Fifth meeting of UUU agenda

  1. Note committee members that are present
  2. Road unicycle representative VOTE: Andrew Lenden and James Sandercock have both put themselves forward. We will decide who by public vote.

BUC stuff

  1. Progress report: Make contact with Emer (Associate produced at NoFitState)
  2. Progress report on gaining control of bank account: Joe        
  3. Putting together a BUC fund - Until we have account access we’re going to need some money for putting a deposit on things for BUC. How about each committee member puts in ~£50 into a pot (roughly the price of a BUC ticket) to generate 10x£50= £500 ?
  4. Sports hall for hockey for BUC : Kris
  5.  Sports hall for freestyle? (there most likely would not be enough space in nofitstate for iuf standard freestyle with all the strict rules about size) Or involve it in a show?
  6.  In previous years there has been a ‘special guest’ that comes over e.g Matt Sindelar/ david weichenberger. Should we have a special guest this year? (perhaps with contacts made at unicon we could get someone for free?)
  7. Should freestyle be cancelled if there is not enough registered participants by a certain date?
  8.  What traders should we have at BUC? Should we charge them? How much?
  9.  Competition organisation? Brendan, Jason, Sam, Simon, [Hockey rep]
  10. Non competitive event organisation (muni,road, workshops)? Joe, [Road rep]
  11.  T shirts? Printing? Designs?  (‘UNICYCLE!!’) Fliers i (kris) have spoken to odd balls and they're willing to put fliers in both there shops. I'd also be up for handing out fliers at BJC (not that i have a ticket but could loiter around outside on a uni all day), i can print fliers for free just need to come up with a design. Also happy to post fliers to anywhere else you can think of that would like them.
  12.  How many pre-registered users do we need?

NON BUC stuff

  1. What is the status of our Hockey rep? kris
  2. Progress report on finding out who qualified level testers are? Do we have a record of who was awarded what level? Do we have the certificate templates? Dan
  3. Would “rep” committee members be interested in being involved in the writing of IUF rules? How can reps get involved? By joining the rulebook committee
  4.  Put together information pack for starting new clubs. We could get existing clubs to help us write one.
  5.  Note First ever open unicycle road race organised by Julian Page →
  6.  Progress report on temporary content for UUU website:: Barry, Jason, Simon, Brendan, Joe