Ya know what? I think we need a world war 3, world war 1 and 2 were so boring, but now that Donald Trump will be our overlord… things will be different. It would be great having more dead bodies just lying around. Well at least that’s what he says. Now I know everyone hates Donald Trump… for some reason- but have you ever looked at his luscious hair or amazing people skills? Did you know he has a net worth of 4.5 billion dollars!He is also very efficient when firing people, if someone doesn’t meet his very high standard that not even he reaches, he fires them, just like that. I’m here to tell you why Donald Trump would easily make the best President. No more Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump WILL BE OUR OVERLORD.

My first Reason Donald Trump should be president is because of his inspiring quotes, here’s one them *clears throat* “I’m really rich” now if that wasn’t inspiring enough he also said “I will build a great, great wall (and yes two greats)on our southern border between the U.S and Mexico and I will make Mexico pay for that wall mark my words!”

This surely convinces you that Donald Trump is just a saint that must be president.

You know, Donald Trump has already solved the world's obesity problem, he said that kicking all the mexicans out of America would decrease the obesity levels because of their traditional delicious meals.

Okay, so if you haven’t already realised… Donald Trump is handsome, right? We all look up to him because of his good looks and charisma just admit it, we all dislike him because of jealousy. We all want his blessed face but we aren’t all so lucky to get such an angelic face and a heart of gold. Angelologists have said that only 1 person in the whole of existence, would be blessed with such a saint like body and attitude, this person is the chosen one. Donald Trump is that chosen one.

My 3rd reason is because he is actually trying! Trying to make america great again, but not just great, PERFECT. He is planning to kick all the muslims and hispanics out to reduce the terror attacks. Another great idea from Trump, I think Donald might just make it up there along with all other great leaders trying to make a perfect country. Take Adolf Hitler for example, he only wanted the best of the best around him - only blonde hair and blue eyes for Hitler. Donald Trump believes that losers and obese people shouldn’t be allowed in America, hence creating a perfect country.

 Our role model is also proposing to let everyone own a gun which will be great!  Ahhhh….. What visions… everyone with guns in a country that already has the name of most shootings and most mass murders…. Trump such a smart man.

This must have persuaded you. 100%, definitely, totally, surely this speech changed your mind about Donald Trump. He is the most tenacious, determined and handsome man I have ever seen, and you've ever seen.... With donald Trump’s money we can definitely win world war 3! So take your Stand and vote for Donald J Trump!