Prefix Disc (Single of the week)

Sticky Fingers - Loose ends


Indie Disc (Dutch Single of the Week)

Ziggy Splynt - Dead space

Hotfix (hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer in de Free40/ Highest new entry)

Circa Waves - Be somebody good

Nieuw op IndieXL (new releases on IndieXL)

Shame - Dust on trial

Nightlife - In my head

Circa Waves - Movies

Beatastic - Who cares about innocence anymore

The Kooks - Pamela

Blanket - Knife prty

Al Moses - I want more

Steve Mason - Walking away from love

Chad VanGaalen - Friendly aliens

Grimes feat. Hana - We appreciate power

Turnstile - Disco _ time + space

Joy Formidable - Absence

Bob Mould - What do you want me to do

AFI - Trash bat

aexattack - Slow

Young Gods - Figure sans nom

Arctic Monkeys - Anyways

Teleman - Family of aliens

Lottery Winners - That’s not entertainment

JAWS - Driving at night

Blood Red Shoes - Howl

Teleman - Family of aliens

Fur - Angel eyes

Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima

Andy Burrows & Matt Haig - Barcelona

Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima

Weezer - Zombie bastards

Bent van Looy - make believe

Asylums - The company you keep

Somedays - Knock out

Clean Cut Kid - Deafening

Sam Fender - Poundshop Kardashians

Art Brut - She kissed me and it felt like a hit

Swine Tax - Natural causes

Liminanas - Russian roulette

Camp Claude - Now that you’re gone

Sunflower Bean - Come for me

Starcrawler - Tank top

Nieuw uit Nederland (New releases from the Netherlands))

The Yearlings - Skywriting

Burning - Paul

Rembrandtpark - Music feels so good

Mirano - Reach for your heart

Kittiwake - Camel’s back

Joëlle Goercharm - Stained glass

Rilan & The Bombardiers - Pretty girls

OIJ - Seconds away from love

Indian Askin - Keep it to myself

VXUY - Seriously

Neighbours Downstairs - The crystal room

Ronn van Etten - Fear

The Woods - Worn to long

Model Depose - Closer to home

Orgel Vreten - Hallo Dimitri (youguys remix)

Money & the Man - Far from this room

Victor Butzelaar - Snow snow (snow)

Blue Marble - I’ll go

Eddy - Wild-West

Savel - Somnia

Mental Shift - Back to life

Mind the Mill - September flower

Kitchenette - Summer’s end

Jason Waterfalls - Pick up the pieces

Hypergoods - Virus

PsySo - Shackle of my soul

At First - More

Bertolf - Already down

Tusky - Goosey Goosey Gander

Still Hot op IndieXL

Starcrawler - Hollywood ending

Harts - Pearls (if you are my lady)

Papa Roach - Not the only one

The Villagers - Sweet saviour

The Lighthouse - Catch fire

Off the Grid - Why you talk to strangers

Delirious Mob Crew - Freeze

We Are Scientists - No wait at five leaves

The Vaccines - All my friends are falling in love

Balthazar - Entertainment

The Twilight Sad - VTr

Selfish Things - Flood

Rival Sons - Back in the woods

Smashing Pumpkins - Knights of Malta

Calpurnia - Greyhound

Muse - Break it to me

The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Gun to the head

This Can Hurt - World apart

Jade Bird - Love has all been done before

Panic! At The Disco - The greatest show

Can’t Swim - Sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong times

Super Whatevr - Misquote

The Frights - Over it

Jonathan Davis - Basic needs (rock cut)

Deerhunter - Death in midsummer

Steven Wilson - People who eat darkness

Asylums - Graveyard tourism

Black Peaks - Fate 1

Shinedown - Devil

The Virginmarys - Look out for my brother

Ghost - Dance macabre

Ian Brown - First world problems

Dandy Warhols - Forever

The Pale White - End of time

The Bandicoots - Shady Lane

Polish Club - Clarity

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me - Bleed magic

Ian Brown - First World Problems

Feathers Wood N String - A rose for nothing

Indoor Pets - Being stranged

Pretty Vicious - Are you entertained?

