September 15, 2016 - THE MIRACLE OF THE CELLO!

Sister Kemple had told us she played the cello and wondered if we knew anyone who might lend us one.  We didn’t, but thought how nice it would be for her to perform a musical number sometime.

We only know one cello player (a young man who used to be in our ward and now lives back East and plays professionally).  We got up our nerve and called his parents in case he left an old cello home.  His father, Richard Willes, told us he did still have one at home and he’d love to help us, but the old practice cello was worth $17,000 and he’d want to make sure it was in very careful hands.  We were sure Sister Kemple would be most vigilant with it, but even she didn’t want the responsibility of that nice and valuable of an instrument.  We told Brother Willes we’d try something else, but he said he’d call his son’s cello shop, Charles Liu, to see if they’d let us borrow anything and would get back to us the next day (Monday).

I phoned and/or emailed every instrument rental shop in town, including Charles Liu.  Because it’s “back-to-school” time in September, almost every instrument in town was already gone (all student-grade cellos) and we had nothing but rejections.  Some offered to order one for me that would be available in a week or two, but the price was generally much more than we could afford.  In the end, we simply couldn’t find one.

By Tuesday evening, we’d heard nothing from Brother Willes, but then a knock came at the door, and there was Brother Willes . . . and a cello!  He and his son had just the right connection and respect with Charles Liu, so the shop had simply given him one (of higher grade) to borrow for a week or two.  It was so nice of him go to the trouble of obtaining the beautiful cello for Sister Kemple.  We were all blessed by her playing “I Need Thee Every Hour” in Relief Society, and she’ll play again in a local ward next Sunday.  What a wonderful miracle!

Sister Clark T, President Bateman, Sister Bateman, Sister Nevil and Sister Kemple

The Batemans arranged to get the cello.