Submitting an Assignment

Submitting an Assignment

To submit a file to an instructor-created assignment link:

  1. Click on the name of the assignment, which serves as a hyperlink.

  1. The Assignment Information area lists instructions, due date, points possible, and assignment file attachments, such as a template, example or rubric, if included.

  1. To attach a file for submission, click the Browse My Computer button to attach a file that is saved on your computer, or click Browse Content Collection to attach a file that is saved in your Blackboard Content Collection.

  1. Locate the file and click Open.

  1. Confirm that the correct file is now listed under the Attached Files heading.

  1. To upload an additional file, simply click the Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection button and repeat.

  1. To remove an attached file before submitting, click the Do not attach link to the right of the file.

  1. Once all required files have been attached and listed, scroll down and click Submit to finalize the assignment submission.

  1. A submission receipt will be displayed.  Please review this page to confirm that your file attachment was successfully submit.

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