Dear amazing one!

Join the 15th fabulotastic European NVC Summer Festival 2018 in Denmark!

WHEN: It will be held from:  Saturday 21st of July to Saturday 28th of July 2018

WHERE: In the south of Denmark, at Efterskolen Epos, Færgevej 5 (Faergevej), Fynshav, 6440 Augustenborg, Denmark.

WHAT: The Festival centers around the practice of the communication process “Nonviolent Communication” (NVC). At the festival people with similar interest meet and learn from each other.  They can give and participate in a wide variety of activities and workshops and for a week live in a community based on the principles of care and respect. The Festival is structured with the Open Space technology, meaning there are no official trainers. Everyone is welcome to offer trainings in whatever subject, not only in NVC.

Here is the info document for those who have already registered (In case you didn’t get it…)

teatersal, redigeret.jpg


   In this document you will find the info you need.

Registrations have closed, write an email (not facebook), if you want to be on the waiting list or if you want one of the 2 available Kitchen Ninja spots!

  We look forward to seeing you!

With love from Alea - (and Mathias, my amazing supporter!)

Table of contents


NINJAS:        4


REGISTER HERE !        5





THE VENUE - Efterskolen Epos        10

FOOD        10

STILL IN DOUBT - Why go?        10



Below you will find the sliding scales that can guide you on how much to transfer. For this you will get: An open space festival, 3 meals a day of delicious buffets of vegan/vegetarian mostly organic food, and great company!

In addition to your participation fee, you can choose your preferred accommodation option from the options below:  

ACCOMODATION (Prices are per week)

Per Twin Room FULLY BOOKED (0 available, waiting list):  150 euro for the whole room  (including 2 beds, excluding duvet, pillow, sheets and towel):  – can fit 1-3 extra mattresses, depending on room size. In some of the rooms the beds can me moved together, in several of the rooms it is bunk beds. Only 2 rooms have private bathrooms.  14 rooms have private sink. If you have specific reasons for wanting a certain type of room, you can write that in the comments when you register, but we cannot guarantee your wish to come true :-)

Per single room FULLY BOOKED (0 available): 135 euro (including 1 bed, excluding duvet, pillow, sheets and towel). No private bathroom.

Campervan site (incl possibility of electricity cable if you need, please add this in the comment when you register) : 20 euro

Dormitory space (0 LEFT excl mattress etc), : 20 euro

Rent canvas tent (1 LEFT: 4m bell tent, can fit up to 4 people): 65 euro 

Bring your own tent or sleep outside of festival: 0 euro

Rent bed-stuff (per person):
Bedlinen: 7 euro 
Duvet and pillow: 7 euro 
Extra mattress: 10 euro (for use in dormitory, extra on the floor in your room, or in a tent (for tents you will get an air mattress))

PARTICIPATION FEE SLIDING SCALE: (your contribution to cover meals and festival participation for the whole festival)

0-8 years: 0-120 euro

9-17 years: 50-160 euro

18+: Low income: 160-230 euro / Middle income: 230-400 euro / High income 400 - 660 euro


You can attend the festival at a big discount if you take certain Ninja responsibility roles. See details below:  

  • Kitchen Ninjas (14-17 people paying no participation fee at all):  participate at the festival on a Ninja team as either Sunrise Ninja 6-9am (2 people) late morning Ninja 8.00-12.15 am (4-5 people) afternoon Ninja 12.15-16.30 (4-5 people) or evening Ninja 16.30-20.45 (4-5 people) + expect a bit of coordination online, upon arrival, and during the festival. Ninjas preferably arrive the day before the festival starts (So you arrive Friday). Apply to Harry and Alea describing your skills, why you would like to be part of the kitchen team, and whether you will still join by paying full participation if we cannot give you a Kitchen Ninja space (so that we keep your place at the festival reserved). Harrys and Aleas email: ; 
  • Kids Ninja (2-4 people at 25% of participation fee): participate in the festival as a kids Ninja working with the kids aged 5-16 in either a morning slot or an afternoon slot every day + expect a bit of coordination online, upon arrival, and during the festival.  We need these languages covered: German, Polish, maybe Dutch. We already have Danish and English covered. Apply to Alea and describe your languages and possible offers for the kids and whether you will still join by paying if we cannot give you a Kids Ninja space (so that we keep your place at the festival reserved). Write to 

