General Body Meeting


9:00PM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. CURF
  1. Philly Big 5 Student Government Meetup
  2. CUD Course Cost Recommendations
  3. Upcoming Platform Status Report
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past UA Steering
  2. Steering New Member Addition
  3. Next UA Steering
  4. University Council
  1. UA Report
  1. Introducing New Associate Member
  2. UA Education
  3. Project Master List
  4. Speaker Office Hours
  5. Social Event
  6. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Variable Length Exemption Requests
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. “How to be Successful with CAPS”
  2. Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy
  1. Completion Reports
  1. UA/PLTV Voter Engagement Guide Completion Report
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Purell for Penn
  2. AC for KC: Air Conditioning for Kings Court and other Non-AC Dorms
  3. Charging Stations in Van Pelt
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. College Admissions Student Outreach Program Discussion Paper
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Dual Degree Advising
  1. External Seats & Meetings
  2. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings:
  1. Philly Big 5 Student Government Meetup:
  1. CUD Course Cost Recommendations:
  1. Upcoming Platform Status Report:

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Past UA Steering:
  1. Steering New Member Addition:
  1. Next UA Steering:
  1. University Council:

UA Report

  1. Introducing New Associate Member:
  1. UA Education: Executive Board Responsibilities
  1. Master Project List
  1. Speaker Office Hours
  1. Social Event: Kaylee will be in touch about a social event for this week! Be excited.
  2. Member of the Week… The member of the week is…

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

  1. Variable Length Exemption Requests


Naomi and Aaron have exceeded the 4.2 GBM absence limit. For Naomi, the meeting that she missed on 10/30/16 was due to a wedding, and Exec believes it would not be fair for someone to miss an important life event in order to remain a member of the UA. For Aaron, the GBM that was missed on 10/16/16 was due to a religious holiday. Thus, Exec has agreed to grant exemptions for these days, so Naomi and Aaron will not be removed from the body due to these absences.


Regarding committee absences, Eric and Aaron have exceeded the 3.75 meeting limit. For both Eric and Aaron, the committee meetings that was missed in the week of 10/17 was due to religious holidays. Thus, Exec has agreed to grant exemptions to these days, and thus they would not be removed from the body.


Any absence over 3.75 committee meetings or 4.2 general body meetings that is not excused results in a member’s removal from the UA. If you joined the body later on, you have different absence limits depending on when you joined the body. I had sent an email to you regarding this.

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Social Justice

Discussion Papers

“How to be Successful with CAPS”

Authored by: Kaylee Slusser



Many students at Penn struggle with mental health issues. There have been several suicides over the past few years and instances of poor mental health practices that may not even have reached the public knowledge. Students have coined it “Penn Face,” agree that it exists, and yet there is still a stigma when it comes to reaching out for help for themselves. It is a common attitude to believe CAPS services are a good resource, just not one that they need-- not now at least. This is an issue on our campus because sometimes it takes something dramatic to happen before a student will reach out. However, if we can encourage students to be more in tune with their mental health by using CAPS services proactively, the overall mental health of the school can improve.


After I attended the Wharton Alumni Colloquia event, Navigating Corporate America, with Triston Francis, a Firm Management Associate at Morgan Stanley, it seemed for the first time students were being receptive to the idea of CAPS being for everyone. Triston used the first section of his presentation to discuss talk about what his common practices were during his time at Penn that he believed made him successful. One of those practices was using CAPS on a regular basis. Even for Triston, his usage of CAPS began with a dramatic even; however, he decided to continue using CAPS and found that it helped him personally and later professionally. Despite this being just a fraction of the presentation, when it came time to questions, students wanted to know how he used CAPS and what he discussed in these sessions. This presentation, because it was given by a powerful and successful alum, flipped “Penn Face” on its head by showing that using CAPS is a strength not a weakness.


The Social Justice Committee and CAPS can work together to get more students to regularly use CAPS services before rather than after a crisis occurs by using the University’s successful and inspiring alumni that used CAPS during their time at Penn or counseling services after Penn.


