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New Urban Immigrants: Koreans in New York - Illsoo Kim

One Day, One Dollar: The Chinese Farming Experience in the Sacramento River Delta, California - Peter Leung  

Chink: A Documentary History of Anti-Chinese Prejudice in America - Cheng-Tsu Wu

Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940, Second Edition (Naomi B. Pascal Editor's Endowment) Paperback – Mark Lai, Genny Lim, Judy Yung

Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures - Gayatri Gopinath

Behold the Many – Lois-Ann Yamanaka

Margins and Mainstreams - Gary Y. Okihiro

Brown Skin, White Minds: Filipino-American Postcolonial Psychology - E.J.R. David

Asian American Women and Men (second edition) – Yen Le Espiritu

East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture - Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha G. Oren

Relationships Among Asian American Women - Jean Lau Chin

Asian American Political Action - James S. Lai

Rethinking the Asian American Movement - Daryl J. Maeda

Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White - Frank Wu

From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia - Mishra Pankaj

Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America - Vivek Bald
A Patchwork Shawl: Chronicles of South Asian Women in America - Shamita Das Gupta

Asians in the Ivory Tower: Dilemmas of Racial Inequality in American Higher Education - Robert T. Teranishi

Current Issues in Asian and Pacific American Education - Russell Endo, Clara C. Park, and John Nobuya Tsuchida

Unraveling the “Model Minority” Stereotype: Listening to Asian American Youth - Stacey J. Lee

The Deathly Embrace: Orientalism and Asian American Identity - Sheng-Mei Ma

The Hyphenated American - John C. Papajohn

Model-Minority Imperialism - Victor Bascara

Chains of Babylon: The Rise of Asia America - Daryl J. Maeda

Asian American Youth: Culture, Identity, and Ethnicity - Jennifer Lee and Zhou Min

The Politics of Asian Americans: Diversity and Community - Pei-te Lien, M. Margaret Conway, and Janelle Wong

Orientalism - Edward Said

Politics of Asian Americans - Pei-te Lien

Asian Americans and Politics: Perspectives, Experiences, Prospects - Gordon Chang

The Making of Asian America Through Political Participation - Pei-te Lien

Homebound: Filipino American Lives across Cultures, Communities, and Countries - Espiritu Yen

Chinese American Transnational Politics - Him Mark Lai and Madeline Hsu

Asian-American Politics - Andrew Aoki and Okiyoshi Takeda

The Transnational Politics of Asian Americans - Christian Collet and Pei-Te Lien

Playing the Race Card - George J. Sefa Dei, Leene Luke Karumanchery, and Nisha Karumanchery-Luik

Asian American Dreams - Helen Zia

Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans - Ronald Takaki

The Asian American Movement - William Wei

Fresh off the Boat: A Memoir - Eddie Huang

East Meets West: Writing in Two Hemispheres - Andrew Lam

Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora - Andrew Lam

Migritude - Shailja Patel

Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today - Vijay Prashad

Indian Accents Brown Voice and Racial Performance in American Television and Film - Shilpa S. Dave

Common Ground: Reimagining American History - Gary Y. Okihiro
The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan - Yasmin Khan

Inside Out and Back Again - Thanh Ha Lai

The Color of Success: Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority (Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America) - Ellen D. Wu
Eating Asian America - Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan, Anita Mannur
Suburban Sahibs - S. Mitra Kalita
Partly Colored: Asian Americans and Racial Anomaly in the Segregated South - Leslie Bow
Lotus of Another Color - Rakesh Ratti
Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire - Sonia Shah, Yuri Kochiyama, Karin Aguilar-San Juan
Making Waves: An Anthology of Writings by and about Asian American Women - Asian Women United of California

Making More Waves: New Writing by Asian American Women - Elaine Kim, Lilia Villanueva

Making Ethnic Choices: California’s Punjabi Mexican Americans - Karen Leonard

Our Feet Walk the Sky: Women of the South Asian Diaspora - Sheela Bhatt, Pretty Kalra & Aarti Kohli

