Curriculum Vitae

Simel E.J. Bey, DAOM, TX L.AC

3301 Northland Drive Suite #217, Austin, Texas 78731

(512) 536-0801

Professional Experience

Author of The Capoeria Song, Released March 28, 2019

Non Tenured Professor of Advanced and Biomedical Clinical Theatre AOMA, 2019

Doctoral Degree in Chinese Medicine, AOMA, 2019

Producer & Screenplay Writer, Isabella: A Short Film, Fall 2018

Researcher, HEYA, The Human Experience and Ayahuasca, (2015 to 2018)

Working Group Advisor, Mental Health Council, Measure, Austin, Texas

Director of Chinese Medical Department & Practitioner for Karisha (2015 to present)

Austin Health Commons, Co-Founder Austin Texas 2016 to present

Karisha Providers Company,  Austin Texas (2016 to present)

People’s Community Clinic DAOM Oriental Medical Provider for the Underserved (Externship), Austin Texas 2016-2017

Pulse Externship Dr. William Morris, PHD, DAOM, LAC, AOMA Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin 2016

Principal Director and Founder of Award winning Bey Acupuncture, Austin Texas (2005 to present)

Executive Director and Founder of Children in Nature’s Workshop (Community Outreach Program of Bey Acupuncture 2010 to present) Austin, Texas

Director and Founder of Feed Your Soul Program (Charitable Outreach Program of Bey Acupuncture -benefitting the indigent-2011 to present) Austin, Texas

Acupuncturist to Celebrities and High Net Worth individuals  2005-to present Los Angeles, California, Brooklyn, New York, Seattle Washington, Atlanta, Georgia

Published Author of The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Story of Defiance and Triumph April 13, 2015

Published Author of Children’s Initiatic Tales: Stories from the Immortal Light December 6th, 2010

Playwright “The Black Republican”

Greenling Organic Logistics (2007-2008) Austin, Texas

Health Instructor & Curriculum creator @ Formerly The Khabele School (2005-2006) Austin, Texas

Graduate School Librarian TCTCM Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2003-2004) Austin, Texas

Certificate of Completion, First Time Director’s Course, International Film and Television Workshop, (1998-1999) Rockport, Maine

Intern, Film & Video Department (1997-1998) FVSU, Fort Valley, Georgia

Educational Background

Doctoral Degree in Oriental Medicine 2015-2019, AOMA, Austin, TX

Daoist Lu Ordination by Grandmaster Dr. Yong Wen Hoe, Kuala Lumpor Malaysia, 2014

Currently working towards NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Certification)

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) (2005-2009)

M.S.A.O.M in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Texas Sciences and Health University formerly Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Austin, TX

B.A., Mass Communications, Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, Georgia

Licenses and Certifications

State of Texas Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, (License No. 00873)

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Certificate of Completion, Clean Needle Technique, Council of Colleges, Los Angeles, CA

Certificate of Completion, Ethno Botany, North Scale Institute, Atlanta, GA

Certificate of Completion, First Time Director’s Course, International Film and Television Workshop, Rockport, Maine


Besege Tales: A Children's Book of Capoeira Play, To Be Published Winter 2018

In this Current Age of Anxiety Published in Acupuncture Today Spring 2016

The Capoeira Song Book (September 2017)

Treatment Protocol on Pain and its Associated Psychosocial Phenomena based on TCM Classics (2016)

The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Tale of Defiance and Triumph (2015)

Children’s Initiatic Tales: Stories from the Immortal Light (Winter 2010)

Social Implications of Expanded Use of Alternative Medicine in America,” Manuscript

Cultural Awareness with Non-English Speakers in Your Private Practice,” Manuscript

Societies and Memberships

Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, Austin Texas

All African Healing Arts Society, Atlanta Georgia

Integral Way Society, Santa Monica, California


Health Disparities Lunch & Learn Dell Medical School Health Disparities Initiative (Externship) Austin Texas 2016-2017

Bey Acupuncture, Online Courses, Your Secret World & Spiritual Business Advisory Program 2017

Juneteenth Health Fest, Presenter of Your Secret World, 2016

April 2005-to present, Lead Workshop Facilitator, Spirit PlantVision Quest for Clients and Celebrities, Hill Country, Texas

September 2014 Solar Rejuvenation Workshop, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson, Tybro, Las Vegas, Nevada

April 2014 Deeksha, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson, Tybro, High Point, North Carolina

December (2010) Yang Tai-Chi Martial Arts Seminar, Instructed by Horacio Lopez, Austin, Texas

Facilitator of Kujin Meditation Method, May 2010, Austin, Texas

August 2010 to present Daoist Talismanic Studies, Master Yong Wen Hoe, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand

April 2008 Solar Power Workshop, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson of Tybro, High Point, North carolina

(2008) Ethnobotanical Exploration of B. Caapi, P.Viridi, Oleander Spps, Austin, Texas

(2007) Kobayashi Japanese Acupuncture, Instructed by Sensei Kobayashi, Austin Texas

(2006), Southwest Symposium, AOMA, Austin, Texas

(2004 & 2006) Ethnobotanical Exploration of L. Williamsii, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Workshops/Volunteer/Community Service

(2014-to present) Owner and Operator of Herbal Virtues (Rainforest Herbal Business)

(2010-to present) Feed Your Soul (Bey Acupuncture’s Community Service Program)

(2010-to present) Director of Children’s in Nature’s Workshop (Bey Acupuncture’s Community Service Program)

(2009-2010) Capital Area Food Bank Initiative Organizer

(2009-2010) Lead Volunteer for Acupuncture Services for Global Youth Summit of Amala Foundation

(2007-to present) Created and led local herbal workshops on plant identification
with instruction on tinctures, salves, ointments, and formulations

(2007) Led workshop with Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas and the United States National Libraries of Medicine and National Institute of Health towards encouraging African-American and Hispanic
communities to access online health information through the NLM database

(2005-to present Owner and Chief Practitioner of Bey Acupuncture-Focus Male and Female Reproductive health, Gastrointestinal and Infectious Diseases, and Mild Mental Illness-Anxiety, Depression)

Current Research Interest

HEYA (The Human Experience and Ayahuasca): A Quality of Life Assessment, AOMA ongoing since 2016

The Art of Fu, The Study and Application of Daoist Magic

Solar Meditation and Primordial Radiation

Application of Classical Chinese Medicine Oral History

Resetting Opiate Addiction utilizing sacred botanical medicine and nutrition

Resolving Mental Illness utilizing Words of Power

Daoist talismans, The Art of Fu, and the improvement of one’s life

E-Mc2 and the study of Nature utilizing Daoist Principles

Ayahuasca and Quality of Life (Ongoing)

Consciousness and Healing (Ongoing)

The Prayer of the Ana’B Keoach and Cancer Remission (Ongoing)