Problem Solving and Programming 1 (group C)

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Module Descriptor: Problem Solving and Programming 1

From the module descriptor::

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content

Fundamental Programming Concepts

Students will learn the fundamental programming concepts that apply to all programming languages: data types, variables, constants, operators, expressions, sequential statements, input and output, selection statements, and repetition statements. Students will apply these fundamental programming concepts to the design of algorithmic solutions to defined problem statements and implement these solutions in HLL such as Java.

Designing and documenting solutions using standard techniques

Students will use standard documentation techniques such as flowcharts or pseudocode to document algorithmic solutions to defined problem statements.

Implementing solutions in high level language

Students will implement algorithmic solutions to defined problem statements in a high level programming language such as Java, using an appropriate development environment. Students will learn how to identify and eliminate syntax and logical errors.


Test plans will be designed and implemented at every stage of development process i.e. during design, incremental development and delivery stages, to ensure that the solution produced solves the defined problem.

Pokemon Go - A Java Program (= Application, App on a mobile device) on Android



It uses lots of items from our module indicative content e.g.:

The game might use this Java code on Android phones in the left screenshot:

float pokeStopDistance;  // a variable store pokeStop distance

pokeStopDistance = getPokeStopDistance; // get distance, GPS etc

// for more than 20 meters we are too far

if (pokeStopDistance > 20)

        println (“This PokeStop is too far away”);

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