The Sun Never Sets: South Asian Migrants in the Age of the U.S. Power - VIvek Bald, Miabi Chatterji and Sunjani Reddy

Racial Castration: Managing Masculinity in Asian America - David L. Eng

Laotian Daughters: Working toward Community, Belonging, and Environmental Justice - Bindi Shah

Indian Diaspora Handbook: Mental Health Challenges and Solutions - Dr. Greesh Sharma

Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama - Diane C. Fujino

Aspiring to Home: South Asians in America - Bakirathi Mani

Taxi!: Cabs and Capitalism in New York City - Biju Matthew

A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in America - Lavina Shankar

Terrifying Muslims: Race and Labor in the South Asian Diaspora - Junaid Rana

Unruly Immigrants: Rights, Activism, and Transnational South Asian Politics in the United States - Monisha Das Gupta

Far From Home: Shattering the Myth of the Model Minority - Mary Chung Hayashi

Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture - Gaiutra Bahadur

Other: An Asian & Pacific Islander Prisoners’ Anthology - Eddy Zheng and Helen Zia

Chinese Cubans: A Transnational History - Kathleen M. Lopez

Beyond Bollywood: The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film - Jigna Desai

Asian Americans: An Interpretive History - Sucheng Chan

Speaking the Unspeakable: Marital Violence among South Asian Immigrants in the United States - Margaret Abraham

Disoriented: Asian Americans, Law, and the Nation-State - Robert Chang

The Billionaire’s Apprentice: The Rise of the Indian-American Elite and the Fall of the Galleon Hedge Fund - Anita Raghavan

Labor Immigrant Under Capitalism: Asian Workers in the United States before World War II - Lucie Cheng and Edna Bonacich

The Politics of Prejudice: The Anti-Japanese Movement in California and the Struggle for Japanese Exclusion - Rogers Daniels

The Making of Asian America: A History - Erika Lee

Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration Between India and Trinidad - Tejaswini Niranjana

The Guyana Story: From Earliest Times to Independence - Odeen Ishmael

Diasporic Dis(locations): Indo-Caribbean Women Writers Negotiate the "Kala Pani" - Brinda J. Mehta
Critical Perspectives on Indo-Caribbean Women's Literature (Routledge Research in Postcolonial Literatures) - Joy Mahabir and Mariam Pribhai
Matikor: The Politics of Identity for Indo-Caribbean Women - Roseanne Kanhai

Bindi: The Multifaceted Lives of Indo-Caribbean Women - Roseanne Kanhai

We Should Never Meet: Stories - Aimee Phan

The Annihilation of Caste - B.R. Ambedkar

The Karma of Brown Folk - Vijay Prashad

Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times - Jasbir Puar 

Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture in NYC - Sunaina Maira

Desi Land: Teen Culture, Class, and Success in Silicon Valley - Shalini Shankar

Desi Hoop Dreams: Pickup Basketball and the Making of Asian American Masculinity - Stanley Thangaraj

Moving Truths: Queer and Transgender Desi Writings History - Aparajeeta 'Sasha' Duttchoudhury, Rukie Hartman 

Haj to Utopia: How the Ghadar Movement Charted Global Radicalism and Attempted to Overthrow the British Empire - Maia Ramnath

Colored Cosmopolitanis​m: The Shared Struggle for Freedom in the United States and India - Nico Slate

America Is in the Heart: A Personal History (Classics of Asian American Literature) – Carlos Bulosan, Marilyn Alquizola, Lane Hirabayashi 

Afro Asia: Revolutionary Political & Cultural Connections Between African Americans & Asian Americans - Fred Ho, Bill Mullen