Price guidance if in doubt:  

Pick somewhere in the lower third if you can’t pay any higher and/or come from eastern/southern europe. Pick somewhere in the middle if you have a job and can go to the cinema or eat out several times each year. Pick somewhere in the high end if you earn more than average or you want to contribute to people without any money.


Middle income family with 2 children age 5 and 14 rent 1 room (150 euro) and bedlinen for 4 including duvet and pillows (4×14 euro) but bring their own big airbed. They choose to pay 800 euro for the family and in total pay 1,006 euro.

High income couple with no children rent a room (150 euro) with linen, duvet and pillow (2×14 euro) and want to support others (giving 600 euro each), thereby transferring 1378 euro.

Low income mother with two children 7+9 years stays in a tent and brings everything herself, transfers 210 euro in total. (This is made possible because some people/families pay in high middle or high end of the scale)

IMPORTANT: To secure your reservation we would like you to transfer your whole amount when you book. The first 100 EUR are a non-refundable contribution to the festival, the rest is refundable. If you registered before 5th of June and chose to only transfer part, the rest is to be payed latest 15th of June with an added 8 EURO (because we pay 8 EUR per transfer). Transfer the money to SWIFT adr.: MEKUDK21, IBAN nr.: DK9884010001267048 Danish people can use account 8401 1281809 . Name “Efterskolen Epos”, Address “Færgevej 5, 6440 Augustenborg”.


  • Sign the Code of Conduct/The Pledge when registering. (It will be part of the registration form).
  • Treat others with kindness and respect, including respecting “No” and “Stop”.
  • Smoking is only allowed at the designated area or outside the school premises.
  • Alcohol is allowed, with care for those around you.
  • Support others and Ask for support. We invite you to practise asking for support from others, maybe more than what you are used to.
  • Long term awareness: Sometimes the energy can get intimate - beware of increased risk of actions you might regret later.

Additional statements from participants:

Below are some answers from various festival participants to the question: “What would support care and respect at the festival”:

  • “Knowing that all participants are aware of how to treat others with respect and will do so. If participants (including children) act in harmful ways, the community will step in to stop the harm, and do so skillfully.”
  • “Having someone to go to when feeling upset or in need of support “  
  • “As a newcomer feeling welcomed, being heard and included by the experienced participants”
  • “Being able to question, change and affect the structures in positive ways”
  • “Starting and ending on time, and if it is not possible to end on time, then agreeing on a new timeframe “
  • “When the community supports the facilitators in maintaining the structure and the flow of  the community meetings. -So that the meetings don’t get sidetracked and become empathy sessions, discussions or conflict resolution sessions that are not relevant to everybody present.”
  • “Being supported when needing it”
  • “Being honest”
  • “Learning how to deal with my own reactions in supportive and loving ways”

REGISTER HERE ! (registrations have closed, write an email to alea if you want to be on the waiting list)


You are welcome to Join the festival event on facebook. Once you have signed up, you will receive all important info by email, but other small discussions, questions and answers can also happen in the facebook event. There is also a facebook festival group that contains participants from the last 14 festivals.


We want this festival to be accessible and attractive to kids and youth. The prices for kids and teens will be low and there will be a kids and youth programme, a teen-run CAFÉ, a play room for kids with toys and materials, a tent nearby with more space and possibility of activities, a cellar for the teens with pool table, table football, table tennis, and more. The kids will also have the group gathering room as their play room ( “race on matresses and throw pillows” room), when it is not used for the two main group gatherings. There are several other hangout areas indoors and outdoors including a football field, volleyball field, fireplace and more.


