Eric Schwartz Duathlon Training Plan Testimonials

I was requesting feedback from users of my prebuilt training plans when I received these unsolicited testimonials.  All of them graciously offered to let me use their testimonials.  As a coach, this is very gratifying to see athletes using my program and working very hard to achieve excellent results.  I’d love to be able to add your story to this list some day!


At first, I was a little skeptical of the results I was going to get due to the lack of massive amounts of speed work, which I am accustomed to.  However, after following you plan, I was able to place first OVERALL at my last duathlon!  I have another one this Thursday so will let you know how that goes as well.

Thank you once again for the great training plan you produced!

Alan Kimpel


Coming off a 3 year knee injury (irreparable & degenerative) I was in injury & pain management mode. Your pgm got me to race & finish Duathlon Worlds Age Group in France. It made life easy so I could focus on the injury management.

Thanks mate! Mission accomplished!




It was a great program and I felt really strong upon completing it. Had some of my best training and racing all year on your program.



I loved the training plan.  I have to admit I was intimidated at first because I didn't think I'd be able to fit it all in along with work, family etc but took it one day at a time and completed my first long course duathlon last May.

Looking forward to using the plan again this year.