Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)

Ridwan AKA The destroyer/Leader he’s honest, reliable, obviously a superhero with a total of 20 superpower to keep forever and he is also encouraging, responsible and supportive.

Bad Guys:Robot Maniac,  BOOM and SKULL Destroyer.

Robot Maniac he’s terrible, he’s not responsible, he’s always angry and he’s always frustrated he’s gotten heaps of robotic things in his suit when he comes out he’s very dangerous because he takes out a massive machine gun out of his hand.

BOOM he blows everything up with dynamite and he also throws exploding barrels at any good guy he see’s and he’s very mental and crazzzzzzzzzy! Once he comes out he starts rapidly throwing everything he has that blows up WOW!

SKULL Destroyer is a dangerous person with a massive axe of death it traps the souls that he destroys with the axe of death.  Once The SKULL Destroyer comes out he brings out another axe so he has two axes in his right and left hand so he’s got one axe of death on both hands.

Minor people for the good side: Joshua AKA/HP Raj AKA/R.I.P.D Kaden AKA/The GOD of Poke’mon.

Joshua he heals everybody and can also heal in combat like he got something he throws it at us and it heals anybody near it. When he comes out he rapidly throws out health injections to his team mates.

Raj is in a helicopter sniping people once the helicopter blows up he jumps off and pulls the trigger for the parachute and runs fast also pulls out these one shot pistols and starts destroying everyone that's a bad guy he can also switch to a gun that’s got unlimited ammo and the gun is where he has a D13 SECTOR and it can rebound off walls and stay doing that for about 10 seconds.

Kaden is on the ground like a tank throwing pokemon on the ground and all the pokemon listen to Kaden but once he gets one or three pokemon’s WASTED he starts throwing heaps and they fight by themselves but they are mega’s and ex pokemon’s then once there enemy is defeated they go back in there own pokeball.

Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)

The problem was that all the bad guys did was just robbing all of the banks but the good guys were always saving the day until they got away the hero’s went after them but as soon as the bad guys got into their base they got away from them.

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




The Super Destroyers were having their pizza and they heard that the the Ultimate Bone team was destroying the bank to get money but there was some real stuff happening there because this time they took hostages, this time because every other time they didn’t take hostage’s but now they are being smart now this is a good plan for the Ultimate Bone team they were doing very well until the Super Destroyers were having a hard time to find them but it wasn’t too late for them to find the Ultimate Bone team where were they………

The Destroyer AKA Ridwan heard them laughing in their base and followed the sound until he could hear them very loud, once he could he stopped listening he tried very hard to open it because he didn’t just want to break it but he had to because he couldn’t open it but he used his superpowers that are: 1.Laser eyes ,2.strong arms, 3.can take out one fire and ice sword, 4.has fire powers, powers, 6.can hack into anything, 7.can fly, 8. can teleport, 9. has the ability to steal other people's powers whenever the person is touched anywhere, 10. can pause time whenever he wants to, 11. has the power to do anything but destroy his enemies easily, 12. he can turn into anything he wants, 13. he can tame a dragon, 14. he can sense things, 15. he can move things with his hands, 16. he can turn into an animal, 17. he can blow anything away, 18. he can teleport any gun into his hands at anytime from anywhere, 19.FAST RUNNING, 20. can be the greatest leader 21. can heal very fast, those are his super powers The Destroyer AKA Ridwan smashes down the door but it didn’t work so he hacked it and it opened he quickly teleported 6 guns called:The Locus, Peacekeeper MK2, DIY(Do it Yourself) renovator, 48 dredge, a melee called Hanzo’s sword/The Path Of Sorrows and a pistol called the Rift E9 then he saw something he should’ve not have seen “It can’t be”said The Destroyer………

The Destroyer AKA Ridwan and his team The Super Destroyers went in and saw gold that had to be fake but it was real it wasn’t a hologram it was really real but The Destroyer  sensed something that was one of his super powers he knew they were there but his team wasn’t listening they were so interested in the gold instead of the mission they have been hypnotised by the gold so have I but I kept that away from me I tried to look for them I found them through my laser eyes they also had an ability that it can have heat vision as well I heard them I smashed that 2 mirror glass and boom there they were:Robot Maniac,Boom and the SKULL Destroyer.

They were to overpowered then me my team was still hypnotised by the gold but I thought if I could use all my superpowers together and they will do more damage then he started to do that he defeated Boom but he went crazzzzzy when I shot him but it was easy he used all his superpowers and destroyed Boom then he went after The Robot Maniac he got shot 20 times by his Machine gun then thought he died but Ridwan bringed out a knife from his pocket and stabbed it in his robot heart and squashed in there then the hardest person to beat but he got stabbed on his shoulder tried to heal but he couldn’t heal all of it he got so angry he used all his superpowers and defeated The SKULL Destroyer then he got his friends unhypnotised and the Ultimate Bone team will come back and try to destroy us once for all but things have been different during their peaceful moments, and the civilians got saved as well as his friends.


Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved)

The problem got solved by The Super Destroyers helping the civilians not dieing by the Ultimate Bone team and by saving the day help The Super Destroyers and then the Super Destroyers made everything back to normal or maybe not.

Theme/`Author's  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?)

What I can learn from the story is making it more interesting and I could also add more detail and more than one idea in my story.

The characters will avoid this in the future but there might be some major problems in it as well but The Super Destroyers are good at hiding,sneaking and obviously Destroying.