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Christmas Services Schedule ~ Whatever 2018 Brought Any of Us, We Do Well to End in the Simplicity of the Manger… Come Hear What the Shepherds Heard, “Good News of Great Joy!”  

~ Sunday, December 24 (COL Christmas Eve)

2:00 pm          Praise Band, special children’s message, candlelight, communion

4:00 pm         Carols, candlelight, special children’s message, Brass Ensemble

6:00 pm         Carols, candlelight, special children’s message, Children’s Choirs, Strings

7:30 pm         Carols, candlelight, special children’s message, Gloria Dei Bells, communion

10:30 pm          Carols, candlelight, Adult Choir, communion

~ Sunday, December 24 (CTK Christmas Eve)

4:00 pm          Praise Band, Bells, Adult Choir & Nora Collins, special children’s message, candlelight, communion

~ Monday, December 25 (Christmas Day)

Website: Everyone will be e-mailed a link to our website for a simple Christmas day message you can enjoy wherever you are.

Live Love: Pledge Today Please.  We are up to about ⅔ of last year’s total number of pledgers and at about half of what we’d hope the response would be. Please make a 2019 pledge today. Do it on your phone right here in the sanctuary. Go to THEN CLICK ON THE COLORFUL TREE...THE STEWARDSHIP PAGE, AND THEN ON BAR THAT SAYS GIVING GOAL ON-LINE.  Not much happens financially without a goal. Set one for yourself in 2019.  Not much gets planned effectively without data. Individual pledges when aggregated, allow the Council to budget for 2019 in a way that allows us to do as much ministry as possible without going over the edge. This is an annual chore but such an important one. Thanks to all and double thanks to first-time pledgers for giving it a try.

Lots of Help From You Needed to Finish 2018 in the black.  We came into December about $78,000 in the red.  This is a daunting number but in keeping with the typical pattern where we are in negative territory all year until the last week of December. This is because 20% or more of our annual giving comes in during  December, most of it in the last half of the month.  

It’s now the last half of December and as always our first words are THANK YOU to everyone who has or will give during 2018. Then, we encourage you to help us finish strong in 2018.  Here’s what we hope:  

As you give, it’s also to exciting to know some of the ways we will be saving in 2019:

We seek to be frugal in material things and then rich toward each other and those beyond in our ministries. Thank you for your prayerful part in all these ministries in 2018 and beyond.  

Siebert Grant and Timing: In anticipation of doing a capital fund appeal for the Backyard project at the CTK campus (as well as some interior improvements there and debt reduction on the COL building), we applied for and received a grant of up to $69,000 from the Siebert Lutheran Foundation.  The grant will basically be a 10% match of funds we raise for the backyard project in up-front donations or two-year pledges (after we hit 75% of whatever we establish as our target). Any money given to that project in 2019 will count toward the match. That said, some people may want to give toward the completion of the carpeting (and other current improvements) project at CTK in 2018 for tax or other reasons. Just know that anything you give is needed and appreciated whenever you give it. We also wanted you to be aware of the various considerations and you can time your giving accordingly.  

Snow Shovelers Needed at Both Campuses:  Sign up to cover 1 or 2 weeks at the campus of your choice. Go to the sign-up page on our web site!  Don’t delay, winter is coming...

Altar flowers ~ The 2019 flower chart is now available at each campus.  There will be opportunity for one arrangement per campus each week for $32 each which includes delivery to each campus.  If, at times, there is a need for an additional arrangement, we can order another.  The vases that are used can be taken home so you can enjoy your flowers longer, but we ask that you please return the vases so that we do not get charged an additional fee.  Thank you for the beauty you all bring to the altar when you give flowers in memory of or in honor of someone special...or just to set the communion table really nicely with some beautiful flowers!

Volunteer to help in worship on Christmas Eve ~ If you are planning to attend one or more of the special services on December 24, please consider helping with worship.  Also needed: shuttle driver and parking lot guides at the COL 4:00 service. You can sign up for any role now through the volunteer system or email Melanie Rooney at