Epiphany 4H Explorers  


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Children beginning to engineer cardboard cars that will be powered by mousetraps.

Epiphany 4H Explorers is a once-a-week after school program for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in the Newport schools.  The children and volunteers gather at the Church of the Epiphany on Mondays for snacks and games before diving into the week's science learning project. Topics explored this year include forensics (fingerprinting), kitchen chemistry and the science of baking, pendulums and inclined planes, rockets and aviation, mousetrap-powered model cars, and garden pollinators.

The program is a collaboration between 4H of Sullivan County/UNH Cooperative Extension, the Newport Schools/SAU 43, and the Episcopal Churches of the Epiphany (Newport) and Saint Andrews (New London).

Volunteers with or without a background in science are welcome -- just bring your own curiosity about the way things work, and the patience to spend time with high-energy tweens.  Current volunteers include community members as well as people from the churches.

Contact: The Rev’d Kelly Sundberg Seaman

Email:  curate.of.sunapee@gmail.org

Left:  Studying the Mentos-soda reaction:  What kind of soda causes the tallest explosion?

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