Chapter 2:

 The making of “friends”

This is only the beginning to a new game isn’t it Darkness, Eletruthez acknowledged as the day ends on their victory. Now is The time to begin the process of life, Thought the anxious child. The procedure of a new friend and family awaits me. Electruthez realized that it would take time to form life while creating the universe and its “Big Bang”, so Electruthez started their wait for friends. Time does travel lazily by doesn’t it, they thought and went to look around their invention. They admired the heat generated by the stars and that they to were light in the universe shining down on the abyss. On Darkness…what had happened to my tragically beaten brother. Electruthez then decided to see darkness…after they had one more glimpse of the vibrant blue stars.

Darkness waited all alone like they always wanted, they had the power to do whatever they wanted. This though was not satisfying enough to enjoy the emptiness. They were bothered by the fact that they are isolated only because of the efforts of Electruthez which infuriated them. This wasn’t even the loneliness that they were craving. They want vengeance against the moron that has done this to them, that cursed Electruthez. How would they get their sweet wrath on Void’s precious Light from the corner of emptiness they were stuck in. The answer seemed to be coming as Darkness felt the energy of Electruthez coming on them. This is perfect, thought the enthusiastic Darkness as the foolish Light came this way.

Electruthez started to feel the presence of Darkness as they sped up toward them. I wonder how horrible of an idea this is, went through the mind of Electruthez as they got closer passing planet after solar system after galaxy of potential new life and the friends that they wait for. They finally reached the edge of the universe where the impatient Darkness wanted to greet them after the past hundred of years that it took Electruthez to get to this abandoned part of creation. Electruthez, now just about regretting the mistake of coming all of this way, was now about face to face with the withered brother that proved so hard was better than themself, but with no proval as in what happened afterwards.

Darkness just wanted to ripped them vigorously into puny insignificant chucks, but that was not the goal of the occasion. All Darkness asked of their “superior” brother was this,” Come back again and your pathetic universe will not be there to protect you, and your Big Bang won’t be able to stop me Okay my moronic twat of a sibling.” Then Darkness left the now disappointed Electruthez all alone only with their “toy” to play with.


Electruthez returned to the center of their universe and wanted millions of lengthy years for the first life to be born in this gigantic colorful plains of existence. The race was of a group or even herd of small swine like creatures Electruthez named the Interporkians meaning of course the first Pigs. Their named this later for all Electruthez cared of them is that they were friends. They just descended from the liquid of life only a few dozen years ago and have fully develop their new warm and solid lungs to breath the cooling transparent air. They even roll around with their brown curly hairs on the lush green grass.

I wish I could enjoy the lovely world they are on, wished Electruthez. As they admired the race of harmonious furballs enjoying the give of life. Then they realised that maybe they could enjoy their world and it's perfect warmth. They tried out their idea to make a flash that can hold into a form that would be able to interact with their friends. So they created the flash which was more luminescent than the vibrant rays of the lightly blue tinted star. When Electruthez reached the surface of the colorful realm they were able to barely hold this new form. The appearance of this new form was like the sun’s shade of blue with two arm and legs, a more slim torso and a well shaped head with a faceless reflection and small bolts traveling across the new body. Now it’s time to create the first impression in front of my new friends, thought the excited youth of the universe.

 The interporkians swormed the new thing that came from the sky and started to drop at this object’s knees to show that they wanted to serve the being. Electruthez was nervous and confused as to why they ran to them so fast. Then they realised that this could just be a game that these friends of theirs play, also like how Darkness played their games. This though should work out an immensely amount better than that game. So Electruthez decided to play tag with them for they knew they were quite experienced with the game. Electruthez tags one of the furry little ones…which  scent them all screaming in horror. Must not like tag, they assumed, well I didn’t like when I played it with Darkness so that isn’t the most surprising reaction to such a game. Then they tried a flash hoping to calm them down, but only seem to make them more flustered and terrorfied. Electruthez was panicked just as much as their stressed out friends, luckily they were able to keep their cool in the flustering event. The problem was that Electruthez had nothing left they may be able to do to calm the others down. Then Electruthez determined an idea that would hopefully work. They created an orb of light then sent it to the others’ direction. Their friends then stopped.