On Sunday 21st there is First Day Fun double workshop (11.15-12 + 14.30-16.30) for all kids, youth and parents (others are of course very welcome too, it will probably make you enjoy the kids more if you participated in this day). Kids and Youth alike can also offer activities and put them on the Program posters and inform about it in the morning gathering.  

Each evening (20-20.45), at the community gathering of “mournings and celebrations” there will be a time slot in the beginning, where kids and youth are invited to share something about their day or suggest if there is something they would like different. They can also sit in the quiet kids area and make drawings of the day.

What can my 0-4 year old do?

We do not offer parent free activities for children below 5 years. You, as a parent, can join with your child in the activities organised for the 5-8 year olds. The first day you will meet others with small kids and together you can find more ways of having child (free?) time. Parents with small kids will also be able to be in sharing groups in the break after lunch where volunteers join you to support with the kids (or support you in creating the space you need).

What can my 5-8 year old do?

Monday to Friday 10.15-12.00: Organised physical games in the community space. Parents can join or leave their child there, if/when the child is okay with it.

Monday to Friday 14.30-16.30: Creative activities in the creative room and/or playtime outside by the kids tent. Parents can join or leave their kids there, if/when the child is okay with it. See the Kids programme.

What can my 9-18 year old do?

Monday to Friday: There will be offers every day like gladiator match, werewolf game and more. Your child can also offer activities, join activities of the young kids, or just have un-organised fun! See the Kids programme.


Every part of the programme is voluntary.

Workshops are open space offers - you can already start requesting and offering here.

See more explanations of key words and concepts further down.


21st of July

Sunday to Thursday 

(Thursday is visitors Day)



28th of July

At the NVC festival you can arrive from friday at 14.00 (but not before, as the school is rented out=If you come between Friday 14.00 and  Saturday at 14.00, we expect you to help out with preparations.

14-17.30: Arrival

17.30-18.45: Dinner

19.00 - 20.00: Opening Gathering with everyone.

20.30-21.15: Gentle group connection time

                       Early morning offerings (Specify the time when you offer)

        7-8.45 Breakfast                  

8.45-9.00  Community music/singing

9.00-10.00      Community Gathering

9-9.45 Community working meditations and closing preparations.

10.15-12.00          Morning Workshop

10.00-11.30 Closing ceremony

12.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.30 Break or Working meditation time

14.00-14.30 Break or Working meditation time


For those that stay a while or until Sunday, we ask you to help organise a bit after the festival.

14.30-16.30 Afternoon Workshop

14.30-16.00 Workshop

16.30-17.00 Break/playtime

16.00-17.00 Sharing Groups

17.00-18.00 Sharing Groups

17.30-19.00 Dinner

18.00-19.45 Dinner

19.15-20.30 No need for Talent Show (10-15 acts)

19.45-20.00  Community music/singing

20.00-20.45 Community Gathering

21.00-? Evening offerings


Community Gatherings

Every morning there is a community gathering (The Morning Gathering). Here you can hear about the workshops that will be offered during the day, connect with the festival community through the remembering (A poem, song, text, story or something else that really helps you to connect with your inner truth and deep values). Every evening there is another community gathering  called Mournings and Celebrations. As a community we hold the space for each other, witness each other, letting ourselves and others be seen and heard from love, honesty and vulnerability: sharing deep learnings of the day; sharing something that you mourn that you might want to act differently on at another time; something you did that was on your edge, or whatever might be bursting in you. This space invites slowness, humour, vulnerability, spaciousness, connection. We don’t go into fixing mode, but if it comes natural you can add a request to your sharing. Community Gatherings are not used to solve conflicts or do decision making processes.  If a group conflict or a structural problem comes up, those that are invested in it can participate in a decision making session on the third day (Tuesday). You can also set aside time in any other workshop block to discuss issues with those that are interested in the topic, and - based on those discussion - suggest changes to the community gathering facilitators (or to other relevant people, depending on the topic). We ask you to support the facilitator in caring for the whole group. Here is more detailed info about the structure of the gatherings (these are the sheets we use for sign ups during the festival).

