Homework Organization Sheet for August 7th - 11th ------- Name:_________________________


Monday - 7th

Tuesday - 8th

Wednesday - 9th

Thursday - 10th

Friday - 11th



𞸑Catch up to Chapter 10 on Lightning Thief Reading

𞸇Read Chapter 11. Use your evidence flags to mark

any allusions to classic myths.

Complete the homework assignment: The Lightning

Thief: Understanding the Allusion to Cronus in

Chapter 10

𞸇Read Chapter 12 of The Lightning Thief:

What do you think are the three most

important moments in the chapter?



Workbook page 49 is optional to make up for another missing hw

𞸇Read Chapter 13 of the Lightning Thief

𞸆Read Chapter 14 of The Lightning Thief.

Purpose: What is the role of the

supernatural in Chapter 14?

Remember you can read ahead, but do not go past chapter 14 this week.

Also, remember you can follow along with your book and search the audio for the book on Youtube like I showed in class.

Social Studies

𞸇 Work on Cartographer’s Mini Challenge

𞸇 Work on Cartographer’s Mini Challenge

𞸇 Work on Cartographer’s Mini Challenge

𞸈 Finish Cartographer’s Mini Challenge and make sure you have the project paper for grading with it

𞸈 No HW

Project papers are on mrmiller.info if you need a rubric

Parent Initial for PBIS Tickets

Worth 1 ticket per 5 days.


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