Educational Web Links - updated Feb 2017

1. Math  games


2..Create your own comic book


3. Sample EOG Test Questions


4. Math Puzzles and Sudoku


6. Cool Math Games and Sudoku Puzzles Geometry Baseball


7. Scholastic Explorers


8. Westward Ho! Cyberhunt


9. Sample EOG Reading Questions


10. Interactive Math sites


11. EOG Reading Questions Samples


12. Math Matching games


#14 Riddle Games and Brain Teasers


15. Euclid's Game Finding Differences Not Shown


16. Pictures Sudoku


17. Nickelodean Wild Thornberry's


18. Online Sudoku


19. Dr. Seuss Games


20. Rush


21. DPI SITE Testing info sample reading


22. Interactive Math Games +- x / good timed games and others


23. Cool Math Games


24. Lynday's Mania


25. Conversion Pound to Kilograms


26. Fraction Decimals and Percentages (Equal)


27. Multiplication Table


28. Battleship Game and others


29. Math activities


30. Online IQ tests


31. Interactive Math Great Place with lots of Fun Math


32. Multiplication Game


33. Math Addition Game


34. Math Facts Speed Drills


35. Primary Math Games several options


36. Prongo science related questions for students


37. EOG online Math Practice questions


38. Interactive Math Activities


39. Math Activities and Games Euclid Game


40. Sam Loyd's 15 puzzle


41. Math Games Great practice problems


42. Fables online


43. Reading with Kathy Bum


44. Sudoku Puzzles


45. Fraction Frenzy Finding Fractions


46. Web Sudoku interactive website


48. Fun Brain Math


50. Jefferson lab online practice EOG tests


51. Cool Science website


52. Children's Math Games K-1


53. Nasa Science Games


54. Multiplication Games


55. Math facts games timed


56. Math Millionaire Game


57. Puzzle Game addition and subtraction


58. Games for math and Science (Tombstone) on BBC


59. Simple math adding and subtraction games


60. Book Adventure


61. Arithmetic Operation Games at Euclid


62. Math Finding Area and Perimeter of Shapes


63. Power Line math Line Total for Math


65. Matching Division Games Concentration


66. Power Line and Speed Grid all games


67. Multiplication games: Wack a Mole and other games


68. Symmetry Games and Science Activities


69. Math interactive games Rain forest Math


70. Rainforest Math


#71 Math Interactive games


#72 Math Activities online


#73 PBS KIDS Games and activities


#74 Cyberchase Activities


#75 Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader


#76 Prongo Games Variety of different interactive games all subject ares


#77 Paper airplane designs with patterns


# 78 Shapeology Tangrams


# 79 Math Puzzles


#80 Money word problems


#81 Math and Science activities


#82 The Human Body Book


#83 Easy Adding Facts


#84 Variety of BBC games


#85 Arithmetiles Games


# 86 Teach R Kids Math problems on the web


#87 Children's Math Games at BBC K-3 All subjects


#88 Children's at BBC Literacy games for K-3


# 89 Interactive Logic and Puzzle Games Checkers, Rush, Magic Squares,


#90 US Mint Games


#91 History Scene Detectives


#92 Sudoku Puzzles online


#93 Science EOG sample Questions


#94 Pod Casting Bethany's web site


#95 Snap Dragon Time Set the Clocks


#96 A Variety of Math Games by Topic Takes you to different links


#97 BBC Phonics Games


#98 Math Square Puzzles