Pedro the Lion - Yellow bike

Bob Mould - Sunshine rock

Witchingseason - Afraid of the dark

Suede - Wastelands

Fatherson - The landscape

Weezer - Can’t knock the hustle

Middle Kids - Salt eyes

Shinedown - Devil

Koda - If I had a gun

Fever - Balthazar

Cortes - Loose ends

Fatherson - Landscape

Papa Roach - Who do you trust

Nothing But Thieves - Take this lonely heart/ You know me too well

Boy Azooga - Do the standing still

Joe Jackson - Fabulously asbolute

Buffalo Tom - Overtime

White Lies - Believe it

Liily - Sold

Sam Fender - That sound

Johnny Marr - Spiral cities

Honey Lung - Export the family

Ting Tings - Estranged

Can’t Swim - My queen

The Prodigy - Fight fire with fire (ft. Ho99o9)

Fidlar - Can’t you see

Rat Boy - No peace no justice/ Chip on my shoulder

Black Futures - Trance

Cloud Nothings - So right so clean

Pond - Sixteen days

Basement - Be here now

Kurt Vile - One trick ponies

Indigo Lo - I hate the sun

Courtney Barnett - Small talk

King Nun - Family portrait

LCD Soundsystem - Oh baby

Indoor Pets - Hi

Holy Holy - Faces

Greta van Fleet - Lover, leaver

Estrons - Body

Holy Holy - Faces

Youth Killed It - headbutt

Weezer - California snow

White Lies - Time to give

The Chills - Complex

Johnny Marr - Jeopardy

Liily - Toro

Blood Red Shoes - Mexican dress

Thom Yorke - Suspirium

The Villagers - Again

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Repeating patterns

Editors - Cold

Interpol - If you really love nothing

Parquet Courts - Freebird II

Blanket - This moment right here

Last Dinosaurs - Eleven

Still Hot uit Nederland (from The Netherlands)

Victor Butzelaar - Meeting his ex-girlfriend at Christmas Night and it snows

Navarone - The strong survive

De Staat - I’m out of your mind

My Baby - Mounaiki

Fools & Pretenders - Can we start again

Indian Askin - Looks good

Thaïti - Pink jungle

Marike Jager - Wasted

Sweet Mary Jane - Breakfast in the morning

Audio Adam - Emma Watson

The Visual - Figure

Blaudzun - _ghosts

Moon Tapes - Tonight I’ll write the saddest line

Grenadeers - Ogygia

AlascA - I did not know

Jagd - Luxaflex

Grim Tim - Why do it at all

FFOOSS - Sick of being 17

The Limiters - Wrote you a song

My Blue Van - Better believe (strange love)

Vayndog - Sue is a freeloader

Nona - Last to know

Chemisphere - Sinners of Avalon

Blackbird - Moonshine Motel

Charmplay - Rising

Ziggy Splynt - Army of falk

Roos Blufpand - In de knoop

The Yearlings - Evelene (you’ve got to know it)

Van Common - Ghost

Thomas Azier - Vertigo

Moon Moon Moon - Double weird

Marvin Dee Band - Everything down

Homeward Bound - Stand your ground

Jo Marches - You’ll be mine

Max Blansjaar - Stage 1

Johan - Making sense

Emaros - Robot skin

WiPe - Wish you could hear

Money & the Man - Just like the sun

Tiger Lovemachine - Spree

Max Meser Group - Free

Claw Boys Claw - Suck up the mountain

No Man’s Valley - Lies

Grenadeers - Fading slowly

The Grand East - What a man

DeWolff - Double crossing man

Mozes and the Firstborn - If I

Feral Tides - Spacedrifter

Black Operator - Dancing around

Kinoo - King of camp

Cut_ - Not addicted to you

Not.Your.Regular.Boy - It’s all yours

Pip Blom - Come home

Knars - Blood on my mind

Ten Times A Million - When the lights go out

Broken Sun - Make it happen

Snex - Christine

Maple - Feel no more

Backgammon - Reflection of you

Charmless I - Dream (the night hag)

Anemone - Best friend