An Introduction by Colin, Your New VP Internal

Colin is scary.  Grr, arr, garrr.  


Trip Reports!


Emmett raced a sailboat.  He pulled in the mains'l and stoved in the tops'l and oh man is he a badass.  Woohoo McGill Sailing!


Beatrice went hiking in the Adirondacks with 15 randos off the listserv, and it was super fun and nobody died.  Nobody even almost died.  They drank beer at the top.


Someone else went climbing at Saranac Lake, also in the Dacks.  She will set a great example by sending pics to Publicity.


Robyn went to an outdoor concert.  It was Panic at the Disco and some other shitty teenage bands instead of going to our awesome exec retreat.


Emma went to a festival to watch ski videos.  There were lots of flips and snow… and pillows?  And Tibetan chants.  There seem to have been some psychedelic experiences.  Everyone should watchInto the Mind, of Sherpa Cinema, preferably on shrooms.


Teresa went sea kayaking for three days with lots of whales.


Max biked to the house to crash the exec retreat with Mark, we all went to Bar du Village.  Ask Max to rap for you.  Everyone at the exec retreat got sick.  We are disgusting, unsanitary &%$#s.


Colin is pimpin' out biking to the house.  Although not everybody knows this, he once walked to the house.  What a dork.  Biking to the house is actually totally doable, though, for anyone.  The first time you go, it is advisable to bring someone who knows where they are going as the route is somewhat twisty, although there are bike paths the whole way there.  Or, go on your own! Getting horribly lost in Laval at three in the morning is a rite of passage in the MOC.  


Skyler went canoeing to the Northeast of here on a trip he found on the listserv.  He portaged a lot with a strong American accent.



Upcoming Trips!

Robyn is bringing people surfing in NH this weekend.  The trip is full.  They are going to the one beach in all of NH, and it is going to be sick (though not as sick as the coughing, disgusting exec).

Leith is running apple-picking in Oka.  There will be lots of biking and lots of picking of apples.  It will run on Oct 5-6th.  He is not taking sign ups yet.  This will be a supported bike trip (a car is coming too).

Equinox with the Mohawks is happening with Anna this weekend.  It's full.

Sarah will be running a trip to map the MOC trails around the house.  It will happen on October 19th-20th.  If you want to come, email her and let her know if you have a GPS and what its accuracy is like.  You do not need a GPS to come.  

CALLOUT FOR CARS FOR BEGINNER ROCK - if you can drive to the house this weekend talk toElodie and you may still be able to go rock climbing this weekend!

Bruce invites us to an orienteering event in Maisonneuve Park on Saturday, October 5th.  The Mt Royal Score-o (orienteering in teams) on Sunday November 3rd.  The MOC has a long history of kicking butt at this event.  

Intermediate Kayak is going out this weekend (September 20-2nd) on the Rouge River.  Class 2 &3 and maybe four rapids will be run.  You must be able to wet exit and paddle the boat a bit to come.  There are only a few spots.  Talk to Amandine if you're interested.  It will cost $155 including transport, gear, and everything.  They will leave Friday evening and get back Sunday evening.  They will stay at the house.


Skyler is going to Maine on Friday night for an organic food festival and some hippie love (Kumbaya).  He has a few more spots in his car and will come back Sunday evening.


Items of Interest

There is a gear freeze on all climbing gear for the Introduction the Rock Climbing trip.  Members may begin renting climbing gear again starting on Monday (the 22nd).  

A clarification of the status of the house over New Members Weekend (September 27-28th):  members are always welcome at the house.  When we say it's full, we mean that all bunks, floor space, and yard space will probably already be occupied by other members.  You are still welcome, just at your own risk (I'm still going!).  This will not happen all the time, only a few weekends a year (Frosh, NMW, Halloween, the Olympics).  

How do I use the MOC house?

Getting to the house: It's not difficult from Montreal.  The easiest way to get there is to form a carpool.  To drive up, take the 15N out of the city.  Get off on the exit for the 117N and Prevost.  Take the 117 for around 15km until you get to Prevost.  Turn left on Rue de la Station (this is where the depanneur with the key to the house is located).  From there, continue along Rue de la Station, turn left on Rue de Nord, turn right on Rue Shaw and you will see the house on your left.  

You can also bike up!  Directions are posted on the house section of the website, although it advisable to go with someone the first time so as to not get lost.  Basically, you take the Route Verte 1 North out of Montreal and through Laval, change to the Route Verte 2 to St Jerome, and finally continue along the P'tit Train du Nord to km 14 in Prevost.  

You can also take public transportation!  You can either take a bus right to the dep in Prevost (for around $22), or you can take the AMT bus from the Montmorency metro station all the way to St Jerome for $4.50 and bike, walk, or ski (it's a very nice ski!) the remaining 14km to the house along the P'tit Train.  The bike path actually goes right by the bus station so it is not too difficult to find your way.  There is also a train you can take from the Station de la Concorde (or from Station Park) on the metro line all the way to St Jerome for a similar price.  

Or you can hitchhike!  You can go the whole way there along the Rte 117N, so it's a pretty easy hitch.  

Getting into the house: Generally when you're going to the house, other people will already be up there.  However, you are welcome at all times, including during the week and during the summer.  To get into the house when nobody is there, you go to the depanneur on the corner of the rte 117 and Rue de la Station and present them with your member card and a $5 deposit.  They will give you the key to the house!  Make sure you go in through the shed, not the front door (it's usually insulated shut).   The dep is open until 1AM most days.  

Leaving the house: After a great weekend at the house, it's important to remember to leave it the way you found it and better.  This means:

If you do not return the key to the dep, nobody else can use the house!

Much Peace and Love, MOC, a pleasure taking minutes for you this week.