Catalog of Groups, Classes, & Workshops

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Groups requiring an interview are listed in blue.

Groups facilitated by Counselors-in-Residence and have an additional cost are listed in orange.

Drop-in Movement/Wellness Classes

All Levels Yoga

This Vinyasa Yoga class will gently challenge your body to help you explore sensations, thoughts, and feelings mindfully. Members will practice synchronizing their breath with movement for a complete mind-body experience. This class will get you more connected to your body and leave you feeling stronger, more flexible, and balanced. So come awaken your strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

This is a great class for anyone who is interested in learning more about Traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Open to ALL LEVELS. Assistance with postures and other inquiries will be available.

All Levels Yoga Flow

A nourishing and permissive flowing yoga practice, beginning and ending with meditation. We will explore the mind/body connection through movement, breath and community. All levels of experience are welcome!

Breathwork & Meditation

In this group, we explore the ancient practices of Breathwork and Meditation.  You will leave the group with tools and exercises to support you in your daily life for calming the mind and the nervous system.  Breathwork promotes healing, health and self-awareness.  Breathwork exercises and Meditation help reduce chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and depression.  We aim to be inclusive and all are welcome.

Guided Meditation

A calming guided meditation, done seated or lying down. We focus on releasing the body, noticing the breath, and relaxing the mind. No experience necessary!

Hypnotherapy Humpday

These group hypnotherapy sessions consist of interactive guided meditations designed to help you access your inner wisdom for self-empowerment toward achieving your goals, reducing stress and improving overall wellness.

Mindful Yoga Basics 

Integrating mindful awareness, breathing techniques, and yoga to create an integrated experience.

The Nature Group

This is a drop-in group that meets once a month in a natural setting to connect with ourselves, each other, and the earth. We will meet at The Relational Center and carpool to a local destination. Introducing ideas from ecopsychology, we will put theory into practice with mindful hiking, yoga, and place-based activities.

Relational Yoga Group

How do you feel after practicing yoga? Are you mindful of the effect it has on your body? Are you breathing properly during movement from one pose to another? In this group you will learn how yoga ties into your embodiment and your connection to others. We spend half an hour practicing restorative yoga poses that focus on different parts of the body. The remaining half hour we will check in and discuss more about what the poses do for your anatomy and how they can facilitate healing. All levels are welcome!

Start Your Week Mindfully

Please join us for a drop-in Mindfulness class, we will be exploring the practice of mindfulness and heartfulness using:

Yoga y Meditacion

Una clase de 45 minutos que comienza con meditación y incluye movimientos de yoga amigable para principiantes. Vamos a explorar diferentes técnicas de meditación, aprender la importancia de conectar a nuestra respiración y mover nuestros cuerpos de una manera que respeta donde nos encontramos ese día. Todos son bienvenidos y animados a tomar decisiones que los mantengan seguros y satisfacen sus necesidades individuales con el apoyo y la guía de un instructor de yoga. A 45 minute class that begins with meditation and includes beginner friendly yoga movement. We will explore different meditation techniques, learn the importance of connecting to our breath and move our bodies in a way that honors where we are that day. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to make decisions that keep them safe and meet their individual needs with the support and guidance of a friendly yoga instructor.

Yoga & Meditation

Join us for 40 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation. Yoga practices will be accessible to all levels. Our movement and meditation will explore our natural interdependencies with one another and the earth and our capacity for community wellbeing.

Yoga for All Bodies

Started in San Francisco as an alternative to traditional yoga studios, Yoga for All Bodies is committed to making yoga accessible to folks who would not normally seek it out. Classes are all levels, all bodies are welcomed, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 20% of donations are given to a local group working for greater well being in our community.

About Alissa: A dedicated practitioner for over a decade, yoga has been my safe place when I felt most broken. I have been teaching for nearly three years, completing a 200-hour teaching certificate at Yoga Tree in San Francisco and an additional 25 hours of Yoga For All Training. I believe that the poses are intended to serve us, and that our practices should be accessible and sustainable for our bodies. My classes link breath to movement, focus on grounding and alignment, and center consent.