They were amazed by this floating ball above them and the Interporkians followed it to the being of light. They sent their most brave of them to the being, the little one with the pointy hairs that was touched earlier. Little Bravy, the new name of the little one, went to Electruthez to see the ball that was now in their hand. Bravy tried to touch it, but got nervous by Electruthez impressive glow. Electruthez got excited by the little one to come back so they gave the boy the ball, and watched at how outstanded the little one was. Then they started to play with one another, of course Little Bravy was still nervous, but they got over it and continued to play. Then more of them went to play until they were all playing with the light orbs.

They were so full of life but only lasted for so long, never lived long enough to enjoy them as they wanted to enjoy those little creatures. Only able to play for a short time then taken away in an instant, how pathetic they were.

This was the disappointing true of Electruthez’s friends. There must be a way to fix the problem the poor slender, hairy creatures. What if they didn’t have to die, they thought. This may be the answer to saving them. What if I gave them the power to live and play as long as they want. This is now Electruthez goal, to save Them.

Electruthez decided not to give it to them all at once for that could kill them, and That would defeat the purpose of saving them. They started very slow by just giving them energy when they were tired of playing so they can enjoy the days longer. It seemed that it was working fine on their organic bodies so Electruthez just continued to give them the energy. Then a week later the others started to notice the changes of how active they have become over the past few days. This caused more of them to come and play with us than usual. Odd, They must know what I’m doing, or maybe they just want to play because of how fun it looks, hoped the concerned Electruthez.

The next step was to push them past the sleep stage of their live so they can enjoy the full time of their existence. This is when all of the Interporkians joined in on the games. They definitely know what’s happening to them, Electruthez realised as more of their friends stopped sleeping.

They then stopped playing at night and went away for a bit from Electruthez. They would then come back with statues of Electruthez, which creeped Electruthez out. Why are you doing this, you don’t need to give me anything just remember that we are all friends, thought Electruthez as the “friends” came back with more statues each night.

Electruthez finally decided to see where the Interporkians went during the night. What they found was to depressing to continue being their friend. They were tearing the mushy organs out of their fellow friend then wiping the bloody organs on the statues. Blood stained the perfect green grass as they threw it over into a giant hole they created for their fallen brethren.

“Stop this, stop the killing, I am not worth your life's,” shouted the angered Electruthez. “Please just stop!


Everything stopped. The universe was at a standstill with Electruthez all alone looking over their once perfected creation. Electruthez started to cry for the fact that all that killing was their own fault. They were the Monster.

Darkness comes to the now depressed Electruthez. “It seems that someone broke their toy, and now they're crying about it.” Darkness was coming closer and closer to Electruthez ready to destroy them and their universe. The time has come for their vengeance. Electruthez then turns to flash the Darkness, but insteads uses a better attack. Electruthez creates another Big Bang.

A new universe is born, one where Hopefully Electruthez will not regret creating.


This universe was not as perfect as the first but did have a strang first form of life. They were like an octopus with chicken wing and a dog like tail and were the color of a very bold purple. They lived a bit longer than the Interporkians, but were not as intelligent as them. Electruthez watch how they would die so easily by just being so foolish. This universe would never work in being used to find true “friends” for the unhappy Electruthez. This species was then called the Durpwertations. They then realised to make the next universe so they aren’t just watch the Durpwertations kill themselves.

