Which ClearView Receiver Is Best For Your Application?

Some important things to take note of:

1.  Both the Racing and Pro receiver have the same RF specifications for sensitivity, selectivity, etc.

2. Our Racing receiver has two ClearView A/V output jacks. Our Professional receiver also has two ClearView A/V output jacks. Two jacks support simultaneous use of two devices, e.g. a monitor and a recorder or goggles and a monitor, etc. However, our professional receiver has a third A/V jack that outputs video in its raw form without ClearView enhancements and without the receiver OSD. This third jack is used to gauge RF performance with and without Clearview enhancements.

3. Our Professional receiver has 30 predefined frequencies plus 8 user programmable frequencies that together support all transmitters in the 5.8GHz ISM band. Our Racing receiver can be programmed for any frequency which is stored between uses.

4. Both the ClearView Pro and Racing receivers have much higher rejection to other signals than conventional receivers. This will be especially appreciated by racing enthusiasts, where other contestants on adjacent frequencies often pass very close to your receiver when your own transmitter is far away. ClearView virtually prevents cross-locking to the interfering signal. The behaviour of the Racing receiver has been tuned to maximize rejection of adjacent signals, while the Pro allows the use of multiple cameras with quicker signal locking.

5. Our ClearView Professional receiver contains all the abilities of our Racing receiver plus a much more extensive feature set and menu system to customize the user experience and/or provide special case alternatives to function e.g. simulated diversity operation, testing for antennas, custom audio alarms, etc. as outlined  in the following table:


ClearView Professional

ClearView Racing


38 (30 preset, 8 user programmed) with variable-sized working memory.

8 User Programmed (unlimited in 5.8GHz band)

Ultimate Sensitivity:

-103 dBm or Better

-103 dBm or Better

Video Mode:


NTSC / PAL / AUTO detect

Added Latency:

0, Zero, Nil, Nada, Zilch

0, Zero, Nil, Nada, Zilch

A / V Outputs:

3 (2 x ClearView, 1 x Raw Video2)

2 Cables Supplied

2 ClearView

(1 Cable Supplied)

Frequency Scan Mode

Yes - with manual advance

Yes - with manual advance

OSD Display1 On Live Video:

Freq, RSSI, Batt Volts, CV Locked, Antenna L/R, User Message, Div Status

Freq, CV Locked, Lo Batt Warning

OSD Display Configurable:



OSD Placement:

8 Screen Locations

6 Screen Locations

Quick Info Screen:

Freq, RSSI, Auto Cell Count, Batt Volts, CV Locked, Video mode, Antenna L/R, User Message, Temperature, Lock status

Freq, CV Locked, Auto Cell Count, Batt Volts, Video Mode, Temperature.

Aural Alerts:

Low RSSI (4 levels), Lo Batt, Ant. Switch.


Aural Alerts Configurable:



Batt Volt / Auto Cell Count:

Yes on Live Video (configurable)

Yes on Quick Info Screen

Auto Off on Lo Batt:

User configurable


Dual Mode OSD

Spectrum Analyzer:

Yes (Channel & Spectrum Modes). Direct exit from chosen frequency to live video.

Extra Cost Option at Purchase or Later as Field Upgrade (requires FP cable). Channel Mode only.

Spectrum Analyzer as Home Screen:

Yes/No - User Programmable


Professional Software Mode:



Pro Race Software Mode:

Yes, included at no extra cost!


Race Software Mode:

Yes, included at no extra cost!


Reception Modes

ClearView, Left or Right only, Simulated Diversity, Interleave

ClearView Only

Menu Password Lock:

Upgrade Option. User Programmable


Even Faster Fast Multi-Camera Switching:

Upgrade Option


Future-Proofing (FPC-01) updates:

Yes. FPC-01  Cable included.

Yes but FPC-01 Cable Extra Cost

Included Cables

1x Iftron to 3RCA, 1x Iftron to FatShark Converter cable

1x FatShark Converter cable

Included Antennas

2x 3dBi linear whips



  1. OSD Display. This refers to receiver information like freq, receiver bat volts, etc., not information from the remote transmitter.

  1. Raw Video. This output is video from the receiver’s internal legacy diversity system and has not been processed by ClearView. It is supplied as a means of comparison.

For a deeper understanding of the benefits of ClearView digitally enhanced technology and what it can do for you,  please visit this page.

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