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Dear Parents/Caregivers

RE:  Anniversary reporting

Because NZ children start school on their 5th birthday, reporting on their achievement falls on, or as close as possible, to the anniversary of their birthday month. To ensure smooth systems for reporting across the junior school, birthday months are clustered together term by term.

The National Standards give teachers, your child and you a clear idea of where your child is at in reading, writing and maths and what they have to do next in their learning.

Teachers will continue to use many different ways to find out where your child is at (OTJ - Overall Teacher Judgement). This includes:

  • Using a range of tests
  • Observing students in the classroom
  • Talking and conferencing with students
  • Students self-assessing their learning and setting next steps

It is important to remember that students start at different points and progress at different rates.  Some students will need more time and work towards the expected standard.  

Timing of Profile book reporting

Teachers will report in writing twice a year, mid year (progress report/profile) and at the end of the year (anniversary report/profile). A student progress report which assesses the student's progress toward the standard and an anniversary report which assesses achievement against the standard.

March, April

May, June, July

August, September, October

November, December, January, February

Anniversary report/profile term one

Anniversary report/profile  term two.

Anniversary report/profile term three.

Anniversary report/profile term four.

Progress report/profile term three.

Progress report/profile term four.

Progress report/profile  term one.

Progress report/profile term two.

Anniversary Reporting Year 1-3

We are reporting on students’ time at school, rather than calendar years – traditionally in June and December.

The National Standards benchmarks have a clear expected timeframe to them. They are:

  • After 1 year at school

(40 school weeks – around their 6th birthday)

  • After 2 years at school

(80 school weeks – around their 7th birthday)

  • After 3 years at school

(120 school weeks – around their 8th birthday)

We will be using these time frames to report.

  • An anniversary report around your child’s birthday
  • A progress report in between at 20 weeks, 60 weeks, and 100 weeks.

Kind Regards

Sharee Ramsay -Junior Syndicate leader

Balclutha Primary School