Drop-In Groups

A Question of Culture

This on-going video and discussion group will screen/highlight dynamic video content in the form of documentaries, movies, interviews, concerts, and more. The objective is to inspire people to view the content with an open, objective mindset, with a goal of creating understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for humanity.  

COVID-19 Online Support Groups

Online support group for processing struggles relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guys Chat/LOTS

Guys Chat is a monthly gathering of trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, and masculine-of-center individuals, and their loved ones. We meet on the first and third Saturday of every month, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Our group comes together to share stories and resources, build community, and offer peer support. In our unique format, we meet as a community for the first hour (from 11am to noon). We then break up for the second hour (noon to 1pm), during which time the “guys” will meet separately from their loved ones. This offers a fantastic opportunity for transmasculine folks to share privately about more personal experiences, as well as for loved ones to speak openly about, and receive support around, the fears and concerns of supporting their loved-one through a transition. Our meetings offer a warm and supportive environment where we attempt to let go of the pressure to get it right, and give everyone the space to just be human.

Holidazed: Ho, Ho, Woes DROP-IN Group

This year...give yourself the gift of support. We’ll connect, share and explore our holiday stresses together, with emphasis on: resonance, body-awareness, creative resourcing.

Making Connections DROP-IN Support

A place you can show up because you are not alone. Ongoing support to ALL community members, including counselors. Topics will vary, but will focus on isolation, examining dominant cultural values, building relational capacities, sharing resources & mutual aid.

Men’s Group DROP-IN Support

This is an open process group that discusses what men are experiencing. We find a common ground by practicing relational skills such as, respect, empathy, and inclusion.


Many Paths  to Recovery

This weekly harm reduction drop-in support group explores how to reduce the harms associated with potentially risky activities and increase well­being in your life. Harm reduction is a non-judgmental and non-coercive approach aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with potentially risky activities, such as drug/alcohol use, struggles with eating, cutting, and more. Harm reduction is not a simple set of techniques or interventions; it is an attitude, a perspective, and a world view.

Poetry Writing DROP-IN Workshop 

Bring your poems new and old for a roundtable discussion and constructive critique.  We’ll write in session, using prompts that vary each week, and we’ll read together from the greats, such as W.H. Auden, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost.  This is a relational, friendly, space for writing and revision in a supportive atmosphere.

People of Color DROP-IN Group

POC (People of Color) Group is a space/place to receive and offer support, speak of your experience, and offers opportunities to take action through civic engagement. Here, you can help co-create a space where we build a community through sharing and witnessing of experiences. The group is mostly member-led with facilitators who use guided questions and provide embodiment work as applicable. Topics include, but not limited to, economic and health disparities, police brutality, quarantine-exhaustion, compassion fatigue, the immigrant experience, LGBTQA experience.

People of Color: Race, Resistance, & Redemption DROP-IN Group

Race, Resistance & Redemption is a drop-in group that provides a space for People of Color to engage in dialogue with respect to issues of race, racism, resiliency, culture, the roles of media, white privilege and the historical contemporary realities that threaten our well-being and humanity.

Psychotherapy for the Latino Community/El grupo de psicoterapia para la comunidad latina

The Psychotherapy for the Latino Community group will include a variety of topics. Together we will explore our feelings and our bodies to alleviate tension and become more aware and conscious individuals. Through community we join forces against the individual and the popular struggle. Come to support others and feel supported by the community.

El grupo de psicoterapia para la comunidad latina tratará una variedad de temas. Juntos exploraremos nuestras emociones y nuestros cuerpos para aliviar tension y trasformarnos en individuos mas conscientes. A través de la comunidad, se juntan las fuerzan contra la lucha popular e individual.

Queer Process DROP-IN Group

This is an open and ongoing process group for LGBTQIA-identified individuals. Drop in whenever you feel you are needing extra support, or come weekly to build and deepen community. We will explore complex topics- such as navigating relationships, privilege and power, the politics of identity and experiences of marginalization- as well as holding space for celebration, connection, joy, and everything in between.

