Renting an Apartment in London

Renting a flat in London can be a great way to experience all that London has to offer. However, there are numerous scam websites which offer flats for rent in London, so be very careful. Most (if not all) of the listings on Craigslist and Gumtree are scams.

Be sure and read this article as well, Dos and Dont's for Short-Term Flat Rental in London.

If you rent a flat, then I recommend you visit your local farmers’ market for some tasty treats. Here’s a link

Listed below are some resources which should help you in locating a flat for rent in London.

Contact these agencies (it is often best to contact them via email with your planned dates and requirements - as some of them have flats not listed on their websites).

A Place Like Home 

        FlipKey Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

Coach House Rentals 

        FlipKey Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

Home From Home   

FlipKey Reviews - Home from Home

Ivy Lettings

        FlipKey Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

HomeAway Reviews - Ivy Lettings

One Fine Stay

        FlipKey Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

City Marque (formerly Boutique London Lets)

FlipKey Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

HomeAway Reviews

Blueprint Living Apartments

        Blueprint Living Apartments’ Reviews from

        Doughty Street 

        Turnmill Street

        Doughty Street TripAdvisor Reviews

Turnmill Street TripAdvisor Reviews

        Red Lion Street TripAdvisor Reviews

        TripAdvisor Reviews - Blueprint

        AirBnB Listings

Farnum & Christ

I rented from Farnum & Christ in 2012 and had a very good experience.

Indigo Flats  (aka hb Surveyors and Valuers) (Click on the “Prices and Availability” link for each flat and there will be a link to the Holiday Lettings listing for that flat.).

        TripAdvisor Reviews

LDG   (aka West End Specialist) 

(They are a full service estate agent and don’t have their vacation rental flats listed separately on the website).  They have them listed on Holiday Lettings (a TripAdvisor company), or see below for the TripAdvisor listings:

        TripAdvisor Reviews 

        Also now listed on VRBO

London Holiday Homes (Martin Kubisa)  (also uses the name European Relocation Co.)

        HomeAway Listings

Here are some additional resources for flat rental in London

Home Away


[When renting from HomeAway or VRBO, be advised that there was a phishing scam that had been detected on these sites.  You will need to telephone the landlord as an additional security measure.  Read this post on  TripAdvisor or Google “phishing scam homeaway”.]

Also try these agencies (many of these flats are serviced flats and they list many of the same flats for rent):

Refresh Accommodation

Central London Apartments

City Base Apartments

Also try  - you can limit the search to “Apartment” in the box on the left side and then sort by “Review Score”.  Be careful, however, as has allowed apartment scammers to list on their site.

A few other options:

Castletown House

Castletown Youtube

Fleet River Bakery Rooms

TripAdvisor Reviews for the Bakery

Marlyn Lodge

Apartment 17

Griffin House

Royal Court Apartments

[NOTE: There was a fire at the Royal Court Apartments in late February, 2013.  They are currently closed for renovation.]

Studios 2 Let (Cartwright Gardens Location)

Studios 2 Let has recently added some smaller studios on North Gower.  

TripAdvisor reviews for North Gower

Space Apart Hotel

Vancouver Studios

Grand Plaza  Serviced Apartments

The Harrington

Jesmond Dene Hotel

Hamlet UK

202 Apartments

The Nadler Kensington  [Formerly Base2Stay]

Amsterdam Hotel

Aviva Holiday Studios

Adria Hotel [Two bedroom flat in Hammersmith]

Earls Court Studios [studios - tripl, quad, quint]

Appears to be under new management, so I have included it because recent reviews seem to show improvement.

More Information and Photos Here

Prince’s Square Apartments  [Note: map is incorrect] Reviews

Georgian House Hotel [apartments] 

Astons Apartments

Collingham Serviced Apartments

The Mansions Apartments

Sister property to the Mansions Apartments

44 Curzon Street Apartments

Templeton Place Apartments

Nevern Place was long term rentals only (this may have changed).

New flats in Clerkenwell

The Rosebery reviews on TripAdvisor

Presidential Serviced Apartments

Kensington TripAdvisor Reviews

Marylebone TripAdvisor Reviews

Lizard Property

London Property Lets

I rented from this company in 2010 and had a good experience.  They are primarily a long term rental company but they do have a few holiday rentals.

Victoria One Apartments (relatively new flats with no website nor direct booking)

Compare prices at these websites (when I did a dummy booking it appears that did not include VAT while the other two included VAT).

Apartments Inn London  (Apartments in Pimlico and Lancaster Gate)

TripAdvisor Reviews - Pimlico

Lamington - Hammersmith Apartments reviews

10 Pembridge Gardens

Marylebone Lodge

I can’t find a webpage, so here is the listing

One White's Row Apartments

Russell Square Apartments (Guilford Street)

Relatively new flats in Bloomsbury (studios and a 1 bed flat)

Here’s the listing agent’s website: 

Here’s the listing agent’s link on AirBnB

196 Bishopsgate listing

Belsize Park Apartments

Think Apartments

TripAdvisor - Tower Bridge 

TripAdvisor - London Bridge 

TripAdvisor - Bermondsey Street 

TripAdvisor - Earl’s Court 

TripAdvisor - Vauxhall

Apartment Companies

Here’s a list of companies that offer apartments in several locations in London.  Most have TripAdvisor reviews for each apartment complex, just Google it.

Saco Serviced Apartments  (Note: Saco lists its own flats as well as other flats not owned by Saco).



Bev, one of the contributors to the TripAdvisor London Forum, has a well reviewed 3 bedroom house for rent in Lambeth.

Southside House

For Rent by Owner

Another list I put together of flats that are for rent by owner and offering good value: For Rent by Owner

Budget Hotel List

I also have a London Budget Hotel List 

University of London

These flats appear to be available year round.  Some flats (the guest flats at the University’s student halls) appear to be available for stays shorter than 7 days.  The self-catering flats (not located in the student halls) appear to require a minimum stay of 7 days.  As one would expect with university accommodation, they appear to be rather simply furnished and perhaps a bit dated.  However, the prices are very reasonable.  Most are centrally located in the Bloomsbury, Euston and King’s Cross area (and one hall is in the Paddington area).  I’m unable to find any reviews of these flats.

London School of Economics

[NOTE: There may be a bug in their online booking system in that it shows “fully booked” all of the time.  Best to contact them directly for availability.]

These are mostly apartments (some are en suite rooms) that are available year round through the London School of Economics. Not to be confused with the dormitory accommodations offered only during the summer.

Here is some relevant information from their website (be sure and read the FAQs section of the website).

(1). At Bankside House, Grosvenor House, High Holborn Hall and Northumberland House the accommodation is located on the top floors and has full step free access via lift.

At Carr-Saunders, the apartment is on the top floor and can be accessed by lift. However, there are seven steps to the main door and two steps into the apartment itself.

The apartments at The Anchorage, George IV and Passfield Hall are only accessible by stairs.

(2). While staying in student halls during term time, won't it be noisy?

By and large students are very well behaved. Silence hours are in operation in all halls to prevent disturbance and security personnel are on call to help make sure these rules are followed.

Please note that the Anchorage & George IV apartments are located adjacent or above bars where late-night events are held. Guests should consider the possibility of some inconvenience from noise.

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