?

What is 6/8 of $100?

How many:
minutes in 5¾ hours?

How many:
seconds in 4⅔ minutes?

There are 3 apples for every 2 bananas.  There are 25 pieces of fruit.  How many apples and how many bananas?


Yellow ⅛






345 minutes

Where’s part b?

Didn't have the time

246 secends

15 apples

10 bananas

Alex found a drone that cost $848 full price but was 25% off. How much did Alex pay?

What fraction of the rectangle is each of the three triangular regions?

Sam ate 45 lollies and estimated he was 3/5 of the way through his packet. How many lollies does Sam think are in the packet?

King Mel took 20c in every $1 earned. How much did he take from the banker who earned $55

Tony wanted to set a new skateboarding record and turn 3690’  in 30 seconds. How many turns is this (Include fractions of turns)

Use your knowledge of ratios to name the grey fraction.


left b: ¼

A: 2/4

Right b: 1/4


11 dollars/1100 cents

 10 ¼


Did you see the repeating pattern?


What improvements did you make in your fraction knowledge?

My fractions

What do you still need to work on?

A lot, for example I need to work on division

How successful do you feel you have been in this unit?

Very successful