Buddha Is Hiding: Refugees, Citizenship, the New America - Aihwa Ong

Paper Son: One Man’s Story - Tung Pok Chin

Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America - Mary Paik Lee

Love, Loss, and What We Ate - Padma Lakshmi

How to be South Asian in America - Anupama Jain

On Being Included: Racism & Diversity in Institutional Life - Sara Ahmed

Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco - Judy Yung

They Came in Ships: An Anthology of Indo-Guyanese - Joel Benjamin

Issei, Nisei, War Bride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service - Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Race Talk & the Conspiracy of Silence: Understanding & Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race - Derald Wing Sue

The Indian Diaspora: Historical and Contemporary Context: Essays in Honour of Professor Chandrashekhar Bhat - Laxmi Narayan Kadekar, Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Gauri Bhattacharya

Indo Caribbean Resistance - Frank Birbalsingh

Indenture and Exile: The Indo-Caribbean Experience - Frank Birbalsingh

Settlement of Indians in Guyana: 1890-1930 - Dale Bisnauth

East Indian and Black Power in the Caribbean: The Case for Trinadad - Mahin Gosine

Indentured Labor, Caribbean Sugar: Chinese and Indian Migrants to the British West Indies, 1838-1918 - Walton Look Lai

The Still Cry: Personal accounts of East Indians in Trinidad and Tobago During Indentureship, 1845-1917 - Noor Kumar Mahabir, Selwyn R. Cudjoe

The Elusive El Dorado: Essays on the Indian Experience in Guyana - Basdeo Mangru

Indians in Guyana: A Concise History from Their Arrival to the Present - Basdeo Mangru

Cultural Identity and Creolization in National Unity: The Multiethnic Caribbean - Prem Misir, Michael Banton, John Rex, Brinsley Samaroo, Percy C. Hintzen, Verene A. Shepard, Patricia Mohammed, Walter Rodney, Cheddi Jagan, V.S Naipaul, J.G La Guerre

Journey to Nowhere: A New World Tragedy - Shiva Naipaul

Across Three Continents: An Indo-Guyanese Family Experience - Joseph S. Persaud

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections and the Myth of Cultural Purity - Vijay Prashd

Asian Women: Interconnections - Tineke Hellwig, Sunera Thobani

Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology - Shirley Hune, Gail M. Nomura

Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write about Love, Courage, and Faith - Meeta Kaur

Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties - Karen Ishizuka

Last Witnesses: Reflections on the Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans - Erica Harth

My Chinese-America - Allen Gee

Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught Between Two Worlds - Pamela Rotner Sakamoto

Between Two Empires: Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America - Eiichiro Azuma

For the Sake of Our Japanese Brethren: Assimilation, Nationalism, and Protestantism Among the Japanese of Los Angeles, 1895-1942 - Brian M. Hayashi

Our House Divided: Seven Japanese American Families in World War II - Tomi K. Knaefler

Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion - Piyali Bhattacharya

The Hour Before Dawn - Ajaz Ashraf

Navigating the Future: A Samoan Perspective on U.S.-Pacific Relations - Eni F. H. Faleomavaega

AfroAsian Encounters: Culture, History, Politics - Heike Raphael-Hernandez, Shannon Steen, Gary Okihiro

The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century - Grace Lee Boggs, Scott Kurashige, Danny Glover

Living Our Religions: Hindu and Muslim South Asian-American Women Narrate Their Experiences - Anjana Narayan, Bandana Purkayastha

The Good Immigrants: How the Yellow Peril Became the Model Minority (Politics and Society in Modern America) - Madeline Y. Hsu

Night Sky with Exit Wounds - Ocean Vuong

Zayn - Zayn

A Place at the Multicultural Table: The Development of an American Hinduism - Prema Kurien

Water Tossing Boulders: How a Family of Chinese Immigrants Led the First Fight to Desegregate Schools in the Jim Crow South - Adrienne Berard

Life Behind the Lobby: Indian American Motel Owners and the American Dream - Pawan Dhingra

Asian Americans in Dixie: Race and Migration in the South (Asian American Experience) - Khyati Y. Joshi, Jigna Desai

