#125 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Alarak First Impressions


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From the community:

Changes on the PTR

So much, just the interesting stuff


Nexus Games

Blizzard has announced the Nexus Games a side tournament to the HGC. The Nexus Games are comprised of two separate events for Europe and America. Each with their own $10k prize pool.

There will be no restriction on the new Machines of War content so expect to see new heroes and battlegrounds during the tourney.

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I've recently had a come to Jesus moment. As many other players do, I feel my rank does not represent my true skill level. Rather than blaming my teammates for my losses I looked at myself and it came to me: My hero pool is too small. I noticed many times during drafting I would type: "Sylvanas would be really good on this map" without being able to pick her myself. Other instances include not picking Sonya to counter Illidan or being unable to draft Xul to give us the cc and lane clear we are lacking. In these situations I would be forced to pick a comfort hero and not be able to counter the opposing team. I know my Tyrael is solid but Zagara is simply a better pick than double tank and no specialist on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Do you think this is an overlooked issue among Heroes players and how much do you think it can improve your win rate?


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