Useful academic links:

Overview of graduate programs in Seattle, across the different schools:

University of Washington graduate programs

University of Washington Career center:

This website provides information about choosing career, preparing for job interviews, has useful information about fellowships and assistantships,

The HuskyJob website within this career center is a free resource for UW students and alumni to search and find internships, part- and full-time jobs, volunteer opportunities and more. If you are not affiliated with the UW (student, alumni, etc.) you can still access the website with a small fee.

The career center also carry Job fairs events in which recruiters from many companies arrive to the UW and you can meet them face to face and submit your resume to them. This is a great event to meet in person with recruiters.

The center also hold workshops on how to find jobs, successful interviews, how to write a resume etc.

Seattle university graduate programs:

Seattle pacific graduate programs:

Washington life sciences:

This is a life science web sites that gather more than 6,000 biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, non-profit research institutions, technology transfer offices, economic development offices, and associated companies. The site runs events, workshop and job page in the area.

Life science academic research centers:

Seattle area is a hub for life science research.  Among the institutes you can find:

Fred hutch cancer research center:

Institute for systems biology:

Seattle biomed:

Technology research institutes in Seattle:

MBA Programs:

Undergraduate degrees:

There are many colleges offering undergraduate degrees.