100 word challenge

I am on the boat I can hear crying “where is my family”  I say.   “Mate don’t worry” said Shivam.  “I’ll be ok” I say “what if you get shot.  “I’ll try” I say.”MATTHEW” “up here “ I say. They say witch boat “the 1st one”  I say “hi” they say “Who wants food” “i do” “not me” says Shivam .  Shivam nudges me “ha what happened” I say  “daydreams” he says “oh” I say I almost fall of . “ I dreamed of war I felt kicks punches I just ignore them”. I think of mum and dad “where are we going” I ask “Gallipoli” says shivam “really” I say “yes” says shivam.

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