Self Understanding through Creative Exploration

What can our creative side teach us about who we are, who we want to be, what we’re looking for...? In Self Understanding through Creative Expression, we will explore the big questions of self and identity, to increase awareness and understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the unique life we each live. To help facilitate our exploration, we'll be using paint brushes, crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, collage, and each other's curiosities. Everyone is welcome to this drop-in group, and no previous artistic experience is necessary.

Spirituality Group

In this group we will explore what spirituality means to each of us and how/if we can use it as a resource for loving ourselves and others. We value different perspectives and attempt to make space for different experiences. We aim to be inclusive and do not preach one type of spirituality or one type of living.

Support and Process Group

This group utilizes mindfulness techniques and non-violent communication to create a safe and supportive environment. This will be a space where we all can share and resonate with each others’ experiences, build empathy, gain capacity for complexity, and develop new communication skills.

Transfeminine Peer Support with Loved Ones DROP-IN Group

Transfeminine Support Group is a gathering of feminine-of-center trans, nonbinary and questioning folx and their loved ones. On the second and fourth Saturday of every month, from 11am to 1pm, we share stories and resources, build community and offer peer support. We meet as a community for the first hour (from 11am to 12pm). For the second hour (12pm to 1pm), the trans, nonbinary and questioning folx will meet separately from their loved ones.

Women’s Group DROP-IN Support

When women support each other, incredible things happen." An empowering space for resonance and connection. Our process-style group provides room for growth around interpersonal exploration and relationships.

Closed Support Groups & Workshops (please contact facilitator to set up an orientation)

Artist’s Way: Embodied

Join us as we embark on a 12- week journey through Julia Cameron’s classic guide to awakening and nurturing our creative selves. We will seek to find fresh inspiration, overcome mental blocks, build nurturing creative support networks, and get to know our artistic sides a little bit better. Whether you write, draw, paint, garden, cook, sing, program or parent, this group is for you! No previous experience is necessary.

Bodies & Trauma 1.0

One of the effects of trauma is a loss of connection to one's body, to others, and to the world.  In healing with others in the group, members begin to not feel so alone in their experience of trauma and begin to reconnect in ways that individual counseling cannot address.  This group works toward: expanding awareness of sensations in the body, understanding the physiology underlying trauma and the aftermath of a traumatic experience, learning and practicing techniques for soothing uncomfortable emotions and body sensations, and beginning to heal trauma through the body as a complement to other forms of healing.

Bodies & Trauma 2.0

(prerequisite: Bodies & Trauma 1.0)

We invite all graduates of B & T 1.0 to join us to continue to heal our relationship to our bodies after enduring traumatic experiences.  We will begin by refreshing our grounding and resonance skills to establish safety and security within the group and our bodies.  We will then move into each group member’s telling of the story that drew them to B & T 1.0 and an opportunity to receive resonance and support from the group.  B & T 2.0 aims to provide each of its members with the space for ongoing healing through storytelling, embodiment, and renewed connection with others & their environment.

Bodies & Trauma BIPOC

One of the effects of trauma is a loss of connection to one's body, to others, and to the world. In healing with others in the group, members begin to not feel so alone in their experience of trauma and begin to reconnect in ways that individual counseling cannot address. BIPOC can have a unique experience with trauma due to the complex layers of Ethnic and Race Based Trauma, Racialization, and Forced Cultural Acceptance to name a few. This group works toward: expanding awareness of sensations in the body, understanding the physiology underlying trauma and the aftermath of a traumatic experience, learning and practicing techniques for soothing uncomfortable emotions and body sensations, and beginning to heal trauma through the body as a complement to other forms of healing.

Civic Engagement Group

The Civic Engagement Group develops socially just leadership skills, provides opportunities for volunteerism and civic action, and cultivates community.  Now more than ever, we need to come together to create social change and strengthen communities. This group is free and open to all!