Discussion Questions:


1.     What is the best way that the UA can spread this message?

a.    Video (working with DP, other mental health groups to blast out)

b.    Bigger presentation (event) with the focus on mental health

                            i. Will students come to this?

2.     How could we reach out to other successful alumni to see if they also used CAPS during their time at Penn or counseling services after Penn?

a.     Can CAPS guide us in the right direction or is that a confidentiality conflict?

3.     Should we include students currently at Penn with successful internships?

Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy

Authored by: Samara Wyant


Last November, the Daily Pennsylvanian published an article titled “Religious students made to choose between holidays and grades.” It highlighted the dilemma faced by many students at Penn who are forced to choose between their religious practice and their academic commitments. I have decided to look into ways that the University could better shape its religious practice policy to accommodate the needs of more students of more religions.

After talking to many students, I have found that there are a few issues with the current policy on religious observance. Most students that I consulted with said that if the academic policies were different, they would observe the holidays differently. In other words, students’ religious experience/observance is impeded by university policies. I also found that there are some professors and departments that do not comply with the current religious observance policy. For example, a computer science course held one of its exams directly after Yom Kippur ended. Other students have reported that professors who drop one exam score have said that if they must miss a test for religious purposes, that is the score that will be dropped. Other students who are willing/would prefer to miss class and make up the work on holidays have in practice not had the option due to labs or short quizzes.

These examples are only a few instances in which students have had to choose between religious observance and academics. The current policies put students who choose to celebrate religious holidays at a disadvantage, so we should consider ways to revise the current policy in order to better accommodate all students. Students at a university level should not feel as though their school is impeding on their religious practices. As of right now, “no examinations may be given and no assigned work may be required” on “Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first two days of Passover, and Good Friday.” For the holidays of “Sukkot, the last two days of Passover, Shavuot, Shemini Atzerat and Simchat Torah, as well as Chinese New Year, the Muslim New Year, Diwali, and the Islamic holidays Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, … alternative arrangements convenient to both students and faculty can be made at the earliest opportunity” (From the Provost’s Policy on Secular and Religious holidays). More specific guidelines must be laid out regarding these other holidays in order to protect the religious freedoms of students.

To determine what the needs of the students are, I would like to release a survey that asks the following questions:

  1. With what religion do you identify?
  2. Do you feel as if your religious practice has been negatively affected by academics? (Yes/No)
  3. Have you ever had to take a test, quiz, turn in an assignment, or complete a lab on a day in which you would otherwise not attend class due to religious practice? (Yes/No) Please specify.
  4. Do you feel as if your professors are accommodating and understanding of your religious needs?
  5. How could the university better serve the needs of your religious community, in terms of academic policies?

The UA has, in the past, tried to amend the University Policy on Secular and Religious Holidays, so the best way to move forward from here is by taking this task on in baby steps. (You can find a report on a past attempt here:

Discussion Questions:

  1. How can we change the above survey to make it more effective in determining the needs of students?
  2. How can we best inform faculty about the current policy and make it work to accommodate the students?
  3. Is there a viable course of action with this project? What is the best way to move forward and create meaningful change?

Completion Reports

UA/PLTV Voter Engagement Guide

Authored by: Tunmise Fawole

Created with the support of Penn Leads the Vote, a voter engagement guide that helps answer frequently asked questions about elections and provides other election resources was completed earlier this week. It was distributed to multiple groups including all official class Facebook pages, the Government and Politics Association, Penn Democrats, the College Houses, Penn for Hillary, the Penn Leads the Vote website, UA social media platforms, and in an all-school email. Thank you to everyone who helped out!  

Student Life

Project Updates

Purell for Penn

Authored by: Brian Goldstein


As we move into flu season, sicknesses are easily and commonly spread at the dining halls. With increased Purell dispensaries, I am hoping to ensure students have clean hands when using serving utensils. After analyzing all the dining halls on campus, I have noticed that McClelland, New College House and Houston Market are lacking Purell dispensaries at the doors. I have reached out to Stephen Scardina, the Resident District Manager for Bon Appetit, to discuss possible solutions to this issue. I have also been in contact with members of SHAB and DAB to search for other routes to the solution.

