Adoption Contract




As I/we receive __________________________________________ from Live Love Rescue, I/we agree willingly to the following:

1) Health and Welfare:  The pet’s optimum health must be maintained through the feeding of quality food, adequate shelter, daily exercise, and annual physical and vaccinations with the adopter’s veterinarian’s program, flea prevention, and all dogs require heartworm preventative and appropriate training.  Immediate veterinary care must be provided should be pet become ill or is injured.  If however, the pet becomes ill within ten (10) days after adoption, Live Love Rescue must be notified.

  1. This pet has been examined by a veterinarian, however its physical condition and temperament are not guaranteed.
  2. Live Love Rescue recommends you have this pet examined by your veterinarian, at your cost, within 1 week of adoption.

2) Spaying and Neutering:  If not already spayed or neutered, the adopter agrees to have the pet spayed or neutered within 30 days.  Live Love Rescue reserves the right to terminate the adoption if the pet is not spayed or neutered within 30 days.  I agree this animal will not be bred.

3) Training:  Dogs may NOT be protection or attack trained or agitated in any manner or used as a guard dog for any agency, firm, corporation, or organization.  Dogs must not be maintained as outside yard dogs.  The only function for a Live Love Rescue pet is as an in-home companion animal.  Live Love Rescue strongly recommends all dogs/puppies go through basic obedience classes.

4) Returns:  If, for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory to the adopting party, or if the adopters fail to comply with the terms of this adoption at any time during the life of the pet, the pet MUST BE RETURNED TO LIVE LOVE RESCUE.  This pet may NOT be given away, traded,  or sold to anyone else, nor can it be released to a shelter, another rescue, or pound.

5) Refunds:  If the pet is returned to Live Love Rescue within 14 days of adoption and is in good or better mental and physical condition as it was on the date of adoption, the adoption fee will be refunded.  There can be no refund after 14 days.

6) Identification:  All dogs must be licensed according to state and local law.  All pets should have personal identification tags on at all times.  Dogs may be microchipped or tattooed.

7) Loss:  If the pet is lost or stolen, Live Love Rescue must be notified immediately.

8) Reservation of Rights:  Live Love Rescue reserves the right to arrange a follow-up visit and to ascertain if all conditions of this adoption are being upheld.  Should any term or condition of this agreement not be upheld during the life of the pet, Live Love Rescue reserves the right to terminate this agreement and the pet must be returned to the original owner.

9) Attorney Fees and Costs:  Should it be necessary for Live Love Rescue to take legal action to recover this adopted pet or otherwise enforce provisions in this agreement, the undersigned adopter(s) agree to pay all court costs and legal fees.

The undersigned agrees to release Live Love Rescue and its agents and their heirs of any and all responsibility for actions caused by this pet with the understanding of the risks involved in the adoption of this pet.  The undersigned has read and understands all of the terms of this adoption and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions stated above.

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