#169 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

August 30, 2016

• Garrett • Jocelyn • Dills



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Kara Week 3: The Menagerie

What did we think of this wing?

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Hi TAC Crew!

Long time listener, I love all of your content. I have been playing hearthstone since beta, but I feel like I have never truly had a hearthstone moment worthy of being a crazy game story or Trolden video. That all ended last week.

I was trying to enjoy the new adventure cards and play some new decks. Evolution Shaman is by far one of the most fun to play. As long as you pray to the RNG gods, the tempo swings are ridiculous.

Anyways, I was matched against a warrior and I could not figure out if he was playing Patron or OTK Worgen. This became apparent when he played a Worgen on turn 8. He did not however play the combo with it as he was out of mana. I had a couple of totems up. On my turn, I rockbiter to take out the Worgen, and then I proceed to play Pantry Spider, Totem hero power, and Thing From Below. This gives me a board of 3 totems, 2 1/3 spiders, and a 5/5 taunt. Of course I follow this up by playing evolve. I didn't even really check to see what my board has turned into as I feel I have already secured my win and neutralized the warriors win condition. On my opponent's turn, he proceeds to play another Worgen... my heart sinks. He proceeds to play charge! on the Worgen and I stare at the screen waiting for impending defeat. He then casts inner rage and the Worgen is destroyed!! I blankly stare at the screen trying to process what just happened. I scan my screen and discover that my evolved minions have given me a Jungle Moonkin! The +2 spell damage that both players receive caused his inner rage to do 3 damage to his Worgen, crushing his OTK dreams. He conceded and I thanked the RNG Gods once again!

Thanks for listening mother cluckers!


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Dear Dino-Descended Discontents,

My comment relates to a conversation from (I believe) last week's show where Garrett and Dills were talking about how Hearthstone could incorporate some sort of expel or extended-freeze effect; an effect that would render a minion inactive, but not dead, for some extended period of time.

Well, as an avid Overwatch player (and big fan of the Overwatchers Podcast), my first thought was that Team 5 could implement an Anna-like sleep effect. In other words, the effect would put a minion "to sleep," rendering it unable to attack, until the minion is "awakened," by taking damage. As this thought dawned on me, my mind immediately started churning with the possibilities--there could be minions that put other minions to sleep; there could be minions that are innately asleep when played, but that could be awakened through friendly-fire; there could even be minions that go to sleep when inspired; and the list only goes on.

I'd love you hear the group's thoughts on this!


What's up Flustered Farm Fowl,

I've been rocking the Menagerie Beast Druid since listening to the last few episodes.  Dills was right, Menagerie manager was a final missing piece.  One question, why is Sir Finley the best Murloc?  Wouldn't a charge Murloc work better?  I often find the turn or two after a Curator turn I'm setting up my finisher with Savage Roar.  Is there something good about changing my hero power I'm missing?

C to the Luck!


Hello Angry Chicken hosts!

I am BRAND NEW to this type of game.  Never played a card game like it in my life.  I just leveled up all the classes to 10 to unlock the cards by beating the crap out of the inn keeper (on easy difficulty mind you).  What should I do next?  Building my own deck seems daunting, but seems to be what people recommend.  So TAC crew....what do you suggest I try out next to keep getting the hang of the game?

Thanks again for all of the content you all produce!  Makes driving to work fun!


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