AC for KC: Air Conditioning for Kings Court and other Non-AC Dorms

Authored by: Maria Curry

Currently, three student dormitories, housing hundreds of students on Penn's campus, are not equipped with air conditioning in student rooms. I have approached this issue from a two-part angle of Personal Health for students and Residential Equity among the college housing on campus. After emailing a number of contacts two weeks ago, I delivered a hard-copy letter to the Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services explaining my interests concerning this project, and have since been in contact with the Operations and Maintenance Coordinator Kandace White-Thompson from FRES. From there, I have been in contact with more relevant managers of the Kings Court (where I reside) about the status of Kings Court and other relevant dorms' renovations on campus.  As per my first meeting as a member of RSAB, my project topic was on the agenda before-hand, and I believe our cause for air-conditioning in all dorms was well-received by the RSAB Chair and Building Administrator Michelle Majeski. However to my understanding, the administration present was aware of the situation and did appreciate the issues I raised.

From a health standpoint, I am now looking to partner more with Student Health Services - with all of the above stated, there is a current lengthy policy in place for students living in un-air-conditioned dorms to apply through a health professional and eventually receive an AC Unit for their dorm provided by Penn. If the form is not completed during the summer before move-in, students must apply during the semester for such a unit. Despite the time the paperwork is turned in, with the time taken for the paperwork to be processed by Penn administration, the units are not installed by student services until later into the semester, a time when they may not even be as useful. With that said, I would venture to say that the majority of students are not aware of this policy in the summer, let alone aware of how an un-air-conditioned room is with 90° and above degree temperatures. Moving forward, I think it productive to reach out to Student Health Services and create an initiative to further increase awareness of the policy for new residents of the dorms in the future.

Charging Stations in Van Pelt

Authored by: Max Grove

I met with Sal Caputo, the Director of Facilities at Van Pelt, on November 6th to discuss getting charging stations similar to those in Huntsman in Van Pelt. He completely stood by the idea, and will be ordering around 10 iPhone chargers and 5 Android chargers to place around Van Pelt. Once they ship and arrive at Penn, I will meet again with him to walk around the library and look at the most efficient places to put them.

Discussion Papers

College Admissions Student Outreach Program Discussion Paper

Authored by: Roberto Gomez


The college application process is likely the most stressful time in a high school student’s life. Between balancing standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and maintaining their GPA, applicants have their hands full. However, the process is even harder for those seeking admittance into elite institutions due to the higher expectations. Thus, my project pertains providing information and aid (through class-room presentations) to high schoolers to help them through the process. However, the main difference between this initiative and other similar activities held by Penn Admissions (Visits, College Day) and other organizations is the target audience. Although I discuss this further in the paper, I believe it would be best to target freshmen since it is extremely important for a student to know early on the importance of their GPA and school activities (by the time college application season arrives, it will be impossible to significantly impact a student’s academic profile).


To implement this project one would initially assemble groups of motivated Penn undergraduates and create a PPT presentation and/or other educational aids about the college admissions process. The presentation will be created for high school freshmen as they are the ones who stand to benefit the most from initial guidance since juniors already have mostly fixed GPA’s and standardized test scores. Once the necessary material is created and the groups of presenters are assembled, we will contact local public schools around the area and inquire if they would be interested in having a couple of Penn undergraduates come educate their freshmen about the benefits of college and the path towards the coveted admissions letter. As we are at the mercy of the high school’s/teacher’s flexibility, presenters should be prepared to speak to entire classrooms of students at once. Once the presentation is over, the undergraduate presenters should give out some sort of contact information, so that interested students can reach them if they have any questions related to college.


