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Matt Beard Art  Plein Air Documentation                                              

Artwork Title: Glass at Dusk     

Size: 12” x 12”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  

Date Painted: 7-24-17


Base Price: $1 per sq. in.

Field Notes:

3rd day on the road, 9th painting completed

Not so long ago, and prior to the age of plastic’s dominance, one coastal town decided it’s beautiful bluffs overlooking the sea would be a great place for the town dump. It made all sorts of sense, what with the flat ground being suitable for simple pushing the refuse over the cliff onto the rugged beaches below for the ebb and flow of the ocean to magically make it all go away.

Well, it’s almost all gone, but what’s left behind is a bit of a wonder. All the glass bottles (this was before recycling was seen as a worthy endeavor) simply broke up, and worn by the sea and sand, filled entire beaches with translucent fragments. At first glance it just appears gravel, upon closer inspection it seems entire coves are made of glass.

I’d wanted to attempt a painting at beach level with afternoon light pouring through the beach glass, but the weather turned and I was left to wander around in the thick overcast evening air looking for a suitable cove. The first one I had in mind was blocked off from public access. No worries, I’d find another. Cove after cove was blocked and/or inaccessible. I came to the end of the trail and still no way down. Well now, I’ve hopped fences for paintings before and on account of the quickly fading light, I saw no reason not to add one more to the list.

It’s a perplexing conundrum this town faces now that it’s marketed this beach as a destination for tourists, needing to keep them away from the best coves so the tourists don’t remove all the town’s old trash. Wait, what? Hard to believe that’s a real sentence, but there you have it.



Distance from Humboldt: $15 per county


Overnight Travel Required: $75

Sleeping in Van Required: $50

Tricky Urban Van Camping Required: $25


Paid Parking: Cost of Parking

Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: $50

Parking Ticket Incurred: Cost of Ticket

Private Land: $50


Posted No Trespassing: $100

Harassed by Authorities and/or Told to Leave: $150

Citation Incurred:  Cost of Citation


Fence/Gate Hopping: $50

Barbed Wire: $50

Blood: $50


Hauling Gear on Foot: $25 per mile

Off Trail Wilderness Tromping Required: $15

Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: $25

Full On Bushwhacking: $75

Poison Oak Observed: $15

Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: $25 each

Tick Bites: $150 each

Bee/Wasp/Insect Stings: $25

Wind Speed: $10 per mile per hour over 10mph

Lack of Shade: $50

Heat/Cold: $5 per degree over 70/ under 50

Excessive Public Conversations/Distractions: ranges from $25-$150



Able to Paint View from Back of Van: Subtract $100

Private Land With Permission (Your Land):  Subtract $250

Cold Beer and/or Snacks Delivered During or After Paint Session: Subtract $50

Fun Surf at Location Before or After Painting: Subtract $50

Room and Board for 1 week during a paint tour of your area: Subtract Everything!




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