H.A.D.  Emergency Weekend Service Protocol

Click on SCHEDULE to view the Emergency Weekend Coverage schedule.

Why? RCDSO protocol stipulates that all dentists must provide or arrange for emergency dental services for all their patients at all hours. Clearly, we can’t all be on call at all hours. Being a HAD member means we share this burden.

Share This Responsibility:  Together we all benefit!  Being a member of the HAD means taking part in the Emergency Weekend Program. This program is probably your single biggest member benefit. Can you imagine any other health care group that only has to be on call less than one weekend every 2 years?  You can relax the other 103 weekends knowing your patients are covered by your HAD colleagues.

Choose Your Weekend:  We suggest you call the Emergency Weekend Coordinator* (Dr. Ross Fiore - 905-628-5717) to schedule a weekend that suits you (in the next 2 calendar years).   Any offices that have NOT chosen a weekend by Aug 30th will be ASSIGNED a weekend by the coordinator.   We all have to do our part to make this program work.

Gift Certificate: Any member who covers a long weekend is entitled to a gift certificate to one of Hamilton’s finest restaurants.  If you cover a long weekend we will send we will send a $200 gift card for one of Hamilton’s finest restaurants.  For Christmas and New Years we will send and ADDITIONAL $300 gift card.  Contact the HAD president regarding this benefit.

Delivery of the phone kit to your office is done by Rotsaert Lab on Wednesday prior to your on call weekend.  Please read the instructions in the kit. They return to pick the kit  up on Tuesday.

The service is available only on weekends  Friday 1 pm to 11 pm,  Saturday & Sunday  10 am to11 pm, and on Holidays.

When a patient calls:

This protocol is meant to be a guide to help you complete your emergency weekend coverage.  Any suggestions, questions or concerns can be communicated to the Weekend Emergency Service Coordinator, (see above) or to the HAD president at thepresident@thehad.ca.

Our sincere thanks to to Dr Ross Fiore and Cristina of Dundas Orthodontics for volunteering to coordinate this program, and many thanks to Rotsaert lab for delivering the phone & information package.

Thank you again for your support and participation in this program!

    HAD Executive