#15 - The Angry Chicken: “Rag Roulette”

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Balance Patch Arrives! As Well as Bugs!

The anticipated balance patch went live on Wednesday and was followed by a minor fix patch to address an increase in the minion-position-changing bug.

"Resolved some issues that were introduced with the previous patch that exacerbated the frequency in which minions arbitrarily swapped places with other minions on the board. This issue is not fully resolved but should now be less prevalent than it was with patch"

There is also an known issue with canceling quests and having them replaced with a new quest.  It's still under investigation and quest-cancelling is temporarily disabled in the meantime.


Balance Philosophy

Hearthstone Dev Eric Dodds posted a longer blog entry on the Hearthstone website detailing the development team's philosophy on card balance.  He discusses the reasons the team will pick a card to be changed, including:

A card causes non-interactive games

A card is frustrating to play against


A card is causing confusion or isn’t intuitive enough

A card is too strong compared to other cards of that cost

A specific build or style of play is too strong

A card is too weak

He also dropped this tidbit: I want you all to know that once we go into Open Beta with Hearthstone (which is happening soon!), we plan to make very few card changes, unless they are absolutely necessary.  We want players to find their own creative solutions to different decks, not to wait for us to nerf the flavor the month.

The full text of Eric's blog post is available at the Hearthstone official website or by using the link in our show notes.



Post Patch Deck Changes

Go Dills Go! =P

For example: The Blood Imp is actually pretty damn awesome after the balance patch.

Joce - Having success running UtH with a Buzzard now that the cost dropped. Usually get 2-3 cards

Crazy Game Stories

From Listener Will

Just thought I'd share my crazy game story, you might enjoy it:

So empty board, me on 2 heath him on 14.

He plays Tirion and passes the turn.

My hope of an amazing top deck fails, I consider conceding but instead just play a Molten Giant and Sylvanas then end turn.

He then drops Avenging Wrath which proceeds to miss me completely, slam Sylvanas 5 times, killing her and stealing Tirion. After around 10 seconds a message pops up saying my opponent has left the game.


Kevin - Staying competitive on the cheap

What's up guys, I found your podcast not too long ago and it is a good listen. I just got Hearthstone a few weeks ago, so I am pretty late to the party. The biggest thing I'm struggling with is trying to stay competitive against people who have a much larger collection than me. I am able to get as high as rank 10, but I tend to lose games whenever the big legendaries come out as I don't have/know the response. I've bought some packs, but I'd rather not spend much more. I got a much of murlocs in the packs, so I've been running that because it is the only somewhat reliable way for me to get rush down wins before Ragnaros or Grommash + Inner rage eat my face on turn 8. I've thought of druid with silence + faceless manips as well. any other ideas?



Garrett keep talking about keywords from Magic to be used in Hearthstone that wouldn't transfer well. I thought of a few things that might. What do you think?

Minions that can only attack heroes/only attack minions

Overkill (akin to trample in Magic. The excess damage from killing a minion is blasted through to the hero.)

Long-Range (doesn't take return damage when attacking. This is in the WoW TCG.)

Poison (every turn, the poisoned minion takes 1 damage)

Sleep (unable to attack, coin flip after every turn negates. This is in the Pokemon TCG.)

Love the show. :)

- Mike


If you had to build a deck with only neutral cards, what hero would you choose?

Garrett Note: Dills and Joce, this may be a good place to discuss your random deck games the other night. As I know the few times I played random decks against Dills I put a lot of thought into the Hero I’d use.


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