Mountain Trail Fun Runs – 2018

Enjoy the trails of the Angeles National Forest

2018 marks the 32st year of the Mountain Trail Fun Run Series. Begun by the late Bob Kimmerly and John Swallow in 1987, the series is organized by the High Desert Runners with assistance from members of the Santa Clarita Runners. Scott Zierman, 661-951-9454,, is coordinator again this year.

The runs are of varying distances on moderately strenuous forest trails and dirt roads. Most are out-and-back runs, so shorter distances can be run by those who are not up to doing the full course. Joggers and walkers are welcome, as these are fun runs, not races. Minimal course markings will generally be only at critical intersections. You must carry water, although water may be provided on-course on the longer runs. All runs start at 8 a.m. except as noted below. Newcomers are strongly encouraged to run with someone who is familiar with the course, as we don’t want anyone to get lost (as has happened in the past).

No fee, no awards, no T-shirts, but we do encourage runners to bring healthy munchies to share post-run.

The U.S. Forest Service requires display of an Adventure Pass for parking in some high-impact areas.

Monday, Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day Hangover Run, Vasquez Rocks County Park, 8:30 a.m. start. Out-&-back route of about 7.4 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Bring munchies to share at post-run outdoor breakfast. Meet at park’s lower parking area on Escondido Canyon Road near Agua Dulce Canyon Road. Mervat Tawfik, host,

Sunday, Feb. 11 -- Sierra Pelona Ridge, Pacific Crest and Five Deers Trails (12.5 miles).Mostly rolling hills but with several steep grades. Meet at PCT trailhead on Bouquet Canyon Road, about four miles southwest of Elizabeth Lakes Road in Leona Valley. Phil Howard, host, 661-263-2876,

Saturday, March 3 – CANCELLED -- Pacific Crest Trail, San Fransisquito Canyon to Lake Hughes Road (15.5 miles). Out & back route on the PCT from San Fransisquito Canyon trailhead over the Grass Mountain ridge, Leona Divide and Tule Ridge saddles and back. Erik & Krysti Ruble, hosts, 661-435-6968,

Sunday, April 8 – Pacific Crest Trail, Mill Creek Summit to The Cedars (about 16 miles). Meet at Mill Creek Summit parking lot just off Angeles Forest Hwy, 11 miles south of Sierra Hwy. / Angeles Forest Hwy. intersection. Moderately steep uphill, then rolling outbound toward Mt. Gleason, reverse on return. Be sure to carry water, there may be no water on the trail. Lina Cadena, host,, 661-433-2554.

Saturday, May 19 – (NOTE NEW DATE!) Pacific Crest Trail, Agua Dulce to Sierra Pelona Ridge (about 11 miles out-&-back, steep and rocky in places. Meet at PCT trailhead on Petersen Road, just off Sierra Hwy/Mint Canyon Road. Parking limited. David Weary, host, 661-714-9440,  

Sunday, June 17 -- Father's Day on the Burkhart Trail (10 miles). Out-&-back on the Burkhart Trail from Devil's Punchbowl County Park near Juniper Hills. Take Hwy. 138 to Littlerock, turn south on 82nd Street East, east on Ft. Tejon Road for about six miles, south on Longview Road for three or four miles, left on Tumbleweed Road into park. Several steep grades. Jesse Williams, host, 661-945-4716.

Saturday, July 21 -- Pacific Crest Trail, Mill Creek Summit to Mt. Pacifico (about 12.5 miles), 7 a.m. start. Directions same as for April run. Moderately steep uphill going out, same downhill on the return. Justin Patananan, host,, 661-839-2570.

Saturday, Aug. 4 – Pacific Crest Trail, Bouquet Canyon to Sierra Pelona Ridge (8 miles) 7 a.m. start! Meet at the PCT trailhead on Bouquet Canyon Road, six miles southwest of Leona Valley. Moderately steep uphill outbound, same downhill on return. Gaylon Rodin, host,, 661-645-8312.

Saturday, Sept. 1 – Devil’s Punchbowl to Devil’s Chair (about 7 miles). Out-&-back from the Devil’s Punchbowl County Park near Juniper Hills on the first part of the Burkhart Trail and then left about 3 miles to turnaround near the Devil's Chair overlook. Travel directions same as for June run. Joe and Kathy Diorio, hosts,, 661-256-9373.  

Sunday, Oct. 7 – San Fransisquito to Spunky Edison loop (13 miles). Meet at the Pacific Crest Trail trailhead on San Fransisquito Canyon Road. Route is up the road to the Leona Truck Trail road, over to Spunky Edison Road and return on the PCT. Alan Brown, host, 661-406-9804,  

Saturday, Nov. 17 – Pacific Crest Trail, Bouquet Canyon to Spunky Edison Road (12 miles). Meet at Bouquet Canyon Road PCT trailhead, six miles southwest of Elizabeth Lakes Road. Scott Zierman & Steve Henrich, hosts, 661-951-9454 / 661-718-2172; /

High Desert Runners, P.O. Box 1714, Lancaster, CA 93539-1714