This project is very much in the beginning stages. A little more than 2 weeks ago, I emailed the Director of the Admissions Visit Center to see whether the Admissions Office would be interested in partnering with us, and the response was not optimal. Although she expressed interest in the project and forwarded the initiative to the Equity and Access team, she stated that, since they are busy reviewing ED applications, it may be a while before someone reaches out to set up a time to meet. Personally, I would like to get the project up and running as soon as possible, and when (if) Admissions reaches out, our credibility position will be stronger.

Course of Action

This is where I need some input.  My main questions are:

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

Dual-Degree Advising

Authored by: Aaron Litchman

Uncoordinated dual-degree students at Penn do not have access to dual-degree advisors that suit their unique needs. As an uncoordinated-dual degree student myself, I have experienced firsthand advisors' lack of knowledge of curricula and courses outside of their homeschool and their lack of knowledge of how to plan a dual-degree student's schedule, including which courses double-count for requirements. Advisors even seem unwilling to discuss course planning that does not pertain to courses in their home school. I have approached the heads of academic advising about this issue, and they requested that I gather more information for them to show them the "extent of the issue, data points I'm using, depth/impct/perspectives" for this issue.


Some questions I have are:

1) What kind of data points do you think would be valuable to academic advising?

2) How should I gather more information to move forward?

3) What do you think is a solution for the dual-degree students' current problem?

