Johnson County Farmers Market

DRAFT: Emergency Management Plan

I.        Introduction: The Board of Directors of the JCFM has adopted an Emergency Management Plan intended to ensure the safety and well-being of customers, vendors, and other participants of our Saturday morning gatherings.  The primary focus of the plan involves he possibility of severe weather events.  The same procedures, however, would also be applicable in the event of any other natural or man-made disaster (e.g., earthquake, fire, automobile accident, or acts of terrorism).

II.        Responsibilities:  The Manager of the JCFM shall be responsible for implementation of this plan, including the appointment of a fully informed “back-up person” in the event the manager is away from the market at any time.  

III.        Key Elements of the Plan: The Plan itself has three key elements:

IV.         Review and Amendment:  The manager and the Board of Directors will review this Plan at least annually to ensure that it remains adequate, and will make any adjustments necessary in the light of experience and future developments.