1. Preliminaries

2. Progress

3. Any Other Business (AOB)

Present: AJ, DH, GS, MK, TK

Chair: AJ

Scribe: AJ


1. Preliminaries

DH: Will be on vacation next week.

2. Progress

MK: Is there anything left to be done?  Not aware of anything.

AJ: What about the 2 servers bug Greg reported?

MK: Multiple servers work for me, going through Loopback interface.

AJ: Currently 9 Bugs on SF, almost all owned by Matej.

MK: #10 looks like a pvaSrv problem, one for Ralph? Maybe an issue with the test code, probably not a show-stopper.

#14 (2 servers) may be a problem with Greg’s configuration, not necessarily a bug.

#13 is future work.

AJ: 4 Issues on SF

MK: Most of these look like new work too, #1 is old and MD’s work.

AJ: Wait for Matej to respond about bug status, maybe we can then go ahead.

MK: Next step is RC, put out message asking for objections.

DH: Make sure to ask separately about Java and C++.

MK: Send private msg to Matej, with public wording for his comments.

3. AOB

AJ: Agenda for meeting at SLAC, I’ll send email asking for agenda items.

MK: BNL are probably really busy at the moment.

DH: RL sent out a preliminary agenda already, for all 3 days.

AJ: I’ll look back for that

Meeting closed at 10:54am