Managing Multicultural Lives: Asian American Professionals and the Challenge of Multiple Identities - Pawan Dhingra

Asian Immigration to the United States - Philip Q. Yang

Sexing the Caribbean: Gender, Race and Sexual Labor - Kamala Kempadoo

The Comfort Women: Sexual Violence and Postcolonial Memory in Korea and Japan (Worlds of Desire: The Chicago Series on Sexuality, Gender, and Culture) - C. Sarah Soh

Fire Girl: Essays on India, America, and the In-Between - Sayantani Dasgupta

Advertising Diversity: Ad Agencies and the Creation of Asian American Consumers - Shalini Shankar

Life Beyond My Body: A Transgender Journey To Manhood In China - Lei Ming, Lura Frazey

Desis Divided: The Political Lives of South Asian Americans - Sangay K. Mishra

The West Indian Americans: (The New Americans) - Holger Henke

Guyana Stories & Passages - Hanif Gulmahamad

Neil Bissoondath: Indo-Caribbean-Canadian Diaspora (Writers of the Indian Diaspora) - Frank Birbalsingh

In Exile at Home - A Fiji Indian Story - Satish Rai

Becoming American, Being Indian: An Immigrant Community In New York City -  Madhulika S. Khandelwal

Hosay Trinidad: Muharram Performances in an Indo-Caribbean Diaspora - Frank J. Korom

They Came in Ships: Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record - John Philip Colletta

Mirror on the Veil: A Collection of Personal Essays on Hijab and Veiling (International Cultural Studies) - Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi and Shaheen Pasha

The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene - Celine Parrenas Shimizu

Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues - Pyong Gap Min

Living West, Facing East: The (De)Construction of Muslim Youth Sexual Identities (Counterpoints) - Fida Sanjakdar

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror - Mahmood Mamdani

Trauma: A Collection of Short Stories -  Elizabeth Jaikaran

Philip Vera Cruz: A Personal History of Filipino Immigrants and the Farmworkers Movement - Lilia Villanueva and Craig Scharlin

Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian-American Writers - Frank Chin and Jeffery Paul Chan

Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton: Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers - John Jung

Lotus among the Magnolias: The Mississippi Chinese - Robert Seto Quan and Julian B. Roebuck

The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White - James W. Loewen

Race and Resistance: Literature and Politics in Asian America (Race & American Culture) - Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Chinese in the West Indies, 1806-1995: A Documentary History - Bridget Brereton and Lu Shulin

Indentured Labor, Caribbean Sugar: Chinese and Indian Migrants to the British West Indies, 1838-1918 - Walton Look Lai

The Lived Experience of South Asian Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada: The Interconnections of Race, Class and Gender (Women's Studies) - Helen Ralston

Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese American Internment Experience - Lawson Fusao Inada

Living Islam Out Loud: American Muslim Women Speak - Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur

YELL-Oh Girls! Emerging Voices Explore Culture, Identity, and Growing Up Asian American - Vickie Nam

On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan - E. San Juan

Becoming Chinese American: A History of Communities and Institutions (Critical Perspectives on Asian Pacific Americans) - Him Mark Lai and Madeline Hsu

Hearts of Sorrow: Vietnamese-American Lives - James M. Freeman

Beyond the Killing Fields: Voices of Nine Cambodian Survivors in America - Usha Welaratna

Muslims in Motion: Islam and National Identity in the Bangladeshi Diaspora - Nazli Kibria

Family Tightrope - Nazli Kibria

Becoming Asian American: Second-Generation Chinese and Korean American Identities - Nazli Kibria

Khmer American: Identity and Moral Education in a Diasporic Community - Nancy J. Smith-Hefner

The Chinese of America - Jack Chen

The Coolie Speaks: Chinese Indentured Laborers and African Slaves in Cuba - Lisa Yun

Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought: Genealogies, Theories, Enactments - Gabrielle Jamela Hosein and Lisa Outar

