March **, 20***



The Visa Officer

Canadian Embassy, Moscow, Russia


Sponsorship letter


Dear Madam / Sir :


I, D******* T*********, born 11.**.19**, passport **** № ******, the husband of O*** K********** and the father of A****** T*******, will financially support their during the entire period of their stay in Montreal, Canada. This includes their travelling, lodging and all kinds of personal expenses during their trip. My wife is intending to visit her sister in Montreal from 0*.*1.20** until 0*.**.20**.


I am a citizen of Russian Federation, having monthly income of *** 000.00 roubles. Please refer to the original documents attached, including my bank statement and letter of employment. These documents clearly show my financial stability and savings.

In case of any query please contact me on my cell phone at (**) 6**-**1*.


Sincerely yours,



D********** T***************



·       Letter of employment

·       Bank statement