Close-Up: Creativity and Connection Through Cell Phone Photography

Each week, group members will share a photo they have taken based on a prompt from the facilitators the week before. The pictures will be projected on a wall, members will be able to speak about their process of taking the photo and the meanings behind it, and they will receive resonance from the group. This group aims to develop alternative ways of languaging experience, bring the outside world in, and connect through imagination.

Creating Me

A relational construction of our identities, who we are and who we are becoming.

The Daring Way

Come join us for 8 weeks as we read and process together, Brene Brown’s brilliantly insightful book, Daring Greatly. In this book, Brene Brown draws upon extensive reacher and personal experience to explore the paradoxes of courage.  As we read along we will uncover how strength is cultivated once we embrace vulnerability.

Discover Your Story 

Learn how to tell your story using TRC’s key leadership and organizing strategy: Relational Public Narrative! As you discover your story through our resonance practice you will also start connecting and resonating with others’ stories and building community!

Discover Your Story: Teen!

If you are a teenager looking for a place to be heard, to make connections and understand yourself, learn how to tell your story using TRC’s key leadership and organizing strategy: Relational Public Narrative! As you discover your story through our resonance practice you will also start connecting and resonating with others’ stories and building community with your peers!

The Food Group: A Weekly Supplement for Support Digesting Life

A discussion and psychoeducational group to honor and explore our complex primal and psychological relationships with food. The Food Group combines the relational tools of storytelling, embodiment, and resonance, with a robust psychoeducational curriculum. Basic nutritional content will be introduced however our focus is more on HOW we eat than on what we eat.

Full Esteem Ahead!

This group focuses primarily on self-esteem and self-confidence building in a creative way.  We work together on a progressive co-creation and exploration of self using art,  discussion, embodiment exercises, and resonance. We work together in a brave and playful space to deepen our understanding of ourselves.

Love, Lust & Life: A Therapy Group for Sex & Relationships 

Exploration, discussion, and support for sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. Each session will be part education and part discussion. This group is open to all genders and sexual orientations [Poly/BDSM/Sex Worker/Alt Sex Inclusive]. The aims of this group are to (1) Discuss ways to create or enhance sexual relationships, (2) Reduce sexual shame, (3) Learn effective communication skills, (4) Discover ways to navigate between intimacy & desire, (5) Examine social and cultural messages about sex and relationships.

Midlife Chrysalis Group

This is a group for those who are in any phase of the midlife transition stimulated by loss or change as the result of menopause, physical aesthetic changes and health challenges, loss of job/career/meaning, divorce or end of primary relationship, death of spouse/partner, adult children leaving home, and many other mid life transitions. We invite you to join us as we walk through this portal, transforming  this seeming crisis into an opportunity to become truly empowered and learn how to fly.  

Mindfulness & Pain

The group involves mindfulness meditation training and practice, yoga and body awareness training, exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, brief lectures and group discussions. Mindfulness will be practiced alone and in community with those with similar issues. Through consistent and continued engagement in practice, members will learn to cultivate deep states of relaxation and well-being through integration. Members will learn how to accept and embrace the full range of experience that life inevitably brings. Moving toward these experiences with an inquiring attitude, rather than trying to hold onto them, escape, or avoid them can bring new, different, and positive results.

Money Group

Everyone has a money story. How we make it, spend it, save or invest it and that story affects how we relate to it. Join us for 6 weeks of MONEY GROUP where we will process our emotional connections to money while gaining tools for creating and maintaining financial balance. Monique and Cynthia will co-facilitate this group bringing a blend of financial know how, social justice and a holistic perspective.

Relationship-Based Limits: The Power of Connection in Parenting

A 5-week series for Parents of School-Aged Kids.

Relationship Support Group 

This is a relationship process group with a focus on developing the relational capacities of sensing and resonating and improving non-violent communication in relationships.

Riveting Women Unite!

