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Google Drive: Basic

Demonstration of Learning

Google Drive replaced Microsoft Office years ago as the primary application for files (documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.) at ReNEW. Learning how to keep your Drive organized is key to keeping your sanity.


  • Step 1 - Create a Doc!
  • Create a Google Doc
  • Name the doc “Basic Task - [Last Name]
  • Write “SAMR Model” at the top
  • Change the text from “Normal text” to “Title”
  • Search the web for an explanation of the S.A.M.R. model. Copy/paste the explanation of the SAMR model in the doc
  • Insert an image of the SAMR model
  • Optional: use the “Explore” button in the bottom right to find the image.
  • Add a comment on the image identifying your favorite part of the SAMR model
  • Do NOT just write a caption below the image. You need to INSERT a comment.
  • Tip: Click on the image and look for the comment icon on the right to insert a comment:  
  • Make the document viewable by “anyone at ReNEW Schools with the link
  • Copy the share link
  • Type the words “Link to Doc” anywhere on the document
  • Hyperlink the share link with the words “Link to Doc”

  • Step 2 - Search in Drive!
  • Start a search in Drive using the down arrow in the search box, searching for…
  • Type (PDF, doc, spreadsheet, or presentation)
  • Owner (choose: Owned by you)
  • Take a screenshot of the drop-down search menu
  • Paste the screenshot in your “Basic Task - [Last Name]” document below the SAMR model

  • Step 3 - Organize Drive!
  • Create a folder in Drive called “Google Task - [Last Name]
  • Add the document “Basic Task - [Last Name]”  to the folder
  • Share the folder with
  • Change the color of the folder
  • Make a copy of your “Basic Task - [Last Name]” document
  • Change the name to “Basic Task - [Last Name] - COPY”
  • Move your copy of the document into “Google Task - [Last Name]” folder

  • Make the document “Basic Task - [Last Name]” exist in both the folder AND on your “My Drive” (Hint: Add it, don’t move it, using ‘Shift-Z’!)


  1. Go to the Drive Basic badge (on
  2. Double check:
  1. Have I commented on the doc correctly? (Step 1)
  2. Have I inserted the screenshot of my Drive search into my document? (Step 2)
  3. Have I shared the folder with (Step 3)
  1. Simply click “Submit” at the bottom.