DHMN Organizational Meeting

July 28, 2014

Call to Order

Present: Jake K., Mike P., Mark F.,Erin QL, , Shane G., Sara K.

Late arrivals: Kristin M., Steve P.

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Ross L., Jason S., Tim B., Steve P., Paul K., Seth ,Bob T-Son, Kristin M.

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Mike P.

Seconded: Steve P


Officers Report (Treasurer's Report)


bank @ start 11.95 -> 1251.17



bank: $801.17

paypal: $254.60


total: $1055.77


notable deltas:

$-450 August rent

$-2.06 (bank balance was wring in last report.  didn't account for square fees on a transfer that was in progress)

$172 donations

$20 from Ed Bantz (3d printer build)


Utilities (not necessarily paid yet):

$77.76        5/20-6/? still owe $1.89 from the 75.87 estimate

$80           6/20-7/? ESTIMATE


51.45   6/23-7/23 





Gained 2 full (Matthew Peterson, Chris Panici), 1 student members (Tyler Doupe)

Continuing membership:

1 @ Family

10 @ Full

2 @ Student

3 @ Limited



 645.76         current monthly membership income

-785.08        current monthly averaged outlay


Monthly shortfall: 139.32

Monthly outlay includes:

3400/yr utilities

450/mo rent

621/yr insurance

Approve Treasurer's Report:

Moved to accept: Mark F

2nd: Mike P.


Old Business

Cleaning up the definitions of the bylaws of succession.


 Following the recent resignation and succession issues, the bylaws were found to be a bit lacking in this area.  The following changes are proposed.  After a general membership comment period of 3 days this will be voted on by the board. If it passes, there will be an election tentatively scheduled for August 8th.  From past discussion, this will almost certainly pass, and nominations can be considered open now.

 In section 2.2:

 Remove the unclear delegation / succession sentence and replace with the following. Remember when reading this that a board member and officer are not necessarily the same thing, we just happen to be co-electing them currently:

 - An officer may delegate the performance of their duties.

 - An absent board member may delegate their duties, including discussion and voting rights

 new section 2.3, succession and resignation:

 - In the event of a resignation of an officer or board member, a special election for that position must be held not less than 14 days, and not more than 60 days following the public announcement of resignation.  The exception to this is if the regular election for that position is less than 90 days away and the board is still able to achieve quorum, in which case the special election should not be held at all.  The winner of the special election will fill the position for the remainder of the term, not start a new term of their own.

 - If a board member resigns, the position will remain vacant until the results of the election.  This may result in the inability to reach quorum, until the election is held

 - If an officer resigns, the powers and duties of that officer will be filled until election by the President if it is not the president that has resigned.  The Vice President Otherwise.

 section 3:

 - An officer or board member may resign by presenting a written or emailed notice of resignation to the President if it is not the president resigning, or to the Secetary if it is the President Resigning.

 - Resignation of an officer shall be made public as soon as practical following notice.

Appleton Makerfest 2014

Formed informal committee, event for August 31st

 - Art table suggests: painting terracotta & projector b&w pic sketches

- Fiber table suggests: home embroidery machines

- T Shirt Press

- Posters & Pamphlets:

- Post crescent

- Contact local groups to invite makers to bring their thing: welders, wood-workers, hobby stores, tech, to bring their makes

- Contest for makers: win free arduino class

- Concessions - Erin

- Diego/Sara/Jason - performing music

- Show off the ShapeOko

New Business

What about Powerwheels next year?  

Mark Finn to organize

Election for President

announce succession rules cleanup by email, encouraged nominations by email for the presidency over the next 3 days, plan to vote by email by Aug 8th.

501(c)3 application

Erin working w/ James Carlson to review the potentials for

a) temporary or permanent associating with the School Factory and/or Space Federation to use their 501(c)3 while we work on ours

b) filling out the paperwork for ours (via work session with James Carlson)

c) not spending the extra $ to pay-to-play

d) Steve’s friend of a friend in accounting may be able to help with paperwork

External Board Members

Consider having board members (different from officers) from the

- avoid nepitism

- avoid issues of conflicting interests and dispassionate leadership

- continuity through officer changes

- introductions to all the right people & give good advice

“My Office” Next Steps

- Lighting (Mark F to followup)

- If window on front, should be able to draw blinds on it



Move to Adjourn: Jake

Second: Steve P