Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)


23 years of age

Dresses up in nice cloths

He likes skateboarding and is a snowboarder

Minor Characters


Multi million air from being a pro skater

He is Also a skier

23 years of age

Dresses up like a normal person


24 years of age

Dresses up in all of cloths that his sponsors give him such as Red Bull Etnies Plan B Grizzly and more

Father of 1 kid
Skates for a lifetime


26 years of age

Father of 1 kid

Lives a normal life

Dresses up in nice cloths

Setting (When, where, … be descriptive)

5:30 am America, Utah Powder Mountain the mountain is a dark mountain surrounded by trees, cliffs and drops and Japan furano ski resort is a place that has a lot of ice blind cliffs and no lifts so you have to take a helicopter.

Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)


An avalanche timer goes off  and they fall down a blind cliff and one of them breaks a wrist and the other on sprains an ankle.  

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




They met up on top of Powder mountain wanting to meet up for a little while so they meet up on this snowy volcano not knowing that there was going to be a small eruption that caused an avalanche.  Then Shawn was smart enough to bring an avalanche safety kit and they were lucky enough to escape.  When they get there car it got broken into while they were still stuck in the in the avalanche.

When they arrive back to their place they see 4 tickets to Japan furano on an American airlines plane and look at the tickets more carefully and they see that their plane boards in 4 hours time.  So it takes them 1 hour to get there and some time to do the rest of the things like find their gate.When they arrive at Japan they try to catch a taxi but all of the taxis were full apart from one when they get in the taxi they ask him if he can go to a hotel next to furano ski resort.  When they arrive there he lets them out but asks them for $250 dollars so they give him the 250 then he asks for another 250 dollars so they open the taxi door and start running.

When they get to there hotel the unpacked their things and went to get a rental car.  When they rent a car when they get back to the hotel they want to go and camp out in the mountain for a couple of days.  When they reached the top They didn’t know that someone had planed to cause a massive avalanche to take over the small village but his plan didn’t work very well so the avalanche didn’t reach the town.  When they were stuck in a cave with one broken wrist and one broken ankle. When some of the snow melted they started digging their way out while the injured people stay in the cave the other 2 write sos in the soft snow.  Then a helicopter comes and rescues them.

Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved)

A helicopter flies over the mountain and sees sos written in japanese and start searching for the lost people and they eventually got found and sent to the hospital and the robber gets found and sent back to a maximum security jail  

Theme/Authors  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?)


They should've read the news saying that someone named jeff has planned an avalanche at furano ski field trying to take over a small village.



 My Reflection

I found thinking of an idea tricky because I couldn’t find an idea that I liked.

I found it easy to  come up with ideas to put in my plan because I just chose something that is my hobby.

My next step for me is to be more creative with my writing.

When I was doing this activity I enjoyed coming up with my characters.