The next universe came very quick after observing the last one, and did only a tad better. These creatures in this third universe were more civilized than the other two species. They lived in a way that they would be able to grow their own food so they didn’t have to depend on hunting or gathering of nutrients for their life style. They then would have times to enjoy and play with one another without having to worry about needs in their simple yet short lifes. Electruthez was quite tempted to go and play with the slimy creatures, but still was not ready for the responsibility of guiding their race just yet. The Planet they lived on was like a waist pool with little room to relax, but their scaly exteriors protected them. They were the colors of reddish pink, with a slight tint of green to go over it, and their body had three arms about three meters long each and only one leg to support them up about half the arm length. The only problem with these creatures known as the Smashtaconalist were the fact that they died at a very rapid pace to the point they cool only live for about three years the most. Then when things on that planet finally seemed calm it explodes destroying the beautiful race of Smashtaconalist.

Then Electruthez developed a way so that they can determine if that species was worthy of being their “friend” and to gain any power of them. It was if the species at an early stage would be able to give up on of their offsprings to see if they are worthy of Electruthez respect and power. So they created another universe to see if the next race was worthy.

This race called the Jalalcanians were a species of bird like creatures that couldn’t fly but were able to swim. They had both flippers and legs that can be switch between one another for maximum efficiency. They also had two tails able to propel themselves through the water. They were the shades of gray, silver white and blue. They were very competitive against themselves as well…which would sadly be their undoing. Electruthez came down while their were two tribes of the Jalalcanians were developed and came down to them in their light body. They were quite amazed with the feet, but Electruthez only meant business between them. Electruthez proposed the offer to the two tribe leaders to decide if they were willing to make the sacrifice to Electruthez. They both came with one of their kin each preparing their warrior to start the sacrifice. The surprise was that of Electruthez as they thought they were going to chose one of the two to be killed, but instead both were slaughtered at the call. The tribe leaders were then angered by this and started to fight. Biting and tearing of flesh and the gushing of blood caused the other ones to fight as well. Electruthez was also angered by this, but for the fact that all of this killing was being done when only one needed to die for this. Instead there was a battle at place and both sides savagely destroying the opponent until one of them drops from the lost of bodily fluids and the will to live.

Darkness was there to, not killing or destroying anything just watching on how bad Electruthez had failed that experiment. Darkness laughter crackled through the universes as this went on with more and more blood shed. This must be how they felt after their defeat, thought Electruthez leaving the Jalalcanians to make a new universe to try again with hopefully better results.


This is going to go well, I have tried so hard for this to work so please let it work, prayed the poor ELectruthez. As they waited for the next universe to have its first life. Electruthez worked for a century to make this next universe to develop just right, so Electruthez will be able to make those “friends” that they always wanted. The next race will develop soon with the hope of the universe inside of them to push how much it is needed for this to work.

The next species finally arrived hopefully the last first race will be this one. These creatures were odd for the fact that they stood on two legs instead of multiply limbs holding them up. They were the colors of black and red, with little tails on their ends that could be used like a weapon to whip things. They also had two arms that were used to carry thing like the rock. Their head, being shaped weird was used like a ram by the hard shell forehead, and the horns would be useful to open up the local plants for food. They were also slender meaning that they didn’t need the fuel as often as others. They were the most efficient race Electruthez has seen out of all the universes, making them quite impressive. This efficiency will hopefully be a sign that Electruthez search for friends is over.

This society of being known as the Armarackers were those of an intelligent viewpoint they thought, but their most desired thing in the universe was that of power they wished to gain to become the rulers of their lives not to worry of that they could be interfered by an enlightened being of sort. Though they didn’t believe in such being because of the fact they don’t want to be robbed of their glory. The leader of the Armarackers, Whepperlana, thought that power will come to them soon as long as they worked for it, but her brother, Atkenious thought that they should take the power from those who have it. “This would fail Atkens,” said the fair Whepperlana to Atkenious as he told her this. “There is no person out there that even has power that would even remotely help us become the greatest of the realm.” “There must be though, who would have made all this power in the first place?” ask the stubborn Atkenious. Whepperlana whipped the pathetic whelp, in hopes that he would just give up at his claim. Atkenious decided to leave with one last statement,” If their is a greater being than even us then I will take that power and destroy your rule Lana mark my words.”