External Seats & Meetings


  1. Roll Call
  1. AMs
  1. Roberto Gomez
  2. Maria Curry
  1. Open Forum
  1. Guests
  1. Will Smith- Previous Speaker
  2. Sal Caputo- Manager of Library Facilities
  1. Kat- New Faculty Student Task Force
  1. Some people were interested in talking about this. I am still waiting to hear from him in regards to the role of students
  1. Ian- will he pick students?
  1. I don't think so. I think it would go through constituent groups like us because we are the representatives
  1. Sam S- Is there anything else from the conversation?
  1. Nothing additional
  1. Elena- I am really confused as to what the task force is going to do?
  1. I am not sure right now either
  1. Michelle- In regards to the email sent you by President Gutmann it seemed like she was putting the blame on off campus fraternity. But it happens everywhere.
  1. Kat- I think if this were an IFC frat, they would have been able to identify the student and there would have been sanctions.
  1. Justin- Michelle you are totally right. In my completion report, we are trying to take steps to ensure this issue is being handled on campus. Kat, who should sit on this task force?
  1. Some seats should be open to any student. Some constituents: UA, IFC, IGC.
  1. Naomi- I agree that it can happen anywhere. The off campus fraternity did not respond in regard to the incident.
  2. Michelle- They made it seem like the negative influence is caused by off campus groups.
  3. Calvary- I had a friend last year. He received more racial slurs from a fraternity. Emails could have been traced easily There was no sanctions on the group.
  4. Tunmise- That fraternity member  had to leave. There is “some” accountability but for the most part there was no action taken. There is a lot of discrimination with on campus groups.
  5. Taylor- I do have a problem with an email that was sent out to students. The parent email was very different from the student one, which is very weird.
  6. Sam S- I think the task force should have non-greek life and greek life. I don't know what they are trying to accomplish. There is a vote regarding Harvard’s decision in December. To Calvary’s point: PIKE was sanctioned and they have completed their steps and they are not sanctioned anymore.
  7. Aren- She will not say that rape culture is a problem because that is a bad PR. University will tend to pin something on a group. I think its important to say it's individuals not the group. It's not the university faults. There are logistical issues being that groups are off campus.
  8. Kanishka- If anyone is not affiliated with an organization, can they still be expelled? When do we put sanctions on it or remove someone from groups? I think they task force should start with freshman. I didn’t even know that I could get suspended for saying something racist.
  1. Kat-
  1. Tunmise- I was not referring to PIKE
  2. Natasha- I don't know whether the administrator response will interfere with student response. It is many times off-putting for students. It should be groups in general not just greek organizations.
  1. Naomi-NGSS meeting
  1. This friday they are having an open meeting. I will be sending out an email regarding this. If you have anything please let me know. Anyone can come to this.
  1. Aren-Class board 19 initiative
  1. Talk about Class Board ‘19 Steering Group. This year we want to make it a more open process. We are taking applications for Class Board Steering. Serve as a non-executive position. Bi-weekly meetings. Get people who don't want to run but still be a part of it. If you are big part of 5 B we would love to have people on it.
  1. Krone- How many people?
  1. Maybe even a 20 person group. We want everyone to contribute.
  1. Elena- RSAB meeting
  1. I will talk about it in more detail next week
  1. Backpack policy in van pelt
  1. Sal Caputo.
  1. Background: Used to work at another university then I came here. This was a lot closer to home so now I am here. Very different students, very happy. Enjoy your 20s. I am one of the most pro students faculty member there is. Love talking to students about problems. Dante- great job!
  2. The only thing I can't do regarding this is to do nothing. I have a boss. Recycling Bins- we just need a place to put them. I want to dispel the myth that this is a new policy. It is something that has always been there but it has become laxed off. The security were not trained properly. And now it's just not great at all. We can tweak this policy so that it is not an inconvenience. We want to do a quick good search. There are very expensive books that people would readily have access to. We are open to the public and there are a lot of collections there in the open. I need to implement a policy that is equal for all students. If this is not done, there are lawsuits. I expect a little bit of understanding. We are not putting it into effect until winter break so it would not interfere with testing. We want the security to get used to going it the right way. If someone has class, we will work with them. If a student stays until the last minute and doesn't leave early enough, that is not our fault. We see 5000-8000 people a day. If we get a handful of complaints, that is a success in the grand scheme of things.
  1. Kat- Thank you for coming. We, students, are happy when we can sneak out. Student might not be happy with this. How do we deal with students who have never stolen books but have to go through this process?
  1. 99% of students will never steal. That is not who we are worried about. Penn is a microcosm of society. There are imperfect students as well. If just one person steals, we are still going to be missing a lot of people. Intellectually, it is all valuable. I don’t compare objects because things are important to everyone. Tech is great. 10-20 seconds of checking is good bargain.
  1. Kaylee- A lot of info that you brought up and it would be good if the student body was aware as well.. If there was an announcement, that I am new and this has been going on, and this is what we should do.
