ElevatorGATE Q&A

What do you use Storify for? 

To collate public tweets. Particularly to collate evidence of wrong doings, for example, violent rhetoric.

What do you think about Storify switching off your notifications? 

I want to stress that I do not elect to send email notifications. I’m happy with their decision to disable notifications, given how often I use their service - I do not need people to receive notifications. I share stories via twitter, to my followers who are interested.

I am delighted that Storify staff have turned these notification off. It’s my understanding the only other way of doing this is to have a paid account, where you can have private Storify accounts.

Do you believe your use of Storify is protected under free speech? 

I do not believe it’s necessarily an issue with “free speech”. I am free to voice my opinions, and I do so within the terms of service of a website that allows me to do that. I’m certainly not silencing anybody else. I’m simply collating public tweets and presenting them alongside my opinions, which is what the site is often used for.

Is it true that you collect hundreds of Tweets from women involved in atheist and feminist communities? Why do you focus on them?

I collect tweets from a wide variety of people, including people who I follow, and follow me back on twitter. Funny conversations. Interesting conversations etc. There is no focused effort to “taunt” specific women. Some may appear in more stories than others, but that’s because they tweet a lot and are central figures in the communities they represent. They are publishing their views publicly. Just like any other medium, they can’t expect not to be commented on in a public space.

They are, however, free to ignore or disregard my commentary.

I’ve done plenty on men too, particularly storify.com/MartinRobbins,

In September 2012, Martin Robbins,  a male feminist expressed outraged that I was Storifying him:


In January 2013 male feminist Rhys Morgan tried to lobby for me to be banned from Storify:


Rhys Morgan plea for me to be kicked off Storify (January 2013)


Male feminist Rhys Morgan upset after social justice feminists brand all men as rapists:


Martin Robbins (male feminist) thinks JREF is finished because James Randi said something the far left don’t like


Is it true that you also send these people messages via Twitter, comment on their YouTube videos, and write about them on personal blogs?

I’m not sure of the purpose of this question? Twitter, blogs and Youtube comment sections are there for people to spread their message and views, and to interact with each other.

Women claim you use Storify to keep track of their every move on Twitter, which makes them feel that you are stalking and harassing them. Do you believe this behavior qualifies as stalking/harassment?

It’s no more “stalking” than reading/sharing blogs or watching lots of Youtube videos and sharing those. Stalking would involve breaching their privacy. I may tweet a lot of Stories, but I don’t actively pursue anybody in a manner which constitutes stalking or harassment. People tweet about things in public. I respond. There are many other services online where people can discuss their ideas in private.

I think to call what I do “harassment” is an insult to people who have suffered real stalking/harassment and there are victims of real harassment who have agreed with me on this.

There are defined meanings, legally and by precedent, for these words. They are misusing words which affect real victims.

They could also make their Twitter accounts private. I’m not saying they should - I’m just saying that they have full control over what they put out there. When somebody doesn’t allow comments on their blog or video, they have utilised this level of control. Likewise, if people want to say things on a public forum - they should expect to be scrutinised, just as they scrutinise others on that same platform.

I can’t Storify what has not been said, and I can’t Storify private conversations elsewhere. Nor would I want to. These aren’t private conversations. They’re public.

I believe that when women (or men) use violent rhetoric, especially, their words should be scrutinised.

For example:

These women claim you Storify them because you are active in Atheist and Skeptic communities, and "you hate women." Is this true?

I do not hate women. See previous question. I often defend other feminist women whom these people attack.

My issue is with the hateful rhetoric and the often strange (in my opinion) ideas that these people have with regards to gender equality, feminism, race, etc. Sometimes I just find humour in things they say.

Use of puzzling jargon


What do you think of the role a social network should play in dealing with harassment online?

I think legitimate harassment or threats should be dealt with by the proper authorities. There is a place for private companies to do their part in keeping their sites safe to use, but the entire burden should not fall to the company or its CEOs.

