Anticom - First Concrete Draft

Mission Statement: Henceforth, the purpose of this organization shall be to better our communities through altruism and volunteer work, defend America’s most vulnerable, and shelter the innocent against the threat of radical leftist terrorism. When necessary, we will use non-lethal force to deter violence against both property and life.

Rules of Engagement: Anticom will regularly oversee any leftist protests which occur in the division’s area. When supervising such an event, we will not interfere or attack, so long as the protest remains peaceful. However, should the protestors commit violent acts against life or property, we will intervene. The best method of doing so is to form a barricade between the rioters and their victims, in order to defuse the scenario. If this proves unsuccessful, the riot will be contained using the traditional kettling method, so as to prevent the violence from spreading. Under no circumstances should an Anticom member initiate a physical attack on an opponent. Furthermore, retaliation will occur only in the face of a clear and present threat. (Meaning you can’t attack them just for yelling in your face.) In all cases, law enforcement must be respected and obeyed.

Equipment and Dress: When on duty, Anticom members should obey a dress code. This will consist of a navy blue outfit, with a collared shirt, belt, and non-casual pants. 5.11 Tactical seems like a good place to shop for comfortable, professional clothing, but it’s not mandatory. 

In more dangerous situations, such as Antifa/BLM protests, riot gear is recommended. Gas masks and plate carriers would probably be a good idea. You can get high-quality riot armor here:

 As for weapons, it is imperative that every member carries a firearm legally, as well as nonlethal weapons such as bear spray and tasers. Note that nonlethal weapons must be used over firearms unless absolutely necessary for self-defense.

Organization and Meetups: Anticom, while quite small at the moment, has a chance of growth. However, such growth requires real-world presence in addition to online interaction. Anticom should be organized by state, with regular meetings and events to ensure cohesion. Online, 4chan threads aren’t enough to sustain and protect the movement on their own. We need an independent website with a strict vetting process, and it’ll be done within a few days. After we establish a steady online presence and chain of command, our next step is to contact local VA’s, soup kitchens, and highway departments in order to seek means of civil service.

Requirements and Standards to Join: We strongly believe that conservatives and centrists of all colors, creeds, and classes can successfully band together to fight the menace of radical far-left violence. As such, we will not deny membership based on ethnicity or other similar conditions. However, due to the physically and emotionally strenuous situations which Anticom members may be placed in, we require that prospective recruits pass the USMC’s physical fitness standards. We feel that these requirements are very reasonable.