Community Music/Singing

Scheduled before each community gathering. You can decide to join (passively or actively), if you enjoy being in community with music and singing. It’s okay to join late.

Conflict Manager and Conflict Management Team 

A Conflict Manager is person experienced in solving conflicts through NVC based methods. The Conflict Management team consists of the Conflict Managers. They have the mandate to take decisions on behalf of the festival group based on a set of guidelines.

Conflict Weave

A group of experienced people who will often be available for dealing with inner or outer conflicts.

Emergency empathy signal

Waving the hand like giving your head a breeze of air from above. You can use this signal during community gatherings (or other times) and an Empathy Angel will hurry to you and offer whispering empathy, so that you can stay in the group and still care for intense inner emotions. You can also use them if you would like to make a request, but are not clear on how.

Empathy Angel

Anyone can be an Empathy Angel for a day or more. This can be a day when you are abundant in wanting to care for others. People can go to an Epathy Angel for emotional support and/or to get help in formulating clear requests. If somebody uses the Emergency empathy signal during a community gathering (or other times), an Empathy Angel goes to them quickly and quietly and offers whispering support.

Festival Decision Making

if there are requests to make changes of the festival structure or other big decisions during the festival, there will be a Festival Decision Making session on the third day of the festival (Tuesday). Everyone is welcome to discuss - and possibly - make decisions on festival matters during this session.  

No Need For Talent Show

A show at the end of the week where we celebrate together. Anyone can make an act for the No need for talent Show. It is often something related to the festival.

Non Violent Communication (NVC)

If you don’t know about NVC, you might enjoy an NVC youtube introduction with Marshall Rosenberg or many other NVC videos on Youtube.

Sharing Group

A Sharing group is a group of people that is created in the beginning of the festival. It often consists of four to seven people. You meet daily with the focus to connect to each other and listen to each other with care and empathy or to explore authentic honesty. Sharing groups serve many purposes. Maybe the biggest one is to create sort of a home base.  It can often feel safe to know that you will meet the same people every day. Talking about what has been going on for you is also a great way to reflect on your day and learning, as well as hear and reap from other’s learning of the day. For you who are new to NVC or empathy groups, there will be support for you to get into it and you can also watch this youtube distinction between sympathy and empathy.

Working meditation

Most participants are asked to do community supportive actions like doing dishes, cleaning and other things.


Workshops are open space offers. Anyone can offer a workshop of any kind. You can prepare it properly before, make it on the spot, or cocreate with other festival participants. You can also just participate. - You can start requesting and offering here, or wait until the festival.

THE VENUE - Efterskolen Epos 

Welcome to our Boarding School!!! Normally we have 70 young people at the age of 14-18 living here for almost a year, doing their last year of primary school, learning through play. During the festival, YOU will inhabit the beautiful buildings and surrounding areas!

You can enjoy 700 m to a beautiful beach (I did the selfie there), 50 meters to pizzaria, grill, bakery and a grocery shop (where you can buy most edible and some non-edible things and also get DKR), 500 meters to a ferry to Funen or Ærø (The Danish get-married Vegas), 600 meters to Lillebælt Camping. There are two forests nearby for walking and running. A used clothes and things shop is 2 km away. Sønderborg (main city) is 15 km away.

Our school itself has plenty of all kinds of space. Bedrooms, workshop room and hang out areas. There is a secret cottage, a beach volleyball field, two fireplaces, a small basket court, a football field etc. We have 5 Kayaks, 15 wetsuits, Sumo-suits, physical games, board games and much more...

There is a good mobile network coverage and free wifi at the venue.


The food will be super delicious vegan/vegetarian and mostly organic. It’s made by the fantastic hugging English cook Harry Pitcher Kloser. If you need snacks or anything else than what is offered at the festival, there is a large grocery shop 50m from the venue and a fridge at the venue where you can put it!


