Windjammers Sailing Club, Inc.


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City _________________________________  State _____  Zip _______________

Home Phone  _________________ Mobile Phone ________________________

Email address  ______________________________________________________

Spouse’s Name ____________________     Children? _______________________

Reason for requesting membership _______________________________________


Primary Interest                                Current Boat Size & Type

   Racing _____    Cruising _____    ______________________________

   Social ______   Other _______     ______________________________

Each member will be expected to serve on a committee.  Please mark at least three (3) committees that you are interested in serving on.  If you do not volunteer, you will be assigned to one of these committees.

House & Supplies

Harbor & Docks

Dry Sail

Youth Sailing

Publicity & Newsletter

Education & Training

Race Administration

Yard Maintenance


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mail to: Windjammers Sailing Club, Inc. PO Box 11, Suamico WI  54173



Date Submitted _______________          Date Nominated ______________________________


Date Voted In ________________           Dues Payment Date ___________________________

New Member Information

Initiation Fee

Each newly elected member must pay a non-refundable initiation fee of $420 when voted into membership. ($443.10 w/tax) Plus $5 key deposit.

Annual Dues

Annual dues for regular members are $185.  Dues for new members are prorated.  Dues may be paid in person or by mail. ($195.18 w/tax)


WJSC is a volunteer organization.  Each member is asked to serve on a committee.  Committees are Harbor/docks, Drysail, House/Supplies, Publicity/ newsletter, Race administration, Social,  Yard Maintenance, Education and Youth sailing.


Regular membership meetings are held monthly, normally on the

first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM.  Regular Board of Directors meetings are held monthly, normally on the last Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM.  A meeting schedule is posted on the Official Bulletin Board.  Board of Directors meetings are open to members.

Work Points

Each member is assigned a target of 125 points during each membership year.  Points for new members are prorated.  Failing to achieve point target by end of membership year will cause membership status to become inactive, meaning member can still use club facilities but would lose seniority when applying for dock and drysail space.  The member must document all points within 60 days of being earned.  The points list is posted on the Official Bulletin Board on the main floor south wall.  Points are earned as follows:


Attend monthly meeting                     10 points

Participate in a race or social event     2 points

Work details                                       10 points per hour

Committee chair or officer                 10 points


 See for more information about the club. Windjammers Sailing Club was established on August 16, 1961. On September 24, 1965, the club was incorporated as a "Without Stock and Not for Profit" corporation 501(c) 7.