Entertainment System Information

WiFi: Network: RAREBIRDSTAYS    Password: rarebirdpdx


You should only need one remote, the Logiteh Harmony All-In-One.  

The red activity buttons on the top of the remote have been programmed as follows:


Listen to Music - Play your own music from your phone! Turns off TV if it is on. Turns on the soundbar and sets input to bluetooth pairing, so you can connect your phone and to our system and play your music. You can then go to bluetooth settings on your phone to pair.  The soundbar should show up in your bluetooth devices as: "VIZIO SB3821"

Watch TV - Automatically connects to our cable TV provider.  Volume & Channel buttons work like normal.  MENU will take you to the home menu, where you can find the guide, weather and On Demand entertainment.  The GUIDE button takes you straight to the TV Listings.

Watch a Movie - Takes you to the HOME screen of the Roku Smart TV.  

From here you can navigate to the many streaming services options. Use the EXIT button to navigate back. We provide accounts for Netflix, Hulu and Pandora free for guests to use.  PLEASE DON’T SIGN OUT OF THESE ACCOUNTS and sign into your own, because the next guest coming in after you won’t be able to use these services.  We know, it’s going to be tough to remember where you left off in House of Cards

*If you use any of the other services, remember to sign out when you are done. We are not responsible for what another guest may do to wreak havoc on your account if you forget!

The All Off botton at the top of the controller will turn everything off.

Troubleshooting: 650-batteries-v2.png

Make sure the remote is pointed at the TV the entire time you are using it.  Initial startup commands can take up to 6 seconds to turn everything on set it to the correct input.

IF remote is stubbornly reverting to the Remote Assistant menu, that means it’s out of batteries.  There should be replacement batteries (and the orignal remotes) in the far right draw in the dining room built in hutch, above the pullout bed.  If there are no batteries, that probably means the previous guests screwed you.  

Still need help?  Call Tyler: 503-545-4177