Prefix Disc (Single of the week)

Jacuzzi Boys - The pits

Indie Disc (Dutch Single of the Week)

Ioana Iorgu - Letters

Hotfix (hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer in de Free40/ Highest new entry in the Free40 Indie chart)

The Bohemes - Von Fisennepark

Nieuw op IndieXL (new releases on IndieXL)

Black Honey - Beaches

Everything Everything - Violent sun

The Strokes - Ode to the Metz

Mint - M180

Dead Pony - Sharp tongues

Landowner - Phatom vibration

House of Harm - Vicious pastimes

Ghostpoet - I grow tired but dare not fall asleep

Pabst - My apocalypse

Rare Occasions - Set it right

The Front Bottoms - Montgomery forever

On Video - Stuntman

Black Foxxes - Badlands

Vintage Crop - The North

The Pineapple Thief - Break it all

The Waterboys - The soul singer

The DMA’s - Criminals

Gone Is Gone - Everything is wonderfall

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Honey

Kid Kapichi - Working man’s town

Yungblud - Strawberry lipstick

Noisy - Where’s your head

Some Sprouts - Summer daze

Beau Lightning - Gasoline

Declan McKenna - Daniel you’re still a child

Washed Out - Time to walk away

Killing Roy - Smooth talker

Dinky - Somewhere I want to be

Bull - Green

Doves - Prisoners

beabadoobee - Care

Tempesst - Mushroom cloud

Asylums - Who writes tomorrow’s headlines

IDLES - A hymn

Foster the People - The things we do

Pabst - Machina

My Morning Jacket - Feel you

Rolling Stones - Criss cross/ Scarlet

Silversun Pickups - Toy soldiers

Travis - Valentine

The Hunna - I wanna know

Hause Plants - Hazy

Delta Spirit - How bout it

Sufjan Stevens - America

Phoebe Bridgers - I know the end

Thurston Moore - Cantaloupe

July Talk - Good enough

Nieuw uit Nederland (New releases from the Netherlands))

