Prefix Disc (Single of the week)

Bilk - Fashion

Indie Disc (Dutch Single of the Week)

Traumahelikopter - Push the button

Hotfix (hoogste nieuwe binnenkomer in de Free40/ Highest new entry in the Free40 Indie chart)

The Reytons - Uninvited

Nieuw op IndieXL (new releases on IndieXL)

Lovebreakers - Spark

Swim School - Delirious

Yves Tumor - Echolalia

Weston Loney - We get on

Peacebone - Why won’t you let me be yours

PVRIS - Goddess

Usual Affairs - Settle the score

Vistas - The beautiful nothing

English Teacher - Song about love

Bilk - Fashion
Twin Forest - Silhouettes
Nothing Special - Julia

Rant - Strip Club
Slowthai - Selfish
Demob Happy - Voodoo science

Joy? - Earthling

dEUS - 1989

Boo Radleys - Seeker

Ladytron - Faces

The Luka State - Matter of fact

Sick Joy - Painkiller

Sarpa Salpa - She never lies

Phoneboy - Ferrari

Cages for Preachers - Slipping away

The K’s - Hoping maybe

Blondshell - Joiner

Ruston Kelly - The weakness

Opal Skies - Inside

Sleeping Souls - Caught up in the scrape

Black Box Revelation - Mr. Big Mouth
Black Honey - Up against it

The DMA’s - Fading like a picture

Thus Love - Put on dog

Vlure - Cut it
Marseille - Only jus begun
Narrow Head - Caroline

The Murder Capital - The stars will leave their stage
Whenyoung - Shame train
Pearl Harts - Wild me

New Divide - Delora
Stay Lunar - I like it when you’re around
Sleep Token - Granite

New Pagans - There we are John

Rival Sons - Rapture
George Hennessey - Memory Lane

The National - Tropic morning news

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Easy now
Amber Run - The beautiful victorious

Softcult - Dress

Ramkot - One more

San Hague - The meadows

Enter Shikari - [pls] set me on fire

The Rills - Falling apart

Soft Faith - Tears of the fall

Himalayas - Into the trap
Nude Party - Ride on
SNAYX - Deranged
Lottery Winners - Worry

Marsicans - Obsessed

Circa Waves - Never going under
Vitas - One more night with no one
The Heavy - Hurricane coming
Soft Faith - Tears of the fall
shame - Six-pack
Skinner Brothers - Skippin’ on the cream

Somebody’s Child - I need ya
Gaz Coombes - Turn the car around
Belle & Sebastian - I don’t know what you see in me
Hundred Reasons - Replicate

King No-One - Neighbours
Temples - Gamma Rays

The Reytons - One more reason
Easy - Chameleons

Not Scientists - Rattlesnake

Oceans - Pure
modernlove. - Ruin your night

M83 - Oceans Niagara

Korinthians - Well
Slow Readers Club - Modernise
Peter Gabriel - Panopticum
The Hold Steady - Sideways skull
Wallows - Wish me luck

Civic - Born in the heat
Belau feat. Sarah Jay Hawley - Unimaginable
DIRK. - No
All Them Witches - Real hippies are cowboys
Bocce - Letter to myself

Komisar - Saturday

White Reaper - Pink slip

The Veils - Time

j.paul - summerforever
Sacred Lawns - Notifications

Nieuw uit Nederland (New releases from the Netherlands)

DeWolff - Will o_the wisp
James Burki - Kids in love

Babet - Adonis

Harsh Realms - Circles

Roofman - One drop

Shaemless - Camel blue

WIES - Voor de gek

Felix - Centre of the soul

Baker-Miller Noir - Ashes

Al Season - Raise your fist

Daniel Brooke - Circus

Helleveeg - Noordwijkerhout

Van Garritsen - Japaleno

Youth Reserve - Save the dance

Jack and the Weatherman - Incredible

Early in July - Last one standing

Ciao Lucifer - Baby in the back

Grey Nomad - Hold me now

Litzberg - The words you have

Super Soakers - Hypothermia

Kind Human - Tasting the past

Super Soakers - Hypothermia

Voltage Avenue - Evelyn

Roufaida - Don’t bend

Navigate - Everything

Roosbeef - Zomer in Nederland

Delta Crash - Growler

HOOFS - No accident

Anemone - Lose yourself
Solomon - Beautiful drifter

Mental Shift - The revolution
Bayline - Ignore the devil

Ink Bomb - Human remains
Cloud Café - Some times

Iron Jinn - Winding world
The Awkward - Love
The Kaves - 1000 white lies

Ross Curry - A home

Jenta - Goodbye L.A.