  1. That is a great idea.
  1. Kat- If you need any help with anything.
  1. We are not doing anything new until holiday break but yes we will work together.
  1. Naomi- Another concerning thing is the tearing of pages from books. Is their training on this.
  1. That gets complicated. Each page is just as valuable as the book. I will not put cameras in the library- i don't want students to feel like they are being watched.
  1. Lawrence- How will you deal with high traffic?
  1. We are also interested in making a better student experience. You guys are going to be my eyes and ears.
  1. Kanishka- Penn Princeton
  1. I don't know if you guys read the articles on this. Students did not feel comfortable going there. 12 frats cancelled within 3 days of this policy. It seemed like Penn did not have anything to do with that.
  1. Kyle- I was under the impression that Princeton did not want Penn students to come there.
  2. Sam S- Top admins have talked about more security there as well.
  1. Kanishka- We could try to be like the other schools.
  1. Sam S- Penn will never adopt a culture of tailgating. We will never be like Michigan.
  1. Lawrence- They are trying to promote some culture with the Fanfest.
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. CURF
  1. They are going to create a program that will help students from large classes get good letters of recommendations.
  1. Philly Big 5 Student Government Meetup
  1. The regional groups get together to discuss issues that we all face. We will be discussing major initiatives that we are taking on.
  1. Krone- Doing maybe a 5 school wide initiative regarding Septa discounts?
  1. I will submit that as a topic
  1. Lawrence- How effective is this meeting?
  1. I think it's a good learning opportunity.
  1. Lawrence- Has there been any recent projects?
  1. I don't remember what Jane brought up. You can look through the archives.
  1. CUD Course Cost Recommendations
  1. Coming up with ways faculty can reduce costs. Think about the student perspective. We are also organizing student groups to talk to the deans about costs specific to each school. If there is a mandatory trip, then maybe don't have mandatory textbooks.
  1. Upcoming Platform Status Report
  1. I sent an email about this. If you guys are working on anything related to the platform please send me an email on the current status or the project and who you have talked to. Please get the email in like this week.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past UA Steering
  1. We met with Provost Price, VP Beth Winklestein, Karu, and Rob Nelson. We talked about Faculty diversity, what they're doing with mental health, SACHS fund- this is money for arts initiative.
  2. Tunmise- what about Faculty Diversity?
  1. It is off the record
  1. Steering New Member Addition
  1. We added Kite and Key to Steering
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. It will serve as a brainstorming session
  1. University Council
  1. It will be this Wednesday. The Open Forum is the next UC which is November 30th.
  1. UA Report
  1. Introducing New Associate Member
  1. Met with Santosh Nori. He will joining the DSF committee.
  1. UA Education
  1. Listed in Report
  1. Responsibilities of Exec and Cabinet
  2. Role of Exec liaisons
  1. Brian- Social chair on Cabinet?
  1. No
  1. Project Master List
  1. I am starting to create this. This will give you a full view of everything that is going on.
  1. Speaker Office Hours
  1. I will be in Boston so I will have have Office hours on Wed.
  1. Social Event
  1. Kaylee will be in touch.
  1. Kaylee- I will be in touch with you guys.
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Calvary
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Variable Length Exemption Requests
  1. Jay- “See Report”
  1. Naomi- What does the body think about this?
  1. Kat- We are representative from constituencies. When members do not show up, their constituents are not being represented.
  1. Naomi- I just wanted to say that it should be more clear.
  2. Kaylee- It might be nice to be clear in the bylaws.
  1. Sam S- If you are removed, you have the ability to contest the removal.
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. Social Justice
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. “How to be Successful with CAPS”
  1. Kaylee- It is a common thought that CAPS is reserved for very important situations and many times it's too late. People don’t go early enough. I went to an event with a successful alumni, and one of the things that he mentioned was that he used CAPS. One of the first time this was successful. There was an event that happened that caused him to go there, but he continued to use CAPS afterwards and it was important for him. We could use this resource to get things moving. Things just used .
  1. Naomi- They are interested in teaching students mental health tips for mental health. Maybe they can implement something during NSO. CAPS has group therapy sessions.
  2. Ian- This is a great opportunity for collaboration.
  3. Sola- Penn Faces just had an event. I think we should look toward student leaders
  4. Kat- Connecting with alumni. I would look through the Linkedin alumni or the Alumni house. That is a good route to go. If we get a video, that would be a good idea. Talk to Penn Faces
  5. Jordan- I think it could be both video and presentations. Maybe a video series.
  6. Sam S- I think you should talk to Jason and Simon. Its bridging the gap between CAPS and students.
  7. Ian - I really like the idea of videos. I recommend Nicole in VPUL
  8. Krone- The problem with CAPS outreach. Tour idea.
  9. Jay- I think that instead of student with successful internships it should be student leaders. And in this project will raise awareness, and thus increase the demand for CAPS. Do you think CAPS will be able to handle this?