Coalition Building
Beyond Identity Politics: Emerging Social Justice Movements in Communities of Color - Gary Delgado

Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism - Daisy Hernandez, Bushra Rehman, Cherrie Moraga

Feminism Without Borders: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity - Chandra Mohanty

The Color of Violence: The Incite! Anthology - INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America - Melissa V. Harris-Perry

Black, Brown, Yellow, and Left: Radical Activism in Los Angeles - Laura Pulido

From Black Power to Black Studies: How a Radical Social Movement Became an Academic Discipline - Fabio Rojas
The Sexual History of the Global South: Sexual Politics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America - Saskia Wieringa and Horacio Sivori
The Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color - Cherrie Moraga & Gloria Anzaldua

Occupied America: A History of Chicanos - Rodolfo Acuna

The Black Power Movement: Rethinking the Civil Rights-Black Power Era - Peniel E. Joseph

Racialized Politics, The Debate about Racism in America - David O. Sears, Jim Sidanius, and Lawrence Bobo

Bitter Fruit: The Politics of Black-Korean Conflict in New York City - Claire Jean Kim

The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto - Tavis Smiley and Cornel West

Race Matters - Cornel West

Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb - Leland Saito

Black Visions - Michael Dawson

Behind the Mule: Race and Class in African-American Politics - Michael Dawson

Speaking Truth to Power: Essays on Race, Resistance, and Radicalism - Manning Marable

Beyond Black and White: Transforming African-American Politics - Manning Marable

Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities - Mary C. Waters

Ethnic Options: Choosing Identities in America - Mary C. Waters

Fluid Borders: Latino Power, Identity, and Politics in Los Angeles - Lisa Garcia Bedolla

Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement - Carlos Munoz

The New Americas: A Guide to Immigration since 1965 - Mary C. Waters, Reed Ueda, Helen B. Marrow

Black Power, Yellow Power, and the Making of Revolutionary Identities - Rychetta Watkins

Koreans in the Hood: Conflict with African Americans - Kwang Chung Kim

Women of Color and the Reproductive Movement - Jennifer Nelson

How Does It Feel to Be a Problem?: Being Young and Arab in America - Moustafa Bayoumi

Global Feminism: Transnational Women's Activism, Organizing, and Human Rights - Aili Mari Tripp

Women and Politics in a Global World - Sarah Henderson

Women Across Cultures: A Global Perspective - Shawn M. Burn

Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model - Ashley Mears

Feminist Frontiers - Verta Taylor

Pornland: How Porn Hijacked Our Sexuality - Gail Dines

Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East Since 1945 - Melani McAllister

I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim - Maria M. Ebrahimji

Slavery and Social Death: A Comparative Study - Orlando Patterson

Engaged Surrender: African American Women and Islam - Carolyn Moxley Rouse

Women Without Mustaches and Men Without Beards: Gender and Sexual Anxieties in Iranian Modernity - Afsaneh Najmabadi

Provocateur: Images of Women and Minorities in Advertising - Anthony Joseph Paul Cortese

Women, Race, and Class - Angela Davis

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation - Jeff Chang and DJ Kool Herc  

An Indigenous People’s History of the United States - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Disidentificati​ons: Queers Of Color And The Performance Of Politics (Cultural Studies of the Americas) - José Esteban Muñoz

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot

Race, Class, Gender: An Anthology - Margaret Anderson, Patricia Hill Collins

Black Feminist Thought - Patricia Hill Collins

Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center - bell hooks

Rotten English: A Literary Anthology - Dohra Ahmad

Detained and Deported: Stories of Immigrant Families Under Fire - Margaret Regan

Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement - Jennifer Patterson

Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians But Were Afraid to Ask - Anton Treuer

Those Who Belong: Identity, Family, Blood, and Citizenship among the White Earth Anishinaabeg (American Indian Studies) - Jill Doerfler