Marathon - Mosquitoes & flies
Von Veh - Undecided
Bony Macaroni - Marissa
Kovacs - Child of sin
Novko - Lose my cool
Weak Moves - Dynamic
De Duizend - Balkon
Jetlag Jenny - Loser when it comes to love

The Mono Kids - Shooting star
The Heck - On my nerves
Cloudsurfers - Cheap cocaine

Blanko - Stop the clock

St. Solaire - Idlm

The Hearted - The devil’s hold
Lov3less - Dead don’t feel
Calidus - Grey
Delain - Moth to a flame
DeWolff - Night train
Captain Scarlet - Fall/ Up alone
Scarlet Mill - Sinking man
Jimmy Diamond - In the dark
Socks;Sportsocks - Metro
Voltanz - Everything
Cosmopolitans - Hope is for the morning
Mxrcxl - A house on a dead end street
Robin kester - Infinity song
I-Panic - Can’t i8magine/ Broken promises
Cloud Cukkoo - Anna
Daimy Lotus - 1st class d-bag

Some Times - Getting older

Thomas Azier - What does it mean to be free

Julia Sole - Youth

Still Hot op IndieXL

The Murder Capital - Return my head

Sparklehorse - It will never stop

Ted Tyro - Devil

The Haunted Youth - I feel like shit and I wanna die

SoftCult - Someone2Me

Hundred Reasons - The old school way

Circa Waves - Living in the grey

White Reaper - Fog machine

Papa Roach - Ego trip

Liily - Applause

The Reytons - Fading

Disaster Party - Dust off the shame

Star Sign 13 - Soul control

A Slice of Life - Matterhorn

+++ (Crosses) - Holier

Garbage - Godhead

The Veils - No limit of stars

You me at Six - heartLESS

The DMA’s - Olympia

The Academic - Homesick

Puscifer - Horizons

The Howlers - Further down the line

Dead Pony - Maneater

K’s Choice - Time is a parasite

Paramore - The news

Baby Strange - In the flesh

Maze Hunters - Another day

Baudelaire - Facade

We Are Scientists - Lucky just to be here

Gaz Coombes - Long live the strange

The Clockworks - Blood on the mind

Jaws the Shark - Didn’t even know what I was looking for

Hundred Reasons - New glasses

LEAP - Show me the way you love
Vistas - My head feels strange

The Resolve - Satisfy
The Rills - Landslide

Rammstein - Adieu

The Muttons - Falling out of time

DZ Deathrays - Paranoid

The Resolve - So you say

Fake Names - Delete myself

Longy - The underclass

Then Comes Silence - Tickets to funerals

Amber Run - Hurt

Manchester Orchestra - No rule

Teleman - Short life

Still Hot uit Nederland (from The Netherlands)

Elephant - Reptile Zoo
Spinvis - Lente ‘22
Rondé - The light

Tacker - Waste

Glasswolf - Hate, love, fear

Kofkos Courtesy - Swallow

traumahelikopter - Geen zon

Litzberg - Moving on

WETT - Lost

Plumeau - Slow

The Vices - Never had to know

Klangstof - Devil’s lair (from Mascotte soundtrack)

The Giant Low - Virga

Super Soakers - What a year

Bad To The Bone - Above us one sky

Solomon - Lay it down

Bongloard - Monster

Navigate - Asleep

Roosbeef - Ik heb je rug

Amber Arcades - Odd to even

Bongloard - CR@FP

Ar-Jane - Shadow

The See - Sand

Dead Duck - Too many words

Box of Kings - When the heartache ends

Rockford - Connected

Hookmeister - We fall

traumahelikopter - Please don’t

Downtown District - Pressure

Seewolf - Ignorance

Velvet Jester - Falling free

Rats and Daggers - Liar

Docile Bodies - Voyeurism

Mayleaf - Tough luck

Wodan Boys - Bells

Kind Human - Don’t

Von Veh - Atone

Velveteen Rabbit - My stitches itch

Moss - The way you are

Walden - Isle of dancing

Ten Times A Million - Love me when I’m gone

Soldier One - Dream alone

FIEP - Lola

Orange Skyline - Meet you in the middle

Traumahelikopter - Sarah

Mary Confurius - Hit them hard