  1. I would rather the problem be that CAPS has to expand
  1. Tunmise- I like this so much. Making sure it's not that far. Ensure that every perspective is being heard in the video
  2. Samara- For the 2nd question, I think it would be valuable not only to reach out to alumni but also other counseling services.
  3. Elena- I think when people need CAPS the most, any walk can be significant. Is there a way Penn Transit can drop students off.
  1. Kat- they moved it further off campus because students thought it was too visible and did not want to be seen
  1. Amending the University’s Religious Observance Policy
  1. TABLED 
  1. Completion Reports
  1. UA/PLTV Voter Engagement Guide Completion Report
  1. Tunmise- Created with Penn Leads the Vote. Helps answers the most frequently asked questions. Distributed to many groups and listservs.
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Purell for Penn
  1. Brian Goldstein- My project is to increase the Purell dispensers in Houston, New College House, and Quad. I contacted Steven Scardina and he thought this was a great idea.
  1. AC for KC: Air Conditioning for Kings Court and other Non-AC Dorms
  1. Maria Curry- Air conditioning. I have looking at this issue from a two part angle. One is equity and the other is health. When the temperature is high, students don't want to stay in the dorm. This is something that needs change. For the same price, everyone should be getting the same amenities. I applied through NEC for RSAB. If you have a problem with air conditioning, please see them. There is a process by which you can schedule an appointment with them to discuss issues for getting ACs. I'm going to be working with Student Health
  2. Dante- With the 3 dorms, is KC included?
  1. Kings Court, Gregory,
  1. Tunmise- Great job
  2. Krone- Did they say there is a renovation for KC being planned?
  1. They will get back to us.
  1. Dante- I don't know how they would do it in KC. The windows are not meant for it.
  2. Ian- Maybe having a system of having students check them out
  1. Charging Stations in Van Pelt
  1. See “Report” and Open Forum
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. College Admissions Student Outreach Program Discussion Paper
  1. Roberto Gomez-I am in Student Life Committee. There is a lot of need for students in this area for applying to schools. There is guidance for juniors and seniors. But by then grades are set and nothing can really be done at that point.. So the project involves team of Penn students to go talk to these students. The target audience is freshman. Let the students know that they should work hard early on. I really want to move forward with this.
  1. Sola- This is a great idea. We had College Day, which was something that I had worked on in the past. In terms of who to target, we looked into 8th graders. We have contact in office of Government Affairs. Or if you want to know how College Day was run
  2. Kat- College Day is one day where 8th graders and it shows them what college is like. UA has issues of how to we scale this up. Instead of reaching out Admissions, reach out to the Netter Center. Not everyone has gone through the financial aid process so they might need training on that.
  3. Sola- A problem with College day was keeping it sustainable. How can we do did through partnerships. I think Netter Center is good, but they already have partnerships so I tutored juniors in high school.
  4. Gabbi- Sola addressed my point about sustainability.
  5. Taylor- I think it's important to understand the scope of this project. If you are trying to increase first gen in general, then I don’t know how you would go about it.
  1. I am thinking about West Philly specifically.
  1. Natasha- There are so many high schools in our backyard. I think preparing them in very important
  2. Kyle- There are many schools that go in so maybe that you can just partner up with them
  3. Naomi- A good place to start would be to reach out to student groups and what they are doing. Look at targeted programs
  4. Krone- I remembered reading that many students don’t apply to schools like Penn. Dispel the rumor that it is not affordable.
  5. Lawrence- Definitely reach out to student organizations
  6. Tunmise- Office of Government and Student Affairs- the Glen is the contact person. Claudia Dally- She is in Kite and Key. We were talking to Admissions about Kite and Key reaching out. Solid mentorship program would be good too.
  7. Ian-  I love this project. Working with Quest Bridge and Penn First. Netter Center has an internship for students for over the summer.
  8. Kaylee- In the summer, they do more implementation. Going through the groups would be good.
  9. Elena- I am a Questbridge Scholar and I know others at Penn. There are 2 bases. Theres the college match program. There are quest liaison. It would be good to find out the liaisons for Penn. Maybe do mentors who you can skype with. Maybe even trying to reach out to these recipients. We still don't have the support that we need so would be a great program.
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Dual Degree Advising
  1. Riad
  1. “See Report”. Uncoordinated dual degree students have good guidance but not comprehensive advising. How to present yourself. Aaron thought that everyone would have some sort of advisor that they can go to who would have knowledge of both colleges.
  1. Naomi- How many dual degree students in Penn?
  1. I am not sure. I will not be working on this but rather support
  1. Kaylee- Dr. Purpura- he approves all the dual degree advising. I don't get why we can't use the program advisors.
  1. Some aspects are not covered.
  1. Maria- I need to really look at my requirements. Its definitely an issue.
  2. Tunmise- My sub-mat advisor is great. I worked on this my freshman year. Maybe look at all the possibilities with dual degree.
  3. Lawrence- Faculty might be able to help out. Robert
  1. External Seats & Meetings
  2. Communications