Mrs. Smith

Physical World Syllabus

The Physical World: An Introduction to Physical Science for Christian Schools

BJU Press


        Modeling God’s World



        Kinematics: How Things Move

        Dynamics: Why Things Move


        Work and Simple Machines

        Fluid Mechanics




        Periodic Motion and Waves


        Electromagnetic Energy

        Light and Optics

        The Atom

        Elements and the Periodic Table

        Bonding and Compounds

        Chemical Reactions

        Mixtures and Solutions

        Acids, Bases, and Salts


Reading assignments must be outlined in one color of pen and class notes written in using a different color of pen. Homework questions and worksheets must be answered using blue or black pen; however, pencils must be used for all math work . Be sure to show all work and not just the answer on any math problems. Partial credit will be awarded for correct work done. A scientific calculator will be required for the math problems. All work must be kept in a three-ring binder designated for Physical World only and will be graded on test days for a quiz grade: 100% if complete and 0% if in-complete. All in-class grading will be completed in green ink and each student must write their name on the bottom of the assignment they are grading.


        25%--Homework graded for accuracy and completion.

        25%--Quizzes will be scheduled.

        50%--Tests and Projects will be scheduled.


        Scientist Summary (Test Grade)--

        Research Paper (Two Test Grades)--