Riveting (adjective)  riv·et·ing \ˈri-və-tiŋ\ -  having the power to fix the attention; engrossing; fascinating; compelling

The time for action is now. Riveting Women is a new group for women wanting to develop more clarity in relationship to gender, through the exploration of social and cultural expectations put on women. This group is action-oriented, focusing on supporting one another to see actions we’re already taking, identifying values that motivate us to further action, and offering resources to help each other to do so. Because all women have and take leadership in unique and valuable ways. Join us in deconstructing ideas of “leadership,” vulnerability, and what it means to be a woman in our post-election reality. This group is for ALL women, cisgender and transgender.

SoRoYo: South Robertson Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement

This 12-week course will teach youth aged 16-20 how to lead with values and collaboration. We will learn about neighborhood government processes and work on local community projects.


Feeling the burn of the single life? Join us as we explore what it's like to be single in the digital age. We will meet weekly to develop a collective understanding of our own relationships to being single. We'll consider our experiences with past relationships and relationship patterns, dating's trials and tribulations, relationship boundaries, social and cultural norms around romantic relationships, and desires for the future.

Come tell your stories and give/receive support as we work to build more awareness and lead fuller, more enriching single lives. Be Single...Together!

Unpacking Whiteness: Learning & Living Antiracism

In this group, intended for white and white passing people, participants will build awareness of racism within ourselves and the world, explore our white identities, acquire tools to combat white fragility, and learn how to make anti-racism a part of our everyday lives. This group is meant to support white and white passing people who desire to act in solidarity with current racial justice movements.

Groups facilitated by Counselors-in-Residence. These groups have a separate cost associated with them beyond a monthly plan with TRC. Please contact the facilitator to set up an orientation.

Diabetes Support Group

A support and process group for people with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

In this weekly exploration of life with diabetes, we will support one another toward increased resourcing and resilience. As we consider what it means to be diabetic within a culture that shames the sick and chronically ill, we will also deepen our awareness of issues related to embodiment, stress, food, feelings, relationship and community.



Grief Group

Grief is a fundamental experience, a measure of love for the person who has died. In grief, we confront our magnificence and mortality, and our acute longing for human connection. By providing an open and supportive space for people to explore their respective grief experiences together, our group hopes to counter the isolation and shame of our contemporary death-denying culture. The structure of the sessions will be grounded in the dual process model of grief identified by Stroebe and Schut, which normalizes the pendulation of the grief process between loss-focus and restoration-focus. Additionally, the group will consider the four tasks of mourning identified by William Worden- Accepting, Experiencing, Adjusting, and Reconnecting. Topics will include:  Understanding the process of grief and how it is felt in the body, mind and emotions; Unfamiliar responsibilities and other adjustments to the new reality without the loved one; Grief rituals; Anniversaries and holidays; Meaning making; Self care. In this non-judgmental group space, members can hope to explore and find compassion in their own and others' bereavement journey.



Mindful Eating Group

In this 10-week group, we will explore food as relationship, building awareness, and developing resourcing through mindful eating practice and embodiment-based group process. Together, we will challenge dominant cultural narratives around food, dieting, body image, and nutrition. To support our experiences and discussions, we will draw from readings in Marc David’s excellent book, the Slow Down Diet. Weekly topics will focus on mindful exploration of intention, relaxation, quality, awareness, rhythm, pleasure, thought, story, soul, and connection.

$250 for full course.


Reclaiming Your Sexuality: Learning to Thrive after Sexual Assault

In the aftermath of sexual assault, survivors often struggle to feel empowered in our sexuality and connection to our erotic selves. This struggle can go on for many years, and often causes consensual sexual experiences to be triggering and dominated by flashbacks and feelings of fear and powerlessness. Come and join other survivors as we explore our relationships to our erotic selves, to sex, and to the impacts of sexual assault on our sexual wellbeing. This group is intended for individuals who have already done some healing work in the aftermath of their sexual assault, and who will feel comfortable exploring the impacts of their trauma in more depth.

$40 per session, billed as $160/month.