The Arthurs - Something with oceans

Cashmyra - Hemelsblauw

I Took Your Name - Human

P.ii - Thinking of your own

Skytorpedo - Scarecrow

GirlsGirlsGirls - Paralyzed

Suzy nV - Lola

Van Elst - Gold waves

Meetsysteem - Sinaasappels

Perfect Storm - No air

Roosbeef - Dichtbij

Lumen - Stop pulling my strings

Gashunters - Emptiness

Nebenschau - Know

HEBE - Heal again

Bäsn - Stop ghosting me

Eva Lima - Okay

Big Hare - Exorcise

Little Neon - Let go

Kim Young Ones - Cut me off

Timo de Jong - Your heart is safe with me

Fervid - Fantastic rules for fantastic people

Nieuwegrond - Zeeep

Brian Clifford - Rotterdam roulette

Tapetries - Dreamcatcher

TrapdoorMan - When you laugh

Kayligh Beard - Oceans pulse

Duijf - Trouble with you

The Grand East - Absolute

Naive Set - Soft on terror

Karvel - Running slowly but never dry

Graftak - Kill the ambition

Get Jealous - Holidays

DOR - Goede moed

Eckhardt and the House - We’re all wood

Jahat - Four walls

We Are Joiners - Servants

Rachel Louise - Good things

Koen Alvarez - I don’t know

37 Degrees - You don’t even care

Boogie Monster - Light of day

Kai Needie - Let’s go to a party

L’Asset - One by one

The Good View - 8:48

Buitenwijk - Winkelen

Gita Buhari - Strange fruit

Emily van Elleswijk - The world keeps tumbling down

Ampia Vista - Heavy mood swings

Spinvis - De dag dat Richard Krajicek Wimbledon won

Vikings in Tibet - Seasons

Ode To The Quiet - Under

Anthem Club - Trouble

Van Wanko - Take a ride

Reino - Cherry blossom

Morgendust - Sundays

Jet Papillon - Via a plastic face in denial

Bob Billy - This version of a man

Inu Inu - Sleep

Euroboy - Dog lover

Molino - Ulhealthy

Robin Kester - The dirt

Tommyrots - Paranoid-schizophrenic-panic

Still Hot op IndieXL


James Dean Bradfield - The boy from the plantation

The Vernons - Mistress

The Pineapple Thief - Demons

Hurts - Suffer

Cold War Kids - You already know

James Dean Bradfield - The boy from the plantation

The Howl & the Hum - Hall of fame

The Pleasure Dome - This room is for gold and there is no use for it

Austra - I am not waiting

Half Moon Run - Look me in the eyes

Crack Cloud - Tunnel vision

Mystery Jets - Campfire song

Mystery Jets - City of blood

Plants & Animals - House on fire

Sea Girls - All I want to hear you say

Skeggs - Under the thunder

Pabst - Legal tender

Phoxjaw - Teething

Don’t Bring Stacey - Might not make it home

The Luka State - Real thing

Fontaines D.C. - Televised mind

Mystery Jets - Campfire song

Thumper - Topher Grace

Transit Method - Drag the ghouls

Nothing But Thieves - Real love song

Hoops - Fall back

Tempesst - On the run

Smith & Burrows - All the best moves

Bright Eyes - Mariana Trench

The Clockworks - Save the whale

Lonely the Brave - Distant light

The DMA’s - Learning alive

Mauro Pawlowski - Always someone

IDLES - Grounds

Sports Team - Camel crew

Egyptian Blue - Nylon wire

Bully - Where to start

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cameo

Michael Stipe & the Big Red Machine

Jarvis Cocker - Save the whale

Everything Everything - Planets

Perfectparachutepicture - They only want

Wolfmother - High on my own supply

Doves - Carousels

Hockey Dad - Good eye

Sports Team - Camel crew

Gang of Four - Forever starts now

Travis - A ghost

Fontaines D.C. - I don’t belong

Muzz - Knuckleduster

Wing Defence - Relocate

Rhea - Under my skin

Bright Eyes - One and done

Protomartyr - Michigan hammers

Pale Honey - Killer scene

The Blinders - Mule track

Asylums - Platitudes

Pretty Wreckless - Death by rock ‘n roll

Foster the People - Lamb’s wool

Candid - Pulling away

We Are Scientists - I cut my own hair

Mysterines - I win every time

Naked Next Door - Noise

Squid - Broadcaster

FEWS - Heaven

Flying Horseman - Hotel

Idles - Mr. Motivator

Biffy Clyro - Tiny indoor fireworks

Sunstinger - The void

Sorry - Perfect

Mandrake Handshake - Hypersonic super-asterid

The Family Rain - Triumph & disaster

Phoxjaw - Triple AAA

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Falling thunder

Bright Eyes - Forced convalescence

Psychedelic Furs - No-one

Hockey Dad - In this state

Car Seat Headrest - Hollywood

The Strokes - Brooklyn Bridge to chorus

Phoxjaw - Half house

Viagra Boys - Common sense

Still Hot uit Nederland (from The Netherlands)

Meadowlake - Loveless

Dikke Dennis & the Rockers - Geen reet te doen

LorentZ - Victory

El Fatso - Thirsty

Westone - Pillow talking

Snow Coats - Pool girl

Gashunters - Where is the light

CooCoo - Broken matches

Cashmyra - Zichzelf oplost

Charmless I - Stormy weather

Ivyvox - Into the blue

Apneu - Pocelain

Hoofs - Crash

The Great Communicators - Round the bend

solitary ZEBRA - Recalibrate

The Psychedelic Birthday Party - Till I meet you again

Joey’s Midnight Club - Rollerskates

Ten Times A Million - Born tomorrow

Price - Medic

Nouveau Vélo - Matryoshka

Raw Falder - Mutant endorphin

Voodoo Chambers - Voodoo chambers

Lewsberg - Through the garden

Jagd - Attention

Vikings in Tibet - Ceasefire

MICH - Jomo

Ross Curry - Wake up dead

Kidbug - Theme from Kidbug (feat. Eerie Wa)

Jetlag Jenny - Part of you

Windup Space - Wide eyed

Death Star Discotheque - We are XTC/ Dance

Juan Juan - Life is short (wanna get stoned)

Deanmoore - Cannot run cannot hide

Queen’s Pleasure - Sitter

Westone - Ghost town

Non-Alignment Pact - Changing places

Pip Blom - Sell by date

Subterranean Street Society - Russian roulette

Richie Dagger - Return to nothing

Apneu - This love is better for you

Ioana Iorgu - Suffocate

The Desmonds - Overtime

DeWolff - Live like you

The Depression Club - Not dead yet

Opera Alaska - Fall