The San Diego County Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club presents:

The Ninth Annual

Cool Classic Car Show

September 16, 2017

Location:  Spanish Landing East, off Harbor Drive in San Diego


              8:00 – 9:30                Registration and pictures  (coffee and pastries available)

           8:30 - 2:30               Swap Meet

              9:30 – 12:30              People’s Choice judging, Raffles, 50/50

              11:00 –  1:30               Daytona Diner open for lunch

               1:30 -  2:30              Awards/Complimentary ice cream bar open                 

               2:30                         Show concludes

Open to Studebakers, Packards, Pierce Arrows, Rocknes, EMFs, Erskines,

and members of the AACA & HCCA, by special invitation

Net proceeds go to Workshop for Warriors

We prefer you keep your car in place until the conclusion of the show. If you are unable to do this please inform us ahead of time so we can park you in an appropriate place.  NO vehicles larger than a 1 ton pickup will be allowed on the grass.



                 Last                                First                                Spouse                 Phone                  


                            Street                                                       City                               Zip                                            

Club affiliation:_______________________________________________________


                            Year                                            Make                                    Model

Email:____________________________________              Please list additional cars on back.


Registration: $25.00 ($30 after 9/1)                   $________  

Swap space:   $25.00 ($30 after 9/1)                 $________

Additional donation to Workshop for Warriors $________         Make checks payable to:

                                               Total   $________ San Diego County Chapter SDC

Complimentary ice cream will be served!                         Mail completed registration to:

For more information contact:                                             Bob Buchaklian

Ken Meredith:  760-481-5341         5055 Walter Ave.

or go to: Http://                      San Diego, CA 92120


Liability release:  All entrants and participants hereby release and discharge the San Diego County Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club and the Port of San Diego from any known or unknown damages, injuries or claims that may occur on the way to, during the event or leaving the Cool Classic Car Show.

MUST BE SIGNED:  ______________________________  Date: ___________