Electruthez decided that watching over this deep green ball at this point was useless, it was time to give them the test. Electruthez got themself prepared to descend to the planet, but was oddly feeling concern.  There is nothing that can hurt you down there so why are you so worried about this, They thought to themself. It is time.

Atkenious was outside the city disappointed by the rejection he just got. “When will I get what I deserve. Then a light struck the planet of Utopia causing the city to shake. Normally the quakes are at the morning, but it has happened at night before so no one, except Atkenious will know of this event. Atkenious ran to the site of the light to see a being of light coming toward the city.  This is the power I’ve been looking for, now just need to take it, thought the greedy Atkenious. “Wait sir, stop!” shouted Atkenious. Electruthez stopped ready to give them the test. “Are you one of this planet’s high officials?” ask Electruthez. “Yes, I am Atkenious of Utopia, but friends know me as Atkens.” “I have come to give your race the chance to become my friend and to gain the powers over the universe. The only thing your race must do is to sacrifice one of your fellow brethren to gain the power so chose the person well, and wisely.” Atkens wishes have come true, here was the being that will give him unlimited power, and to rule the universe. All he needed was to kill someone, which he figured out the perfect sacrifice. “Thank you for offering this chance for us to be your friend, I do believe I know who to sacrifice, just let me go get them.”

Atkens ran as fast as he could back to the capitol building so he can find Lana. “Whepperlana I’ve found the power we need to be the rulers of the universe.” “Now how did you do that my greedy brother,” mocked Lana. “ follow me to the outskirts of town so I can give us the power.” “Oh fine brother I just hope that you don’t get to disappointed by the results of this.” Whepperlana followed  him to the spot which had quite a nice natural feel to it. Electruthez saw them coming for this is the moment of true, will they finally get friends.

“Here comes our offering my friend!” shouted Atkens Electruthez then came to the woman that was with Atkens. Then Electruthez started the process of taking her into the plain of emptiness. She screamed out at Atkens,” How could you do this to your own sister, you greedy beast!” Electruthez was confused by that statement,” What did she mean by that Atkenious.” “just finish the process that woman is a demon trying to trick you, don’t listen to the absurd things she speaks.” That sounds like someone that is filled with greed, have i’ve been tricked. The process was done and the woman was now erased from the plain of existence.

“ Give me the power so I can start being your true friend.” Electruthez was quite confused, but they gave atkens the power to alter the universe slowly though. “ Yes, I can finally rule the universe, but first it is time to destroy the one being greater than I.” Atkens then blasted darkness at Electruthez but they dodged the shot. “ How could you think of such an evil thought my friend. You have betrayed me, and in return I will give you exactly what you deserve you slithering snake!” Electruthez watched as their power started to consume Atkens destroying their old body turning them into a wiggling snake black as Darkness themself. This is the punishment for greed for those whoever betrays me again, thought the angered Electruthez.


That universe was also a failure Electruthez had to deal with. All I wanted was friends, thought the disappointed Electruthez. Then darkness came,” Why, what a failure you are, and I thought that I was the defeated one. If I knew this was going to be your future I would have let you live without any fight and just watch you mess up over and over again.” Then Electruthez calmed down, and responded back,” at least I wasn’t beaten by a mere child and their toy.” Darkness, now flustered, left,”At least I will enjoy being alone you fool.”

Electruthez felt better about the situation and realized that they have only tried a few universes, and that the more they make the more likely they will make one with the perfect race to be friends with. Electruthez stayed determined to create their future friends no matter how many failures will come there way. Electruthez at leased hoped that it will happen soon, and that the last universe they made isn’t consumed by the greed that was developing there. So Electruthez started the next universe that will hopefully be the universe that will change everything for the better.