Below you will be able to read many different comments on why participants come to the Festival:

☺  Apart from being with old and young, new and old friends for a whole week, and experiencing my “personal” magic, that seems to find me at every festival – I want the festival to give me a sense that we evolve as a community, that we move into a new territory, that we discover a new place, discover a “we” that we haven’t experienced before, that takes us to new responses and an unknown land  ☺ A space where there is support to connect with what is alive in a non-violent way  ☺   A space where everybody can offer activities/sessions  ☺  A space of fun, celebration, creativity, play and expression  ☺  A space to discover our edge, and take some of our personal growth steps, to discover possibilities and gain learnings in non-violent community building  ☺ A space to nurture social change  ☺  A place to act on love with power  ☺  A place to dive into sweet pain, care, safety and gentleness  ☺  A space to be real and authentic, trusting that the wisdom in the community can hold the beauty, the out of ordinary and the ugly! ☺ A space for connecting with new people around Europe and building networks  ☺  A place to get space and support to deal with challenges in relationship to one self, other people or situations (private and/or business) in order to live more meaningful, when in the other life than the festival life ☺ A space to learn new skills in teaching, and getting new inputs and theories.


The nearest city is Sønderborg, which has a small domestic Airport, a train station and a central bus station. 

If you want to share your travel with somebody else from your area, please use the Travel Coordination doc.

Getting to the venue from Sønderborg (15 km):

Use the free Epos Shuttle that picks you up at the train or bus station.

More details about travelling by air / train /car you can find at the bottom of this page.


From Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) to Sonderborg
By train: There are direct trains from the airport to Sonderborg at 7.30, 9.30, 11.30, 13.30 ,15.30, 17.30 and 19.30 o’clock. The duration is almost 4 hours. From Sonderborg you can join the free shuttle.

by flight:
Domestic flight from Copenhagen airport to Sønderborg airport (travel time app. 35 minutes) and
TAXI from the airport to the school, 18 km, call 0045 74421818, Tell them to go to “
Efterskolen Epos” in “Fynshav” (small city). PRICE: small taxi 4 people around 320 Dkr, large taxi for 8 people around 380 Dkr.

From Billund airport to Sønderborg via Kolding or Vejle
two regional busses or bus+train – estimated travel time 3-3½ hours, price around 25 Euro
check there is an English and a German language choice. From Sønderborg you can join the free shuttle.

From Hamborg airport to Sønderborg via Neumunster
Three-four trains – estimated travel time 5-6 hours, price around 50 Euro
check (preferred site with best connections, use Soenderborg as arrival destination) or use (eg this option). From Sønderborg, you can join the free shuttle.


Nearest Train station is Soenderborg st or Sonderborg st  use to find connections (to Soenderborg) or the Danish site (to Sonderborg) or your own national site. From Sonderborg you can join the free shuttle.

From Flensburg: Direct bus is number 110 which takes 1 hour  from Flensburg ZOB to Sønderborg bus station. Price 10 Euro. from Sønderborg you can join the free shuttle.

From Copenhagen you either 1) take the direct bus to Sonderborg (, remember to reserve). From there you can join the free shuttle. or 2)  use from København H to Sønderborg st. From Sønderborg you can join the free shuttle.

Going back to Copenhagen/Airport use Flixbus or train ( The price is around 400 Dkr and the train leaves every second hour 7.36 9.36, 11.36, 13.36, 15.36, 17.36, 19.36, 21.36  with 1 change in copenhagen for the airport. Total travel time 4 hours. You can go on the train even if there are no seats left, and then sit on cancelled seats or stand up.


Færgevej 5, 6440 Augustenborg, Denmark

GPS Coordinates (WGS 84)

Latitude : 54.986758 | Longitude : 9.977156

If you drive from eastern Denmark to the school, you have the option of travelling the last 50 minutes by ferry from Bøjden (south of Funen, Bøjden Landevej 49, Bøjden, Faaborg). From the arrival terminal there is only 500 m to the school.


If you have any questions, contact me at