The Psychic Hold of Slavery: Legacies in American Expressive Culture - Soyica Diggs Colbert, Robert J. Patterson, Aida Levy-Hussen

Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas - Jessica K. Taft

Harlem Is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America - Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority - Steve Phillips

Spaces between Us: Queer Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Decolonization (First Peoples: New Directions Indigenous) - Scott Lauria Morgensen

Nobody: Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond - Marc Lamont Hill, Todd Brewster

The Good Immigrant - Nikesh Shukla

Citizen: An American Lyric - Claudia Rankine

A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice - Toban Black, Stephen D'Arcy, Tony Weis

Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology - Ann VanderMeer, Jeff VanderMeer

Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History - Kate Schatz, Miriam Klein Stahl

Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?: Police Violence and Resistance in the United States - Maya Schenwar, Joe Macaré, Alana Yu-lan Price

Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter - Jordan T. Camp, Christina Heatherton

Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change - Cynthia Kaufman

The Red Swan: Myths and Tales of the American Indians - John Bierhorst

Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia  - Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Yolanda Flores Niemann, Carmen G. González

Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown - Lezley McSpadden, Lyah Beth LeFlore

We Gon' Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation - Jeff Chang

Talking Back: Voices of Color - Nellie Wong

Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices - Helen Klonaris, Amir Rabiyah

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race - Margot Lee Shetterly


Radical Reproductive Justice: Foundation, Theory, Practice, Critique - Loretta Ross and Erika Derkas

This Indian Country: American Indian Activists and the Place They Made - Frederick Hoxie

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage - William Loren Katz

IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas - Gabrielle Tayac

A History of the Indians of the United States (The Civilization of the American Indian Series) - Angie Debo

Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism - Patricia Hill Collins

Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology - Barbara Smith

The Color of Crime (Second Edition): Racial Hoaxes, White Fear, Black Protectionism, Police Harassment, and Other Macroaggressions (Critical America) - Katheryn Russell-Brown

Immigrant America: A Portrait - Alejandro Portes and Rubén G. Rumbaut

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences) - Philippe Bourgois



Through Harsh Winters: The Life of a Japanese Immigrant Woman - Akemi Kikumara

Mona in the Promised Land – Gish Jen

My Year of Meats – Ruth Ozeki

Stop Kiss – Diana Son (play)

One! Hundred! Demons! – Lynda Barry (graphic novel)

Kelly – Monique Truong

Wooden Fish Songs  – Ruthanne Lum McCunn

The Foreign Student  – Susan Choi

My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story (Vintage) – Abraham Verghese

Bitter in the Mouth  – Monique Truong

“Traveling to Opal” – Paisley Rekdal

The Purple Heart  Vincent Yee

The Gangster We are All looking For  le thi diem thuy

VIETNAMERICA  GB Tran (graphic novel)

Secret Identities –  artist collab (comic book style)

Shattered – artist collab (comic book style)

Woman Warrior - Maxine Hong Kingston

American Born Chinese - Gene Luen Yang (graphic novel)

Dream Jungle - Jessica Hagedorn

Snow Flower & the Secret Fan- Lisa See (or any of her books: Shanghai Girls, Dreams of Joy)

The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan

The Bonesetter’s Daughter - Amy Tan

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers: Stories - Yiyun Li

Red Scarf Girl - Ji-li Jiang

I Love Yous Are for White People - Lac Su

Stealing Buddha’s Dinner - Bich Minh Nguyen

Waiting and In the Pond - Ha Jin

Paper Daughter: A Memoir by Elaine Mar

Girl in Translation - Jean Kwok

Blu’s Hanging and Saturday Night at the Pahala Theater - Lois Ann Yamanaka

When My Name Was Keoko - Linda Sue Park

Ribbons - Lawerence Yep

Ties That Bind, Ties That Break - Lensey Namikoka

Quiet As They Come - Angie Chau

The Fold - Na An

Catfish and Mandala - Andrew Pham

Secondhand World - Katherine Min

Native Speaker - Chang Rae Lee

The Chickencoop Chinaman (play) - Frank Chin

The Namesake, The Lowland, An Unaccustomed Earth, Interpreter of Maldives  - Jhumpa Lahiri

Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents - Minal Hajratwala

American Dervish: A Novel - Ayad Akhtar

Geisha: A Life - Mineko Iwasaki

Funny Boy - Shyam Selvadurai

Stealing Nasreen - Farzana Doctor

The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir - Kao Kalia Yang

Southland - Nina Revoyr

Taipei - Tao Lin

A Gesture Life: A Novel - Chang-Rae Lee

Rolling the R’s - R. Zamora Linmark

The Arrival - Shaun Tan

The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy

The Fire Sacrifice - Susham Bedi

Corona - Bushra Rehman

Monstress - Lysley Tenorio

The Umbrella Country - Bino Realuyo

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

The Space Between Us - Thrity Umrigar

A Good Indian Wife - Anne Cherian

Tamarind Woman - Anita Rau Badami

Londonstani - Gautam Malkani

Dictee - Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Haroun & the Sea of Stories - Salman Rushdie

The Sly Company of People Who Care - Rahul Bhattacharya

Jahaji: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction - Frank Birbalsingh

Digging Up the Mountains - Neil Bissoondath

Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism. This is My Story. - Sukree Boodram

Caribbean New Wave: Contemporary Short Stories - Stewart Brown

Soucouyant - David Chariandy

Chutney Power - Willi Chen

A Small Place - Jamaica Kincaid

Warrior Lessons: An Asian American Woman's Journey into Power Paperback - Phoebe Eng

China Men - Maxine Hong Kingston

Daughters of the Samurai: A Journey from East to West and Back - Janice P. Nimura

Almost Home: Finding a Place in the World from Kashmir to New York - Githa Hariharan

Still Life with Rice - Helie Lee

Two Spirits, One Heart: A Mother, Her Transgender Son, and Their Journey to Love and Acceptance

- Marsha Aizumi, Aiden Takeo Aizumi

The Sympathizer: A Novel - Viet Thanh Nguyen

Rani Patel in Full Effect - Sonia Patel

The Wangs vs. the World - Jade Chang

Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age - Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

Malgudi Days - R. K. Narayan, Jhumpa Lahiri

Serpentine - Cindy Pon

The Sun Is Also a Star - Nicola Yoon

Hotel Arcadia - Sunny Singh

Insatiable: Porn-A Love Story - Asa Akira

Controlled - Neesha Arter

The Home That Was Our Country: A Memoir of Syria - Alia Malek

For Today I Am a Boy - Kim Fu

Marriage of a Thousand Lies - SJ Sindu

Prison Baby: A Memoir - Deborah Jiang-Stein

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam - Bao Ninh and Frank Palmos

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram - Dang Thuy Tram

When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge - Chanrithy Him

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers - Loung Ung

Establishing Asian American Studies

A Companion to Asian American Studies - Kent A. Ono

In Defense of Asian American Studies - Sucheng Chan

Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader - Jean Yu-Wen, Shen Wu, Thomas Chen, Jean Wu

Asian American Studies: A Reader - Min Song, Jean Yu-Sen, Shen Wu


Vincent Chin

Vincent Who
Saving Face

Journey From The Fall

Daughter From Da Nang

Vietnam: American Holocaust

A Village Called Versailles

Operation Babylift


Better Luck Tomorrow (trailer). Made by young Asian-American filmmakers about overachieving Asian-American high school students who decide to take advantage of their model minority status and achieve a perceived “freedom” through drugs, theft, and violence.

The Motel - Michael Kang

Searching 4 Sandeep

Mississippi Masala

Bend It Like Beckham

My Beautiful Laundrette

Today’s Special

Meet the Patels

Short Films

Post Racial - Tim Tsai

Other Media (Plays)

Yellowface - David Henry Hwang