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We have been learning to be Scientists

Success criteria:

  • Pose an inquiry question around plants

  • Create and and write an experiment to help find out

  • Make an hypothesis                                

  • Explain the importance of fair testing        

  • Make observational notes

  • Label a diagram

  • Make conclusions


My comment:

Science term 2

We did a  bean genmoson .To find out if it will grow or no.

the bean genmoson was cool.

We tested a experiment of celery.

 We died it blue so we could see

what it did. I did not know if it grow because i did not did an experiment!!!

I lelt to writing jiuse words for the bag experiment we needed to have a concold plant then milk,cokacola.

the frist root is the rdicle.

Kelly’s comment:

You have been a keen scientist this term Gg. You have learnt by exploring, experimenting, observing, comparing and contrasting and by researching and asking. You can experiment every day at home and school. You were are hard working team mate in your inquiry group.