Prefix Disc (Single of the week)

Tribe Friday - Conversation

Indie Disc (Dutch Single of the Week)

Snow Coats - Anyway

Hotfix (hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer in de Free40/ Highest new entry in the Free40 Indie chart)

Orange Skyline - Sunny days

Nieuw op IndieXL (new releases on IndieXL)

The Districts - Do it over

Glass Violet - Indigo

The Snuts - Burn the empire

The Waterboys - The liar

Fatherson - Normal people

BLAB - Gemini

DZ Deathrays - Say it to my face

The Wombats - Everything I love is going to die

ENO - A trip around the sun

Ultra Q - Get yourself a friend

The Capollos - Too high to sleep

Eddie Vedder - The haves

Bloc Party - Traps

PUP - Kill something

Mall Girl - Bubbly cool drink

BRKN LOVE - Dead weight

Sea Girls - Hometown

Vundabar - Devil for the fire

eels - The magic

Greer - Way out

Walt Disco - Malicent

Crush - So strange

Pup - Waiting

Paul Draper - Cult leader tactics

Korn - Start the healing

Johnny Marr - Sensory Street

Jetstream Pony - Seven days

The Kut - Animo

Shop Window - Lay of the land

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Corners pressed

Dress Theque - Home advantage

Placebo - Surrounded by spies

shame - This side of the sun

Ramkot - Eye to eye

The Blinders - City we call love

Bun - Ease my mind

Green Day - Holy Toledo!

Senses Fail - I’m sorry I’m leaving

The Arkells - The last Christmas (we ever spend apart)

The Lazy Eyes - Fuzz Jam

Foals - Wake me up

The Reytons - Kids off the estate

The Rills - Skint Eastwood

Daytime TV - Hush

Idles - Car crash

Franz Ferdinand - Billy goodbye

The Gulps - Stuck in the city

Deadletter - Pop culture connoisseur

The New Twentys - Inside out

Tribe Friday - Spiderman

alt-J - Get better

Beach Bunny - Oxygen

Spoon - The hardest cut

Porcupine Tree - Harridan

Nieuw uit Nederland (New releases from the Netherlands))

Sevdaliza - The great hope design

Wortel - Problems

The Vain Travail - Ghost light

Maestro - Something else

Non-Alignment Pact - Affection in new perspective

Certain Animals - Midnight TV

Can’t Talk -  Left

Fire Horse - Fire Horse

Socks;Sportsocks - Just killing (time)

Only Seven Left - Bridges

Dennis Kolen - Harness your heart

Cosmic Crooner - Bolero

The Perics - I’m not a mystery

Cardboard Sundown - Friday

3 Point Landing - Baba yaga

Mummy’s A Tree - All my thoughts

Futewoodislands - Snow (dripping woollen jumpers)

Angie Flare - With the car running

Beachdog - Milk

Mell & Vintage Future - Shine your light

Robin Kester & Kaap - Sun

Yorick van Norden - The ways of love

Sway - It’s clear

The MoRR - Jane

Loupe - IDWE

Moon Moon Moon - Forest Ln. 16

Tusky - Trial & error

Rockford - The noise in your system

Voltanz - Control

Lonely Girls - Reflections

Charmplay - 20 - 20

Vayndog - Chubby Lynn

Sundown Escape -Coming up for air

Knoware - Home is where everything happens

Wies - Leugenaar

Rats and Daggers - She wolf

Newland - Beat the clock

Aaron Asbury - Destination unknown

Harlem Lake - A fool’s paradise

D3lta - Hey you

Summersile - Nothing but hate

Johnny Jester - Reborn

Ellis Newman - I miss me

Cashmyra - Stockholm

Toverberg - Someone to blame

Shakespeaker - Daylight

Stella - Happiness is liquid

Prestcold Molly - Streets

Lakshmi - All I know

The Hengles - Count me out

Lena Hessels - Mare

Spiral of Silence - Wish

Pip Blom - I know I’m not easy to like

Thyrza - Donker

Lenny Monsou - Don’t wanna hurt you

Picknick Banter - Platform 11

Separation Baby - Hey fool don’t fade away

Winson Blue - Keep me haunted

Lijo - Future memory

Summerhus - Rubix

Sophie van Hasselt - Unknown emotions

Don’t Skip - Keep your head up

Banji - Chills

Francis Alban Blake - Storm behind a window

Pete Sounds (ft. Lot) - This time

Poison Lolly - Inside out

Jacamar - Nighttime

The Cold Vein - The flimflam man

De Staat - Look at me/ Numbers up/ What goes, let go

Lewsberg - The corner

whYne - Refugees

Blacksilver - All my ways

Maria B.C. and his Supermarket Society - Firetruck

Get Jealous - Wannabe skater

Paul Numi - Parallel lives

The Desmonds - Sunday strikes

Jef and the Pennies from heaven - For good

Lester Blackfield - Sometimes I wanna see a world destroyed

Cashmyra - Toekomst

Heyme - Sick and tired (ft. Yeva)

Pizza Knife - Magnet people

Just - Every little tear

Elephant - Calling

Bo Menning - Dancer in the dark

Splinter - Something else

The Awkward - Come over

POM - Piglet

Come On Hero - Under your spell

Marise - Koude lijf

Splinter - Something else

Stone Souls - All the good girls go to hell

Jorge Natalin - Inverse

a no mie - Hiraeth

Mundo Park - Friday

Ministry of Rock & Roll - Jane

Still Hot op IndieXL

Radiohead - Follow me around

The Wedding Present - We should be together (ft. Louise Wener)

