KidZone (JK to Grade 8) is a Sunday morning program designed just for children, provided during the service. KidZone includes a large group time with mixed ages for singing and teaching from the Bible, followed by a more personal small group time with caring leaders and children their same age.

Children join their families in the service for about 15 minutes, and then at the KidZone moment are invited to the front of the sanctuary.  There, they will hear a quick word just for kids and then together, go to designated lower level classrooms.

On the first Sunday of the month, the children are invited to join their families for communion.  Their small group leaders will bring them back upstairs at the appropriate time.

Nursery is provided for newborns to 3 years during the service, by a team of loving caregivers. Nursery volunteers are available in the nursery (lower level), after the KidZone moment (about 15 minutes after the start of service). On the first Sunday of the month, the children are invited to join their families for communion. The caregivers will bring them upstairs to their families at the appropriate time. If you would prefer other arrangements, please speak to the caregiver.

Amberlea welcomes and supports all families with exceptional needs. During our 11am service on Sunday mornings, children are able to play, sing, and learn about the Bible in an environment where their needs are met. We provide an experienced support person / therapist, enabling children with autism to fully participate.

We provide a safe and welcoming environment that is suited to children's specific needs, including a sensory room. For more information, click the “Exceptional Family Profile” button and we will be in touch to see how we can best support you.

Messy Church is a fresh new way of experiencing church! It is an opportunity for families of all ages, to express their creativity, physically interact, a chance to sit down together to eat a meal and have fun within a church context.”


Do you ever wish you had a little more time together as a family? That you could share a meal together? Do you ever wish you had the time or the interest to talk about God together? Do you ever wish you could have a little more fun together, doing an activity together, instead of driving them and watching from the bleachers?

Messy Church is an opportunity to connect with your own family, and others in a very experiential way, while taking time to explore and experience God’s story.


3rd Thursday of every month, 6-7:30pm


Families of all shapes & sizes. The activities are designed with younger children in mind, but everyone is welcome.

What to Expect?

Exploration: First, families explore together, a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences and activities, based around a common theme; everything from games, experiments and crafts. (Be prepared, it’s called Messy Church for a reason.)

Dinner: Second, families share a meal together. The meal is free and entirely prepared for you. Donations are warmly accepted. Even better, the dishes are done for you too!

Celebration: Third, families gather together and connect the activities they’ve just done together with God’s story. We use a variety of fun story tools!


Come in through the bottom doors on the west side of the building.


Click on the button, “Contact Messy Church”, above, to let us know you’re coming that week. We want to make sure we have enough food and supplies for everyone!