The Sticky Note Havoc

In a land far, far, away, there was a boy named Tushu. He also went by Tissue, T.J, Tisue, and Tutu.

Then one day, Kush gave Tushu a sticky note with his name on it. Tushu stuck it on his jacket and when it was time for recess, Dhru took Tushu’s sticky note off and threw it far, far, away. Then Tushu made a sticky note with Tushu II written on it. Then it was lunch time Tushu took Tushu II to lunch and his teacher took him away. Then Tushu made two sticky notes with Tushu III and Tushu IV. The next day Tushu brought both Tushu’s to school and Laya took Tushu IV and ripped him to pieces. Tushu made Tushu V and King Yuval ripped him to pieces. Luckily, Tushu III is still alive. Until...

The End

(For Now)

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