Blood Red Shoes - Morbid fascination

San Quentin - Step off

Krooked Tongue - Vampyre

Blushing (ft. Miki Berebyi) - Blame

Midnight Oil - Rising seas

Polar Club - I feel it too

Sinéad O’Brien - Girlkind

The Boston Manor - Desperate pleasures

Kiwi - Codeine

eels - Steam engine

Ultra Q - Permanent

Driveways - Skeptic

Every Time I Die - Thing with feathers

Anorak Patch - Delilah

The War on Drugs - Change

Findlay - Strange one

Kasabian - Alygatyr

The Hara - Die in the city

Vaulted Skies - What if I were the boy

Midlake - Meanwhile…

The Let Go - Vegas

Feeder - Wall of silence

The Mysterines - Hung up

Liily - TV or not TV

Dead Sara - Gimmie gimmie

Johnny Marr - Receiver

slowride - Trip

Jack White - Taking me back

Rammstein - Zeig dich

Shotline - Distant

Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Cookin’

The Trusted - Vellichor

The Horrors - Against the blade

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Lava lamp pisco

Parquet Courts - Homo sapien

Choosing Sides - Piece of mind

Band of Horses - Crutch

The Velveteers - Father of lies

The Pineapple Thief - Someone pull me out of here

Sea Power - Folly

Snail Mail - Ben Franklin

IST IST - Extreme greed

No Vacancies - This feeling

Public Service Broadcasting - Im Licht

Palace Winter - Slasher

Elbow - Six Words

Leopard Rays - Carried away

Don Broco - Endorphins

Sea Girls - Again again

murmurmur - Marianne

Foo Fighters - Love dies young

Dead Anyway - Pigs in blankets

Inhaler - When I’m with you

The Lutras - Only life

The Wallows - I don’t want to talk

Echoseven - Everything

Elison - Meet me half way

Jaws the Shark - Cold feet

LEAP - Energies

Lauren Ann - Lucy

Krooked Tongue - Swarm

Strand of Oaks - Sunbathers

Manic Street Preachers - Complicated illusions

Garbage - Anonymous XXX

Pastel - Where we go

Sea Fever - Afterthought

The Institutes - Something beautiful

Pulled Apart by Horses - First world problems

The Lounge Society - Last breath

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers - Metal heart

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Trouble

Tears for Fears - The tipping point

We Are Scientists - Sentimental education

Sore Losers - Heavywight champion

Dave Gahan, Soulsavers - Metal heart

Porchlight - Country manor

Carolines - Rollercoaster

Disorientations - Don’t

Shambolics - Sharp as a razor

Limp Bizkit - Dad vibes

The Sherlocks - World I understand

Blanket - Romance (ft. Ghost)

The Boston Manor - Algorithm

Parlor Creepers - Tooled up

White Lies - As I try not to fall apart

Public Service Broadcasting (feat. Blixa Bargeld) - Der rhythmus der Maschinen

Ultra Q - Handheld

Lauren Ann - Lucy

The Katuns - Holiday

Idles - The beachland ballroom

Corridor - Et hop

The Reytons - Nothing to declare

eels - Good night on earth
Coach Party - Flag

Cuffed Up - Bonnie

Biffy Clyro - A hunger in your haunt

Parquet Courts - Black widow spider

alt-J - U&ME

Placebo - Beautiful James

Slow Readers Club - Tell no lies

The Institutes - Alleyways

CHVRCHES - California/ Cry little sister

Stereotyped - The only one

Royal Blood - Hold on

Biffy Clyro - Unknown male 01

Eddie Vedder - Long way

murmurmur - Alive

Johnny Marr - Spirit power and soul

Turnstile - Fly again

Still Hot uit Nederland (from The Netherlands)

Light By The Sea - Mr. Wonderman

Awash - The calling

The BluePrint - Jenny

Navarone - Keep on running

Future Husband - Ritual

Paul Bond - Same song, different groove

Spiny Norman - Catch the sun

SpeakEasy - Something beautiful

Haitze - I long for…

Loupe - Fair enough

Lucas Hamming - Overdrive

TT Elzinga - Parlour girls

Jason Waterfalls - Dark side

The Velveteen Rabbit - Rotterdam

The Great Communicators - Friday night

The Klittens - Canned air

Rats on Rafts - Osaka

Private Banking - Private Banking

Poison Lolly - No way out

Box of Kings - Molly, my dear

Dustbombers - Away

Pip Blom - Different tune

Ioana Iorgu - I’m happy

Historian - Tongues

Half Centaur - In the shade

The New Shining - My defeat

Money & the Man - Alone

Indigo - Ocean hours

Future Mick - Buying

Westone - The call

Kaspar Baum - Blindfolded

Heideroosjes - Haatlozing

Color Bones - Mourning fields

Toverberg - Better off

Lucky Blue - Daydreaming

The Paceshifters - Sun and moon

My baby - A dream I dream

Here Today - 2054

Queen’s Pleasure - Words to live by, suits to die in

Harvest Moon - Out of touch

Maria B.C. - Fun

Jellephant - Spill

HOWRAH - A naive lust for life

Dort. - Fade

Tape Toy - Phone call

The Last Element - Junkie

The Paceshifters - Rhythm of the ocean

The Hubschrauber - Drew

Dustbombers - This is okay

June Sixteen - Hold me

Splinter - Read my mind