I think to call what I do “harassment” is an insult to people who have suffered real stalking/harassment and there are victims of real harassment who have agreed with me on this.

There are defined meanings, legally and by precedent, for these words. They are misusing words which affect real victims.

Why call yourself ElevatorGate?

This is well known within the community: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Watson#Elevator_incident

This incident is referred to as “ElevatorGate”. I think that Becky Watson was within her rights to express her discomfort at the proposition of coffee, and utterly condemn the abusive comments she received.

If you believe what you’re doing is right, why not use your real name?

The assumption is that those I disagree with/quote are completely harmless. While I’m sure many of them are, it’s always better to be safe with one’s identity online when you’re the focus of so much attention. People have attempted to find my identity. Why? This suggests to me that they’d use it against me if it were publicly available. Maybe even try to have me harmed (I have been threatened with this numerous times).

Critics of these people are libelled in the most disgusting way. For example, Michael Shermer was branded a serial rapist. There has been no police report or official statement on this, which is why this is libellous at this stage: PZ Myers accuses Shermer of rape.

As an atheist, I am also critical of Islam (and all religions) which are controversial opinions.


Attempts to spam flag account:  [230 views] / Criticising Zoe Stavri's group of "feminists" makes one a misogynist and worthy of being flagged as spam!"


Below are some more Stories I have picked out for people to look over; to see the aggressive (or simply ridiculous - again, my opinion) attitudes of the people I quote:

Former MP Louise Mensch able to call them a group of nutjobs (because she’s left office)


Attempted bullying of Ben Goldacre (my hero) by the “nutjobs”:


Sabine attempts to dissuade me from using storify:


Which is it? Am I a  3-year old or a dangerous adult?


Sabine calls Ricky Gervais a disgusting piece of shit


Ellwynnnnn to Ricky Gervais



http://storify.com/ElevatorGATE/conversation-with-rickygervais-ellwynnnnn-craigdev [this one has more views] [also controvesary over the use of word ‘cunt’ - in the UK and AUS it’s used for both genders]

Proof that it’s Ellen who was picking fight with Gervais: http://storify.com/elevatorgate/conversation-with-rickygervais-ellwynnnnn-leighthe-1

Male Feminist RhysMorgan protrayal of what he thinks MRAs think is acceptable:


May 2013: Sabine, Melody Hensley moan about “stalking”


Even male feminists like @latentexistence, @rhysmorgan fear talking about feminism


Rhys Morgan falsely accused of being racist by Sam Ambreen


Rice Morgan on the craziness of rad fems who think they should all be lesbians:


Rhys Morgan perceives "rabid misogyny"


Everyone is awesome


Martin Robbins invokes SJW outrage by asking why "cis" is necessary [200 views]


Woman calls out Becky, Tracy King and Ophie for bullying


Brave Sara Mayhew pwns Becky + Manda


"We live in a white-supremacist hetero-cis-patriarchy"


Is Randi's crime that he's a bit libertarian-ny?


Martin Robbins: atheist/skeptic arena is a bit of a mess


Remember that time Martin Robbins was scaremongering Justin Vacula harassing women at WiS2?


SJWs : don't blame Islam for appalling Dubai, blame "patriarchy"


What about teh intersectionalz? Fad fem infighting


Person of Colour (PoC) vs Coloured


Jennifer McCreight (Social Justice Warrior, feminist) upset with Dawkins over criticism of Islam


Saying “Fuck CIS people” is hate: brave Tara Hewitt tries to explain


Awful bullies, "feminists", including Jude and Cathy Brennan, take pleasure in repeating lie that Doctor Christian is "rape apologist"


Another critic falsely accused of bigotry, this time - me


Discussion of JudeInLondon’s “field nigger” comment - by a black lady called Melissa



Sam Ambreen angry with a UAF group, because they follow me (aka FollowCrime)


Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight, evades taking responsiblity for lazy journanlism with “go way creepy misogynist”


There are even more examples at: storify.com/elevatorgate/why